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Kemper Hall 1894
Kemper Hall class of 1894

Kemper Hall Origins

As published in "The History of Racine and Kenosha Counties" The Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879. p. 535
Kemper Hall.
On the death of Bishop Kemper, of the Diocese of Kenosha, which occurred in 1871, Bishop Armitage, his successor, conceived the idea of founding a school memorial to the deceased prelate. With this end in view, the building formerly occupied by the deceased ex-Senator Durkee, was purchased by the corporators of the school, Drs. Ashley, of Kenosha; Beers, of Milwaukee, and Bishop Armitage, they paying $8,000, one of the conditions upon which the building was sold being that they pay to the widow of Gov. Durkee $600 a year during her lifetime. Dr. Everhart was the first Rector, and during his administration the east wing of the building was almost entirely reconstructed and supplied with improvements. Dr. Everhart remained in charge from 1871 to 1878. In the latter year, it was determined to put the the school into the hands, of the Sisters of Saint Mary, of New York, but the Trustees nominated were unable to accept until July, and during the interim extending from February, the school was presided over by Bishop Welles. The Sisters then came on and took charge, and have since remained in possession.

The course of instruction is divided into two parts, preparatory and collegiate, the latter being the department from which, after a course of four years' instruction, the classes graduate. During 1878, forty-four young ladies completed their education, and this year the number of scholars has been thirty-seven - twenty-nine boarders and eight day scholars. The corps of teachers is an exceedingly able one, and comprises some well-known names. It is as follows: Dr. Falk, of Racine, Professor of German; Rev. M. Lance, Professor of Latin and English Literature; Miss Dusenberre, Teacher of Mathematics; Miss Andrews, Teacher of Natural Science; Miss Phister, Teacher of Drawing; Prof. Hyer and Mrs. Wheeler, Teachers of Music, and Mlle. Baccot, Teacher of French. Dr. Ashley officiates as Chaplain.

In 1873, a Mrs. Hubbell left a bequest of $5,000 to Bishop Armitage, for the erection of a chapel somewhere in the diocese, and he selected a site immediately adjoining the seminary proper, thus making it in conjunction with the school, a memorial chapel. It cost, however, $10,000, which was largely made up from outside subscription. The Trustees are: Chairman, Bishop E. R. Welles, ex-officio, President; Dr. Locke, of Chicago; Bishop McLaren, Illinois; Bishop Brown, Fond du Lac; Dr. Ashley, Kenosha; Dr. Lewis Kemper. Nashotah, Wis.; Rev. L. C. Lance, Kenosha; Mr. J. H. Vermilye, Chicago; Mr. J. H. Helfestein and Mr. Hooker, Milwaukee.

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Kemper Hall Graduates

Class of 1889
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Class of 1890
Mary Lowther Ranney, of Chicago, Ill.
Lucy Mills Smith, of Chicago, Ill.
Augusta Hagar Binford, of Paris, Ill.
Anne Mary Comerford, of Chippewa Falls, Wis.
Anne Charlotte Marryatte Boyd, of Elmhurst, Ill.
Jennie Seville Walker, of Detroit, Mich.
Lillian McFaden McHenry, of Kenosha
Minnie Hilda Van Deerlin, of Kenosha
Class of 1891
Alberta Frances Baker, of Indianapolis, Ind.
Francis Donnell Bartlett, of Elgin, Ill.
Mary Genevieve Bass, of St. Paul, Minn.
Elizabeth Matilda Forsyth, of Chicago, Ill.
Ida Belle Head, of Kenosha
Lucia Rolf Kemper, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Caroline Swift Kimball, of Kenosha
Violet Mary Thirlwall, of Bath, England
Cecelia Mary Willis, of Omaha, Neb.
Class of 1892
Sarah Clifford Macon, of Eufala, Ga.
Marion Elise Niles, of Champaign, Ill.
