Sylvania Cemetery Photographs

Sylvania Cemetery Photographs

On May 4th, 2001, a semitrailer truck plowed through the gates of Sylvania Cemetery.
The Chicago driver was taking a load of mail on the southbound I-94 when he lost control of the truck.
The truck slid down an embankment, crossed W. Frontage Road and came to rest inside the Cemetery.
Ann Pape took photographs of the Sylvania Cemetery stones before the truck incident.

Ann states:
The truck accident broke the Toase stone up and have noticed that it is being put together like a puzzle.
Some of the smaller stones like the Anna Buckley Fink stone was dragged out of its place but is still in one
piece. Heidersdorf stones were moved and damaged -- the markers were arranged in a square. I do not know about
all markers which were damaged.
Thank you, Ann, for sharing these photos with us.
This is not a complete gallery of gravestone photos for this cemetery.
If you have Sylvania Cemetery gravestone photos to share, please E-mail us.

Rhoda Linsley Bean
Jamima Bennett
Thomas Birchall
James Buckley
James L. and Emma J. Buckley
Sarah Buckley
Alice Collier
Joshua Collier
Charlotte Combs
Pamela Farrington Delong
Bessie J. Fell
Anna Buckley Fink
Edward and Ann Foster
Samuel and Rebecca Foster
Clarissa and Harriet Gillett
Esther Gillett
Emogene Grant
Ralph and Alice Green
Lydia Haigh
Mary Haigh
William Haigh
William L. Haigh
Heidersdorf (Title Stone)
Christian Heidersdorf
Frank C. Heidersdorf
Margaret Heidersdorf
James Henderson
John H. and Mary Jane Henderson
William Henderson
Charles A. Howe
Melzer and Huldah Howe
Hester Kimber
Charlotte Lee
Hiram Lee
Lavinia Lee
Thomas and Julia Lee
(son) Peck
Calvin H. Peck
Lydia Peck
Mary A. Shepard
Henry Toase
Mary Toase
Sarah Toase
William Toase
Toase (full marker with I-94 in background)
William and Jane Guest Tucker
Grandpa Varney?
Helen Varney?
Marah Varney?
Elizabeth Washburn

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