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Dave Burton submits this photo (actually it is a postcard, but I'm putting it here instead of the postcard page because it is very cool and has local people featured):
Slades Corners Cubs, B.B. Team, 1911
F. Ganswindt, Center Field; A. Ganswindt, Short Stop; P. Tenhagen, First Base; F. Schaal, Third Base; Kessler, Right Field; Lemmerhirt, Catcher; Vollbrecht, Scorer; Neuman, Left Field; E. Schaal, Pitcher; Meinke, Mascot; Sauer, Manager; Schwanz, Second Base
Submitted by: Dave Burton (I don't have his E-mail address any longer due to transferring pre-2003 E-mail from one ISP to another. If you are Mr. Burton and you want your E-mail here, E-mail me again.)

Slades Corners Cubs, B.B. Team, 1911

Kirchner Family in a touring car
Richard Bovey writes:
I am submitting an old photograph of my 'Kirchner' family relatives from Kenosha, Wisconsin taken in 1917 in a touring model car:
From left to right starting in backseat: my great uncle Elmer R. Kirchner, Emma Goodman (school teacher from Sheboygan who was teaching with my great aunt Carolyn at the Lamb School on Sheridan Road), my other great uncle Ernst F. Kirchner, my great aunt Carolyn L. Kirchner (school teacher at Lamb School, Sheridan Road, Kenosha, Frank Halter (the driver with the straw hat) with unknown female passenger in front seat. Submitted by: Richard Bovey

Dee Grimsrud at the Wisconsin Historical Society submitted this:
I have located a few old photos that were taken 65 years ago on July 4, 1938 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. They are snapshots and are quite faded; however, I will send scans to anybody who is interested. People identified in the photographs are: Edith JANDT; Betty GHERKIN; Eve MANUAL; Mrs. JANDT; Charlotte JANDT.
I also have photos of the following people:
Betty KATSOS - Irene JEFFRIE, July 1935.
Adeline ENGLERT, 1933.
Bob ENGLERT - Evelyn MANUAL, May 1935.
Ann DURANTE, 14 years old, 1933.
Irene NELSON - Doris VOLLAND, June 1935.
Helen KUPETIS, 16 years old, 1934. (An address on Wood Street in Chicago is given.)
Esther ALBRECHT, 16 years old, 1933.
George BURKHARD, died 1935 (newspaper photo of a young man).
Irene SIKORSKI and an unidentified man, July 1937.
Nic - Peggy, Jackson Park, April 1937.
Marabelle McELLIGOTT, 17 years old, June 1933.
Bob LaCOY, July 1935.
Janet VOLLAND, 12 years old, 1934.
Doris VOLLAND, 17 years old, 1933; and another with an unidentified man, taken 31 December 1935.
Irene NELSON, May 1935.
Marie BOLAND (employed by National Tea Company), July 1938
Dorothy SMETTERS - Evelyn MANUAL, taken on the beach in Kenosha, Wisconsin, 21 August 1938.
Ki ANDERSON, Bob DURKIN, Clyde SCHLEIF, Bob DeLANCY, taken on the beach in Kenosha, Wisconsin, 21 August 1938.
I am very interested in sharing the photos and finding out about any and all of these folks. I am curious about Betty GHERKIN, Edith JANDT, and Ki ANDERSON in particular, as it seems that they may have been close friends of my late parents.

Found in Somebody's Links, Vol. 5, No. 15, 23 August 2003

Thanks, Dee Grimsrud,
Reference Archivist
Wisconsin Historical Society
816 State Street
Madison WI 53706-1482
phone: 608-264-6470
fax: 608-264-6472

Joy Weber writes:
Picture of my great-grandfather and great grandmother - Hans Peder and Anna Marie Jensen and their daughter, Evelyn. They came from Denmark in 1913 and settled first in Racine and then later moved to Kenosha. Evelyn was born in Kenosha September 12, 1938. Joy Weber

Anna Marie, Evelyn and Hans Peder Jensen
Date unknown

Anderson/Andersen Family Photos

Submitted by Ann Pape.
This photo is of Christ Anderson (sen) and Trine Hansen Anderson. It is an interesting photo showing folks by their work. The note on the back says, "This is ma and pa feeding chickens."

Submitted by Ann Pape.
Photo estimated to be taken in 1906. People in photo are Trena Andersen, mother; Oscar, the older son in the picture; younger son Henry and daughter Emma Andersen. Older brothers Julius, James, Charles are not pictured here. Oscar lived in Racine, Wisconsin. Henry lived in Kenosha County. Emma Andersen married Soren Nielsen lived in Racine Area.

Submitted by Ann Pape.
Estimated time of photo World War One. Parents Trena Hansen Andersen and Christ Andersen are seated. From left to right standing: Julius, Charles, Henry, Oscar, and James. Ann believes this photo was taken in Kenosha County.

Submitted by Ann Pape.
First row: 1. Amy Hansen 2. Mrs. Fitzgerald 3. Chris 4. Soren Nielsen (Sam) 5. Mr. Hansen 6. Oscar 7. Peter Jorge 8. James 9. Charles 10. Henry 11. Julius Second row: Laura, Maggie (Carl behind her), Trina, Mrs. Hansen, Mrs. George, Ollie, Emma Third row bottom: 1. Mary (Charlie's daughter) 2. Marqureitte (Charlie's daughter) 3. Clifford 4. (not sure of identity) NOTE: Bottom row may not be entirely correct.
Mary and Marqureitte are Charles and Laura's daughters. Clifford, Elmer, Carl, and Henry are Julius and Maggie's sons. Esther, Evelyn, Laura, and Ollie are Julius and Maggie's girls. Evidently all the children are not in the photo. Picture taken between 1916-1920 on Grandpa's farm, Kenosha, WI
NOTE: Last name is Andersen for all above listing only first names.
Submitted by Ann Pape.
The photo of this house shows 3 woman during same era World War I. The women to the right of the photo are Emma Anderson (sen) her mother, Trine, and daughter-in-law Margaret (Garrett) Anderson(sen). There is a note on the back of card undated which says "This is our house can you find me? I sleep upstairs by the two windows, See our service flag." (Ann believes this note was written by Emma) (Folks by bushes, do not have identification. Ann enlarged the photo and one of the children appears handicapped.)