Bessie Converse Bush, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Lydia Taylor Rountree, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Class of 1893
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Class of 1894
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Class of 1895
Kate Whiting Wanzer
Daisy Maud Hatfield
Julia Camilla Reynolds
Harriet Sayrs MacAuley
Anne Lynas
Blanche Doolittle Hubbell
Ruth Adele Ray
Class of 1896
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Class of 1897
Edith Jane Bacon
Margaret Bloodgood
Agnes Lenox Carpenter
Louise Mathew Cary
Adelaide Crapsey
Madeline Louise Ferguson
Ada Pratt Ferry
Jessie Alberta Gilbert
May Belle Goodyear
Adelaide Harriet Grant
Genevieve Law
Dora Ellen Merrill
Annie Howe Regan
Florence Rossington
Mary Caroline Spalding
Martha Catherine Wollaeger
Class of 1898
Edith Murray Brown, of Kenosha
Theodosia Hunt Cary, of St. Paul, Minn.
Carrie Hosford Crapser, of Chicago, Ill.
Lucia Rogers, of Mason City, Iowa
Agnes Slosson, of Kenosha
Ethel Vyvan Spence, of Milwaukee
Grace Althea Swallow, of Chicago, Ill.
Grace Van Ingen, of Kenosha
Florence Ada Wells, of Racine
Helen Louise Whitmore, of Gardiner, Me.
Mary Alice Wright, of Lancaster, Wis.
Class of 1899
Ellen Jeanette Dermont, of Trout Creek, Mich.
Mary Chandler Draper, of Kenosha
Leone Maud Fay, of Chicago, Ill.
Florence Dudley Finch, of St. Paul, Minn.
Virginia Cooper Grant, of Lansing, Mich.
Grace Sands Gunther, of Chicago, Ill.
Mabel Frances Kilbourne, of Aurora, Ill.
Adele Cooley Leszynsky, of Racine
Evelyn Newton Lynes, Chicago, Ill.
Caroline McClintle, of Monroe City, Mo.
May Catherine Thompson, of Chicago, Ill.
Class of 1900
Margery Elizabeth Lambertson, of Mineral Point, Wis.
Agnes Snow, of Mineral Point, Wis.
Ruth Antoinette Spensley, of Mineral Point, Wis.
Ada Eugenia Bading, of Milwaukee
Anne Poyntelle Wilson, of Milwaukee
Florence Neff, of Chicago, Ill.
Cora Catherine Vawter, of Chicago, Ill.
Rosalind Wollensak, of Chicago, Ill.
Irma St. Vrain Cole, of Fargo, N. D.
Helen Holbert, of St. Paul, Minn.
Sara Louise Kilbourne, of Aurora, Ill.
Eleanor McCaskey, of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Blanche Emily Price, of Waukegan, Ill.
Sue Dorothy Sharitt, of Topeka, Kansas
Class of 1901
Emma Woods Winans, of Janesville
Margaret Hathaway Merrick, of St. Paul, Minn.
Elizabeth Frances Graves, of St. Louise, Mo.
Helen Ray Mairs, of St. Paul, Mo.
Susie Marion Miller, of St. Paul, Mo.
Class of 1902
Elizabeth Woodward Graves, of Shanghai, China
Jane Augur Holabird, of Evanston
Rhea Logan, of Chicago, Ill.
Bessie Mary McKim, of Tokyo, Japan
Annis Palmatier, of Kenosha
Anne Gertrude Quigley, of Sterling, Kas.
Elizabeth Stewart Stone, of Flint, Mich.
Helen Hatley St. George, of Nashotah
Jeannette Augusta Wollaeger, of Milwaukee
Class of 1903
Louise Bishop, of St. Paul
Edwina Daniell, of Laurione, Mich.
Eliza Adelaide Draper, of Kenosha
Gertrude Katharine Guilbault, of Leadville, Col.
Harriet Eliza Montgomery, of Galena, Ill.
Juliet Langdon Richards, of Racine
Grace Pauline Valentine, of Janesville
Vera Mae Wilcox, of Janesville
Lois Virginia Hamline, of Chicago, Ill.
Alice Mahala Spencer, of Chicago, Ill.
Class of 1904
Katherine May Berriman, of Chicago, Ill.
Agnes Vernon Booth, of Chicago, Ill.
Margaretta Brown, of Highland Park
Virginia Grigsby Chandler, of Highland Park
Harriet Ide Keen, of Evanston
Ruby Elizabeth Marshall, of Chicago, Ill.
