Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

This is a page devoted to Questions and Answers about Racine and Kenosha counties. If you have an answer or a question for this page, please E-mail us.

Last Update - 1/23/2005

Questions and Answers about the Kenosha and Racine GenWeb Projects

Ever wonder about what makes these pages possible? Here are some answers.

Question Answer
Why are the Kenosha and Racine GenWeb projects connected? Kenosha County was a part of Racine county until 1850. Therefore any records for areas belonging in present day Kenosha County will be considered Racine records prior to 1850. Also, many families have connections in both counties, especially in the Burlington area. It makes sense to keep the pages for both counties separate but connected by common links and a common search engine.
How long have you been co-coordinators? Frank and I have been co-coordinators since Febuary 11, 2001. Prior to us, the coordinator was Jackie Hufschmid who is still county coordinator for Juneau County, WI.
Why don't I see my submission up yet? Frank and I work on the GenWeb sites as time permits. While we enjoy searching the past, we also have real lives to live and responsibilities in the present.
I didn't get a response to my email message from the county co-ordinator yet. Why? We get hundreds of messages from the GenWeb pages. Many people write asking for research or lookups. Frank and I can't possibly email everyone individually giving them instructions on how to do their genealogy. We provide free information and post lots of submissions donated by people all around the world who are interested in Racine and Kenosha counties. The GenWeb County coordinators are not expected to give beginners instructions. For information on how to begin go here for free assistance:
US GenWeb Help for Researchers
For free local assistance and general questions please submit them to the Bulletin Boards found here:
Kenosha Message Board
Racine Message Board
Frank and I run these boards and there is no need to send us a message in addition to entering them into the boards. We monitor the boards and when we are able to render assistance, we post our assistance to the board to share with everyone.
What can I post to the message boards and submit to the GenWeb projects? Anything pertaining to genealogy and local history with a few exceptions. Any copyrighted data cannot be posted without the permission of the copyright holder. This includes information from books and newspapers. We follow the law. If there is a concern about copyright on anything we post, please feel free to email with your concern. Also, please don't submit anything to the web site or to the message boards that you know is copyrighted. We reserve the right to delete anything from the message boards that we deem unappropiate or copyrighted. This is our responsibility as board administrators.
Why isn't ------- online? A resource you are looking for may not be online because 1. it hasn't been submitted, 2. it is copyrighted, 3. it has been submitted but not posted.
Do you live in Kenosha or Racine? Yes, we live in Racine. We are highly dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Kenosha and Racine.
Other GenWeb county pages have surname researcher lists, where is this feature on the Racine and Kenosha pages? Frank and I prefer that you use the Kenosha and Racine message boards. If we had a separate page for Racine and Kenosha surnames, it would take lots of time for us to maintain it. Email addresses change to frequently nowadays and they would need constant updating. If you use the boards to list the surnames you are searching, your surnames will be searchable nationwide and you will connect with many other people searching your surnames faster. In addition, the time we save by not maintaining a surname list can be better spent putting up more research data and goodies!
Kenosha Message Board
Racine Message Board
I don't have data for the website, but I have books or materials that I'd like to sell or donate to the project. This is a non-profit organization and we welcome donations. Please do not email us about items you wish to sell. We are not interested in purchasing.
I am searching for information about a product made by a Kenosha or Racine company. I inherited it and I would like to see how much the item is worth and background about the company. Can you help? We do not answer these questions. You will not get a response from us. This project is for genealogy and we do not serve as an appraisal service for the antiques you plan to sell on Ebay.
I am interested in finding out how to be a web site coordinator for the USGenWeb Project. Go here: USGenWeb Information for Volunteers
My question about the Racine and Kenosha GenWeb projects were not answered here. Ask us your question: email

Do you know what some of these occupations were/are?
Please feel free to submit an occupation or another comment.

They are listed in Bios and City and County Directories on the Kenosha GenWeb site.

Cooper one who makes barrels from wood Larry Devitt
Joiner a type of carpenter who specializes in wood trim pieces & makes frames and assemblies Larry Devitt
Moulder one who casts metal pieces from hot, molten metals such as iron and brass poured into forms created in a box of special sand (my greatgrandfather, Lawrence G. Zievers, of Kenosha & Milwaukee, was a moulder in a brass foundry) Larry Devitt
Ostler one employed in a stable to care for horses Larry Devitt
Pathmaster ??? (a guess- one in charge of maintaining the tow path along a canal) Larry Devitt
Porter House a porter house is another name for a tavern or saloon. Porter is a strong brewed beverage- many people call Guiness a porter. Larry Devitt

Beth STEINBERG ARNOTT wants to know...

Where can I obtain a copy (or look at) a Coroner's Inquest done in Kenosha from 1930?

Gary Sipsma wants to know...

Kenosha County was part of Racine County prior to 1850. Why did Kenosha County and Racine County divide? Who was behind this division? What was the process that was followed?

Robin A Gibson wants to know...