Barbara A. LeRoy sends us these two photos and refers us to her Kenosha family research at her web site:
Please take a few moments to view her excellent work.

This is a photo of Olive Bettis Foster Terpening, mother of Andrew William Foster, Eliab Foster, Eliza Ann Foster Van Alstine, Sarahette Foster Dutton, and Julia Ann Foster Hicks, all of whom were pioneers of Kenosha Co, WI.

This photo is of Eliab Foster, who lived in Kenosha Co WI in the 1850s. Several of his siblings were Kenosha Co pioneers, and his mother lived here as well. Eliab's first wife, Jane Rebecca Clark, died here and is buried in Union Cemetery, along with one of his children, Martha J. Foster. Eliab married Jane's sister, Martha Jeanette Clark, as his second wife, and later moved to Ford Co. IL.

Barbara's E-mail:

Shelley Cardiel writes:
I've "rescued" an old photograph of Great Grandma KARPEN taken at the Rieth Studio in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The photograph includes two women and a young child and was probably taken in the 1890's. The oldest women (Great Grandma?) appears to be in her 50's or 60's, the younger women in her 20's, and the toddler (could be boy or girl) would appear to be about 2 years of age.

I'm hoping that someone can identify the photograph so that it can be returned to the family. If you are a member of the KARPEN family from Kenosha or know someone who might be, please contact me. Shelley's E-mail:

Karpen family
Date unknown

Breakwater Lighthouse Postcard
Date unknown

Kenosha Old Postcard Gallery - Page 1

Kenosha Old Postcard Gallery - Page 2

Minnie Stemm Paulick
Born Nov. 3, 1870 in Kenosha, WI
Died February 21, 1955 in Minneapolis, MN
Diane Larson found the photo below in a dining room buffet
that belonged to her g grandmother, Minnie Stemm Paulick.
It is an 11x 14 picture of 1 man [who she would like to believe is] [ C.F.Stemm?] and 7 women.
In the bio of C. F. Stemm, it says he has 7 sisters, one of them being her gg grandmother,
Margaret Stemm Dickhaut.
No identification appears on the photo.
Diane is hoping another branch of the family has a copy
of this photo and can identify the people in it.
Is this a photo of C. F. Stemm and sisters?
If you can help Diane, please E-mail her.

A beautiful photo of Minnie Stemm Paulick.

C. Fred Stemm and sisters?

John George Bienemann at his home and shoemaking workshop, 306 Lake Avenue, Kenosha, circa 1900.

This photo was submitted by Kathe Bienemann Cunningham
Thank you, Kathe!

Pearl and August Rasch
Date taken: 1934
August was born March 8, 1877 in Randall Township, and died in March of 1958. He and Pearl were married July 28, 1933, but he was married previously.

This is a photo of the Maple Wood resort store, which at one time was operated by my great-great aunt, Pearl Clark Rasch and her husband August Rasch, a native of Kenosha Co. They ran the resort sometime in the early 1940's, to the best of my knowledge.

These photos were submitted by Patty Theurer
Thank you, Patty!

In the large photo, left to right as you view it: Photo on wall- Thomas Zievers; b. 1831, Fliessem, Rheinland-Pfalz; buried St. George's, Kenosha. Photo on wall- Sibilla (wife of Thomas); b. 1836, Germany; buried St. George's, Kenosha. Photos on mantel- I can identify only one for sure, although I have them all. Foreground- Ed Dolan; all unknown (maybe of Sheboygan). Kate Zievers Dolan; b. Kenosha?, buried unknown. Lawrence Zievers (my namesake); b. 1865, Richmond, WI or IL (different papers say one or the other); buried St. George's, Kenosha. Girl seated- Irene Zievers (my grandmother); b. 1896, Milwaukee; buried St. Joseph's, River Grove. Girl standing- Ethel Zievers; b. 1895, Dubuque; buried unknown. Photo on easel- Louise Moeller Zievers; b. 1875, Kenosha; buried St. George's Kenosha. Small photo with photo of Louise Moeller- Unknown, but a guess of an infant child who died.

Date unknown, probably taken at home in Milwaukee.

This photo was submitted by Larry Devitt
Thank you, Larry!

Can you identify this photo?

Taken about 1880 - based on woman's dress. Sign in the window says "Cat's Paw Heels - Nonslip Cushion." Sign on the building says "For Sale - J. Zens 204(?) Milw Ave" In the 1875 City Directory, John Zens was a shoemaker (but not at 204 Milw. Ave.) Could this be the John Zens family or just some people on the street?

Date unknown

John Benedict Zievers
Date unknown

Written on back of Photo:
Compliments of Wm. Moeller - alias "Dicken"
Best Bartender in Kenosha, Wis.
Date unknown

These photos were submitted by Larry Devitt
Thank you, Larry!

These photos are from "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" (Chicago: 1879)

R. S. Houston, Pleasant Prairie
Page 335

Top: Lucas House, Truesdell
Bottom: Residence of Z.G. Simmons
Page 497

Top: Stables of Ward C. White
Bottom: Residence of Ward C. White
Page 515

A. D. Cornwell, Salem
Page 551

Kenosha Harbor Aerial Photo
Source: Wisconsin Blue Book, 1940

Southport Park Aerial Photo
Date unknown

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