Florence VanVetchen Murphy, of Charlottesville, Va.
Helen Louise Quigley, of Sterling, Kan.
Margaret Carswell Richards, of Racine
Class of 1905
Sarah Lucile Adams, of Dearwood, S.D.
Edith Ashton, of Evanston, Ill.
Majel Bishop, of St. Paul, Minn.
Florence Benbow Ferguson, of Chicago, Ill.
Lucy Josephine Graves, of Shanghai, China
Susan Hulbert Mason, of Spokane, Wash.
Annie Pauline McKim, of Tokyo, Japan
Eva Adele Smith, of Topeka, Kas.
Isabel May Smith, of Topeka, Kas.
Margaret Wilson, of Milwaukee
Mary Elizabeth Wolcott, of Highland Park, Ill.
Class of 1906
Mary Elizabeth Archibald, of Jacksonville, Fla.
Portia Eudora Baker, of Kenosha
Eleanor Brown, of Highland Park, Ill.
Helen Dorsey Brown, of Highland Park, Ill.
Lelah Margaret Culver, of Cincinnati, Ohio
Charlotte Moffett Gailor, of Memphis, Tenn.
Nannie Cunningham Gailor, of Memphis, Tenn.
Anne Elizabeth d'Heur, of Shelbyville, Ind.
Helene Alicia Marsh, of Boonton, New Jersey
Sarah Ferris Read, of St. Louis, Missouri
Katherine Stickney Sneve, of St. Paul, Minn.
Aline Asenath Snow, Chicago, Ill.
Helen Elizabeth Smith, Chicago, Ill.
Eugenia Vincent Rodden, of Chicago, Ill.
Lillian Grinnell Powell, of Chicago, Ill.
Esther Stuart Cornell, of Chicago, Ill.
Class of 1907
Alice Pratt Allcutt, of Pasadena, Cal.
Eliza Ellen Bermingham, of Galena, Ill.
Janette Bishop, of St. Paul, Minn.
Norma Conyne, of Warren, Ill.
Helen Douglas, of Evanston, Ill.
Elfriede Gettleman, of Milwaukee
Alice Louise Hibbard, of Milwaukee
Elinor Hilliard, of Norfolk, Va.
Margurite Logan Marshall, of Milwaukee
Nellie McKim, of Tokyo, Japan
Ruby Hamilton Chandler, of Highland Park, Ill.
Mary Whitney, of Chapin
Katheryne Fletcher, of Chicago, Ill.
Class of 1908
Margaret Butterfield, of New York
Eleanor Chandler, of Evanston, Ill.
Evelyn Isabel DeWitt, of Chicago, Ill.
Sara Strong Fuller, of Racine
Emily Johns Griffin, of Kenosha
Elizabeth Selden Henry, of Stigler, Ind. Ty.
Marguerite Morton, Chicago, Ill.
Elizabeth Bull Robinson, Racine
Katharine Robinson, Racine
Sidney Eleanor Schoenberger, Racine
Beatrice Underwood, Knoxville, Tenn.
Mary Sheldon Wren, of Marianao, Cuba
Class of 1909
Janet Anderson, of Chicago, Ill.
Frances Maginness, of Manila, P. I.
Lydia Lawrence Brown, Lake Forest
Alice Ward Dinegan, Boston
Elizabeth Pickering Forsythe, Milwaukee, Wis.
Lulu Natalie Harnstrom, of Chicago, Ill.
Josephine Wells Johnson, of Racine
Rowena DeKoven Osborne, of St. Paul, Minn.
Anne Elizabeth Peterson, of Nashotah
Class of 1910
Elizabeth Axtell Bishop, of St. Paul
Dorothy Francis Bryant, of Chicago, Ill.
Catherine Butterfield, of Kenosha
Caroline Thistle Davis, of Des Moines, Iowa
Mary Letitia Fyffe, of Chicago, Ill.
Louise Mansfield Griffin, of Antigo
Gertrude Heath, of Colorado Springs
Charlotte Cooper Herrington, of Bad Axe, Mich.
Eleanor Creagh Hill, of St. Paul
Maria Janet Lance, of Kenosha
Dorothy Langstaff, of Paducah, Ky.