I notice there is a "Bose Elementary School". Is this school named after someone? If so, who were they and what did they do? Thank-you, Robin Gibson

Marcie Pierce Colleary wants to know...

Did the city of Kenosha do a lot of advertising in newspapers around the country (particularly in the Northeast) to get people to move there? My family moved to Kenosha in the early 1850's from Washington County New York. I have noticed other families that had migrated to Kenosha that were from the same region as well. I would love to find out if anyone has ever seen advertisements made. Thank you.

Emily Porter wants to know...

We have a brass lantern that has the name Solar Eclipse, Badger Brass Manufacturing, Kenosha, Wisconsin. It has been in my husband's family for several generations. We would like any information you might have on it's original use or history. I have searched the web for railroad and maritime lanterns with no luck. I noticed that there is a lighthouse in Kenosha. This lantern is about a foot high with a lens of the same size. It looks like a searchlight or warning light of some kind. Thank you so much for any help you may be able to give us.

[email protected] wants to know...

There was a drive in called the "frost" in Kenosha at one time. Where was it located? this is a question seeking an answer by the class of 58 group.

Donna wants to know...

In the 1850 Federal Census,Kenosha Co., 2 family members are listed as being "chair makers" does anyone know where they may have worked??

Marcia Gehl wants to know...

Were 'foster' parents registered in the early 1900's? Where would information be kept?

Pat Reiser wants to know...

Could you tell me if there is still a cemetery in Kenosha by the name of Evergreen?

Pat, I don't know of any in Kenosha by that name, but there is an Evergreen cemetery in Walworth County with that name.
There is also a cemetery in Racine County known as Evergreen. The cemetery inscription list for Evergreen/Quarterline Cemetery in Walworth County is at:
Evergreen/Quarterline Cemetery

Michelle wants to know...

What was the interurban? (Just some sort of train, maybe?) Where did it take people?
Does anyone remember riding on it?

Interurban- I am not familiar with a Kenosha interurban beyond the Chicago, North Shore, and Milwaukee Railroad ( an electric line built by Samuel Insul that ran until the late 50's), but an interurban is an electric railroad that linked many communities (at high speed) and often ran as a streetcar in the larger cities. The Chicago, North Shore, and Milwaukee Railroad more or less paralleled the Northwestern between Chicago and Milwaukee, but ran on the L tracks in Chicago. The Skokie Swift (part of the CTA) runs on the old North Shore trackage from Dempster Street in Skokie to the Howard Street station on the L. The North Shore, however, ran all the way downtown on the L tracks- no stops between Howard and the Loop. The Chicago, South Shore, and South Bend Railroad is another of Samuel Insull's interurbans that is still running today. Contributed by:Larry Devitt

Larry also sends these links:
For more about the Chicago, North Shore, and Milwaukee RR, go here
To see the Kenosha Station photos, go here
To see their route map, go here
To see other companies they owned (including the Kenosha streetcars), go here

Michelle wanted to know about interurbans.
There was the MRK line that ran from Milwaukee through Racine to Kenosha. It suspended operation in 1947. The service was provided by a bus line that was a subsidiary of the Chicago, Milwaukee & North Shore line. The Racine terminal was at 7th & Wisconsin Avenue, across the street from the county courthouse.
Contributed by: David

Amy and Michelle want to know...

In the Kenosha High School and Kemper Hall, some people graduated as "Senior B". What does this mean?

The A & B used in designations of classes at Kenosha High School were in reference to semesters. For many years Kenosha had two graduation classes each year. One graduated mid-year (A) and the other in June (B).
Contributed by: John J. Hosmanek

Senior B probably refers to the second graduating class. Schools really used to use the semester system and students were promoted by semesters- not years. Therefore, students were sometimes held back or advanced one semester. Students also entered school in September AND January. Hence, two graduating classes in the same year or A & B. The letters did not necessarily denote achievment or lack thereof- they only denoted the two groups of graduates- May/June and December/January. Contributed by:Larry Devitt

In the 1950's where did teens go to socialize? Was there a popular soda shop, ice cream place, or hamburger joint in Kenosha?

The Spot hamburger drive-in on Sheridan Road and 75th street was very popular in the 1950's. From the 1930's to the 1950's the twoDutch Maid ice cream shops on 22nd Avenue and downtown were popular. My mother worked at the Dutch Maid when she was in high school in the 1930's. For several generations everyone stopped at Andre's for the best ice cream, right near Coopers on 60th Street, although it was not exactly a teenage hangout--everyone knew it as the best speciality ice cream shop in town.
Contributed by: Karla Walters

The spot was on 22nd & 75th not sheridan &75!!!!! Contributed by: [email protected]

I agree that The Spot was on 22nd Ave & 75th St. On 75th St & sheridan Rd, I remember as Huntoon Buick, then it became Dairy Dream, owned by Dick St Germain. Dairy Dream, later became known as The Ranch Restaurant. Contributed by: [email protected]

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