Euphemia Catherine St. George, of Nashotah
Millicent Jesse Taylor, of Gambier, Ohio
Helen Louise Wurdemann, of Milwaukee
Class of 1911
Orrel Amanda Burton, of Denver , Colo.
Marguerite Hortense Cawker, of Milwaukee
Jean Forrest, of Chicago, Ill.
Florence Marjorie Fyfe, of Winnetka, Ill.
Hazel Edith Graves, of Racine
Jeanette Maclagan, of Pasaie, New York
Margaret Edith Purnell, of Kenosha
Fanny Marie Schibsby, of Minneapolis, Minn.
Louise Mildred Schoenstedt, of Joliet, Ill.
Frances Mary Taylor, of Chicago, Ill.
Class of 1912
Gladys Marion Anderson, of Chicago, Ill.
Edna Eichelman, of Kenosha
Katharine Emery, of Quincy, Ill.
Lillian Esther Gottlieb, of Kenosha
Josephine Marion Graves, of Tokyo, Japan
Dorothy Langford Hutchinson, of Detroit, Mich.
Katherine Rose Lewis, of Racine
Alexandra Chalmers McNeill, of Chicago, Ill.
Lilias Pope Morehouse, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Valencia Wayne Ogden Rafferty, of Lake Forest
Irene Turley Rogers, of Memphis, Tenn.
Class of 1913
Gertrude Dorothy Carroll, of Ravenswood, Ill.
Norma Anita Hauser, of St. Paul, Minn.
Irma Louise Hubbard, of Marshall, Mich.
Marion Tilly Jones, of Mineral Point, Wis.
Marjorie Wilhelmina Oliver, of Escanaba, Mich.
Agnes Herbert Smith, of Tomah, Wis.
Lillian Gibson Torrance, of LaCrosse, Wis.
Florence Marguerite Wheelock, of Denver, Colo.
Class of 1914
Dorothy Candee, of Kenosha
Eleanore Cecile Casey, of Kenosha
Bertha Belle Head, of Kenosha
Caroline Willis, of Kenosha
Beatrice Clarissa Evans, of Grand Rapids, Mich.
Virginia Washington Hill, of St. Paul, Minn.
Laura Frances Hull, of Otego, New York
Marguerite Irene Schaad, of St. Paul, Minn.
Mildred Smith, of Longville, La.
Class of 1915
Dorothea Constance Barnaby, of Greencastle, Ind.
Margaret Holmes, Chicago, Ill.
Mary Arnold Hood, Indianapolis, Ind.
Lufrerry Willard Low, of Chicago, Ill.
Katherine Kilbourne, of Rochester, Minn.
Margaret Gower Shaw, of Chicago, Ill.
Gale Ross, of Wausau, Wis.
Catherine Marie Weller, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Ruth Auguste Wollaeger, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Class of 1916
Miriam Allen, of Janesville, Wis.
Marian Barber, of Detroit, Mich.
Clara Boyd, of Elmhurst, Ill.
Jane Chase, of Springbrook, Wis.
Helen Gittens, of De Pere, Wis.
Bertha Marie Krohn, of Black River Falls, Wis.
Eleanore Lewis, Mt. Clemens, Mich.
Marian Nichols, of New York, NY
Josephine Thwing, of Grand Rapids, Mich.
Frances Elizabeth Willis, of Memphis, Tenn.
Gertrude Elizabeth Wollaeger, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Class of 1917
Virginia Austin
Mary Elizabeth Clark
Elizabeth Scofield Dafter
Esther Elizabeth Dyer
Isabel Weeks Greenslade
Dorothy Herrington
Annis Elizabeth Robinson
Jeannette Bertholf Robinson
Margaret Ross Wynne, of Memphis, Tenn.
Class of 1918
Clara Bues
Margaretta Elizabeth Fenn
Frances Sidney Hadfield
Susanne Sitgreaves Kemper
Ann Clark Lorenzen
Helen Martyn Rhodes
Kathryn Norma Staat
Katharine Story
Dorothy Ione Symmes
Harriette Walters
Isabel Marie Wells
Florence Grace Wells
Dorothy Zacharias
Class of 1919
Elizabeth Grace Appleby, of Saginaw, Mich.
Bernice Wallace Bermingham, of Kenosha
Margaret Christine Bernhard, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Margaret Carey, of Red Oak, Iowa
Geraldine Elizabeth Graves, Saginaw, Mich.
Louise Leland, of Chicago, Ill.
Rowena McDougall, of Glencoe, Ill.
Dorothy Brundage Neff, of Kenosha
Doris Carolyn Rothschild, of Albert Lee, Minn.
Livia Frances Shero, of Greensburg, Penn.
Marion Winthrop Taylor, of Chicago, Ill.
Class of 1920
Marion Kopp, of Eau Claire, Wis.
Janet Lawrence, of Chicago, Ill.
Katherine Virginia Abbott, of Fremont, Neb.
Elizabeth Marius Kemper, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Mary Elizabeth Pomeroy, of Flint, Mich.
Margaret Constance Elise Maryon, of Milwaukee, Wis. (formerly of Kenosha)
Class of 1921
Caroline Brownell Averill, of Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Jean Elizabeth Culver, of Ludington, Mich.
Mary Elizabeth Joyner, of Pine Ridge, S. D.
Juliet White Metcalf, of Memphis, Tenn.
Carolyn Mortimer Mitchell, of Memphis, Tenn.
Virginia Lyman North, of Green Bay, Wis.
Jean Louise Palica, of Kenosha
Dorothy Agnes Taylor, of Ovina, Neb.
Grace Isabel Taylor, of Ovina, Neb.
Charlotte Mary Van Buren, of Sturgis, Mich.
Class of 1922
Susan MacPherson Ansley
Harriet Wallace Blair
Elizabeth Louise Bryant
Helen Winifred Marr
Ethel Harriet McCall
Elizabeth Margaret Middleton
Jane Aldwell Pither
Janet Elizabeth Robson
Catherine Elliott Rugh
Mary Townsend Tapper
Roma Truax
Catherine Eddowes Van Dusen
Florence Catherine Wanless
Louise Wietzer
Class of 1923
Nancy Farwell
Catherine Allen Douglas
Edith-Anne Flory
Gertrude Longwell Owen
Marjorie Pancoast
Lisbeth Ray
Elizabeth Jeanne Towne
Mary Elizabeth Wisner
Class of 1924 Virginia Bell
Marion Lucille Bermingham
Janet Eva Brown
Catherine Charlotte Bryant
Frances Jane Collier
Margaret Knickerbocker Cummings
Mauricette Fernande Renee Ducret
Jane Elizabeth Farwell
Beatrice Painter Head
Virginia Gilpin Head
Charlotte Elizabeth Jennings
Mable Alice Kastle
Vera Louise Kuehn
Julia Katharine Marr
Grace Eliza Martin
Marion Ada Niederman
Klea Kirkman Palica
Mary Eliza Pearson
Elizabeth Mitchel Perkins
Madeline Claribel Reinert
Laura Foster Smith
Mary Margaret Spicer
Irene Anthony Taft
Frances Louise Wirth
Class of 1925
Dorothy Gebhart, of Kenosha
Marjorie Payne Kaltenbach, of Kenosha
Amy Genevieve Wells, of Kenosha
Pauline Erhardt Averill
Florence Cecelia Bloom
Helen Colman
Priscilla Darlington
Dorothy Elizabeth Ross Farrand
Harriet Guion French
Elizabeth Gilbert
Anne Elizabeth Hirst
Margaret Elizabeth Hockaday
Louise Estelle Irwin
Linda Adeline Leslie
Lucy Ann Moon
Julia Keith Ransom
Ruth Elizabeth Shirley
Martha-Leigh Smythe
Francesca Remer Stebbins
Mary Elizabeth Stott
Marie Louise Taliaferro
Class of 1926
Jeanne Gephart, of Kenosha
Virginia Voorhis, of Kenosha
Bettina Ballance
Mary Bates
Frances Bennett
Leila Bostwick
Josephine Callender
Mary Dunbar
Angelica Gibbs
Gertrude Goddard
Joan Hunn
Jacqueline Messer
Agnes Peirce
Nancy Wheelock
Class of 1927
Kemper Hall Kodak Yearbook 1927
Ruth Margaret Griswold, of Kenosha
Elizabeth Rose Averill, of Fond du Lac, Wis.
Ruth Barker, of Moose Jaw, Saskatchwan, Canada
Margaret Marie Barkhausen, of Green Bay, Wis.
Sarah Elizabeth Clark, of Evanston, Ill.
Elna Mary Clausen, of Horicon, Wis.
Dorothy June Emmerich, of Park Ridge, Ill.
Eleanor Louise Hool, of Madison, Wis.
Margaret Vinton Hubbell, of Evanston, Ill.
Jane Kissel, of Hartford, Wis.
Mary Elizabeth McConnell, of Evanston, Ill.
Laura Dean Moon, of Eau Claire, Wis.
Sallie G. Moon, of Eau Claire, Wis.
Aurelia Scull, of Chicago, Ill.
Elizabeth Aimee Sedgwick, of Highland Park, Ill.
Suzanne Shaw, of Racine, Wis.
Jean Marion Smith, of Winnetka, Ill.
D. Milo Upjohn, of Independence, Iowa
Mary Elizabeth Wilkinson, of Danville, Ill.
Class of 1928
Elaine Ashley
Jane Snow Clausen
Minnesota Comstock
Mary Elizabeth Cook
Dorothy Ida Derge
Margaret Catherine Eishout
Virginia Gorham
Lucy Marion Griswold
Louise Hartford Hahn
Ella Louise Houghton
Gertrude Lillian Kolb
Lucy Rhoda Medbury
Jane Pratt
Sara Marshall Richardson
Harriett Elizabeth Southcomb
Grace Jean Stratton
Margaret Reed Walker
Mariana Katherine Werve
Class of 1929
Josephine Landis Allyn
Elizabeth Lee Bonta
Helen Ruth Brady
Frances Josephine Harris
Elizabeth Ramsay Kellar
Carol Louise Knapp
Jeannette Isabel Marr
Ruth Elizabeth Randall
Winifred Ellen Story
Mary Helen Stuart
Jessie Jackman Waldo
Class of 1930
Edith Amy Belden
Elizabeth Brindley
Priscilla Carver
Mary Agnes Clausen
Sarah Jane Cole
Elizabeth Jane Derge
Katherine Johnston Dierssen
Janet Elizabeth Eisner
Constance May Fazen
Alice Suzanne Gephart
Marjorie Merryman Greene
Irene Christine Marie Heide
Alice Virginia Hodge
Mary Catherine Jack
Josephine Jahn
Helen Louise Johnson
Ruth Louise Johnson
Ruth Mansfield Keller
Elizabeth Lord
Jean Elizabeth Martin
Emily Dyas Norcross
Bessie Myrtle Olsen
Mary Ann Page
Class of 1931
Carlyn Ashley, of Kenosha
Ruth Bermingham, of Kenosha
Frances Carpenter, of Kenosha
Margaret Cleary, of Kenosha
Mary Drury, of Kenosha
Mary Lou Kaltenbach, of Kenosha
Margaret Simpson, of Park Ridge, Ill.
Elizabeth Oakland, Milwaukee, Wis.
Ruth Talcott, Des Plaines, Ill.
Martha Keniston, of Chicago, Ill.
Margaret Alderson, of New York, NY
Marian Silhanek, of Chicago, Ill.
Agnes Belden, of Park Ridge, Ill.
Viola Nelsen, of Chicago, Ill.
Florence Keniston, of Chicago, Ill.
Jane Talmadge, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Mary Cover, of Chicago, Ill.
Frances Terrell, of Evanston, Ill.
Class of 1932
Kathleen June Atkins, of Chicago, Ill.
Edna Jane Blair, of Kenosha
Mary Jane Call, of Riverside, Ill.
Dorothy Ella Oakland, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Frances Elizabeth Page, of Racine, Wis.
Jean Vollentine, of Hinsdale, Ill.
Lucy Babcock Walker, of Evansville, Ind.
Mary Jean Perry, of Algoma, Wis.
Elizabeth Manville Sinclair, of Detroit, Mich.
Joan Pauline Parker, of Evanston, Ill.
Susanna Townsend Peirce, of Winnetka, Ill.
Dorothea Elizabeth Montgomery, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Elizabeth Hilda Nevitt, of Oshkosh, Wis.
Nancy Elliott Kidd, of Owen, Wis.
Frances Elizabeth Lindsay, of Evanston, Ill.
Sally Wadsworth Ilges, of Chicago, Ill.
Marjory Wustrum James, of Racine, Wis.
Ruth Eleanor Fazen, of Racine, Wis.
Elizabeth Babbitt Fowler, of Wilmette, Ill.
Bernice Martina Dierssen, of Chicago, Ill.
Edith Regina Eisner, of Champaign, Ill.
Class of 1933
Barbara Hubbell, of Evanston, Ill.
Dorothy Barker, of Ripon, Wis.
Florence Carpenter, of Kenosha
Fernella Dierssen, of Chicago, Ill.
Anne Dorsey, of Hammond, Ind.
Jeanne Johnson, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Mary Keller, of Highland Park, Ill.
Virginia Lautz, of Pekin, Ill.
Charlotte Peirce, of Warrenton, Va.
Margaret Reynolds, of Madison, Wis.
Jacqueline Sontar, of Oak Park, Ill.
Carolyn Waters, of Evansville, Ind.
Georgiana Werner, of Eau Claire, Wis.
Isabelle Whiting, of Neenah, Wis.
Eleanor Wigdale, of Wauwatosa, Wis.
Class of 1934
Inez Russell, of Kenosha
Edna Allen, of Chicago, Ill.
Barbara Barnes, of Chicago, Ill.
Sara Kutill, of Chicago, Ill.
Helen Peters, of Chicago, Ill.
Elsie Jane Bell, of Glencoe, Ill.
Betty Davis, of Kenilworth, Ill.
Anne Idema, of Grand Rapids, Mich.
Wilma Janes, of Racine, Wis.
Margaret McNaughton, of Neenah, Wis.
Marian Schriber, of Oshkosh, Wis.
Barbara Spencer, of Evanston, Ill.
Margaret Thornberry, of Virginia, Minn.
Class of 1935
Alice Ann Anderson, of Kenosha
Nancy Averill, of Racine, Wis.
Katherine Mae Beach, Eau Claire, Wis.
Deborah Childs, Hinsdale, Ill.
Wilma Maurine Duncan, of Hinsdale, Ill.
Edna Hannahs, of Kenosha
Elizabeth Thiers Hannahs, of Kenosha
Roberta Stratton Lane, of Kenosha
Jane Barnes McMillen, of Peoria, Ill.
Margaret Jane Modine, of Racine, Wis.
Mary Elizabeth Reynolds, of Lake Geneva, Wis.
Anne Gordon Ross, of Geneva, Ill.
Susanne Vollintine, of Hinsdale, Ill.
Fredrika Graves Whiting, of Neenah, Wis.
Anne Jessel Whyte, of Kenosha
Class of 1936
Alice Nicoll, of Kenosha
Jean Erskine, of Racine, Wis.
Marjorie Pugh, of Racine, Wis.
Suzanne Farnum, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Mary Gilbert, of Grand Rapids, Mich.
Martha Ginz, of South Bend, Ind.
Grace Kralovec, of Riverside, Ill.
Betsy Prior, of Jacksonville, Fla.
Jean White, of Barrington, Ill.
Class of 1937
Susan Mary Carpenter, of Kenosha
Lizette Heaton Anderson, of Highland Park, Ill.
Jean Averill, of Racine, Wis.
Deborah Dickey Beggs, of Fort Worth, Tex.
Carolyn Coller, of Ann Arbor, Mich.
Jean Kingsland Fales, of Fort Thomas, Ky.
Bojan Constance Hamlin, of Lake Villa, Ill.
Harriet Susan Lerow, of Chicago, Ill.
Betty Mee, of Peoria, Ill.
Elizabeth Adelaide Mixer, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Marjorie Janet Morrison, of Evanston, Ill.
Mary Delight Newcomb, of Ann Arbor, Mich.
Mildred Winifred Oakes, of Oak Park, Ill.
Catherine Haines Overton, of Geneva, Ill.
Priscilla White, of Barrington, Ill.
Class of 1938
Jeanne Eleanor Anderson, of Detroit, Mich.
Jane Austin, of Riverside, Ill.
Ruth Ethel Baldwin, of Kenosha
Elizabeth Trenary Barden, of Kenosha
Mary Bundy Beach, of Eau Claire, Wis.
Mary Katharine Bowen, of Hibbing, Minn.
Audrey Alden Bradford, of Fond du Lac, Wis.
Martha Marie Copeland, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Jean Elliot, of Kenosha
Florence Lorraine Harris, of Chicago, Ill.
Patricia Chamberlain Harvey, of Chicago, Ill.
Barbara Pollitt Holt, of Oak Park, Ill.
Elsa Marie Nybo Jensen, of Racine, Wis.
Barbara Johnson, of Detroit, Mich.
Kristin Yeretsky Lee, of Grand Rapids, Mich.
Marjorie Olive Lee, of Chicago, Ill.
Kathryn Ruth Longcor, of Chicago, Ill.
Lillian Frances McFadden, of Park Ridge, Ill.
Martha Elizabeth Moore, of Kenosha
Martha Jane Morrow, of Kenosha
Patricia Elizabeth Perry, of Fond du Lac, Wis.
Peggy Jean Renault, of Kenosha
Virginia Stewart Richards, Geneva, Ill.
Helen Whyte, of Kenosha
Class of 1939
Evaline Rewinski, of Kenosha
Frances Theleen, of Kenosha
Margot Drury, of Kenosha
Ruth Helen Andersen, of Winner, S. Dak.
Betty Brown, of Oak Park, Ill.
Carol Buehring, of Chicago, Ill.
Charlotte Cleary, of Hinsdale, Ill.
Martha Lu Davidson, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Elizabeth DeMuth, of Kenilworth, Ill.
Gretchen Dittmer, of Chicago, Ill.
Cornelia Foulkes, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Jeanne Gillogly, of Chicago, Ill.
Marian Griffiths, of Little Rock, Ark.
Jean Hockings, of LaGrange, Ill.
Jennie Jones, of Chicago, Ill.
Jane Mitchell, of Zion, Ill.
Jane Shepard, of Winnetka, Ill.
Rebecca Sturtevant, of Fond du Lac, Wis.
Winifred Webster, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Virginia Whittemore, of Grand Rapids, Mich.
Jacqueline Willis, of Wilmette, Ill.
Victoria Zaph
Class of 1940
Gertrude Allen, of Kenosha
Genesse Garb, of Kenosha
Virginia Holly, of Kenosha
Ruth Sokow, of Kenosha
Jane Batchelder, of Faribault, Minn.
Dorothy Bebb, of Chicago, Ill.
Dorothy Bergamini, of Athens, N.Y.
Marjorie Brand, of Detroit, Mich.
Margaret Cargill, of Minneapolis, Minn.
Nan David, of Washington, D.C.
Dayne Gallup, of Marquette, Mich.
Jay Ann Gould, of Royal Oak, Mich.
Jean Hodgkins, of Ashland, Wis.
Jane Mann, of South Bend, Ind.
Nancy Nash, of Ripon, Wis.
Jean Ovitz, of Laona, Wis.
Barbara Rossberg, of Galesburg, Ill.
Maria Smiley, of Chicago, Ill.
Gwen Trottman, of Sheffield, Mass.
Kate Winkler, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Class of 1941
Suzannne Barrett, of Racine
Nancy Bellack, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Beth Berry, of Caspian, Mich.
Sally Bokum, of Chicago, Ill.
Nancy Booth, of LaGrange, Ill.
Barbara Brand, of Detroit, Mich.
Suzanne Clark, of Urbana, Ill.
Jean Connor, of Laona, Wis.
Joan Crowe, of Kansas City, Mo.
Nancy Evans, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Mary Ferguson, of South Bend
Lorna Hadlock, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Louise Haessler, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Mary Idema, of Grand Rapids, Mich.
Marybeth Kilpatrick, of Evanston, Ill.
Dania Merrill, of Chicago, Ill.
Nancy Naylor, of Evanston, Ill.
Lois Rathman, of Middleton, Oh.
Carol Reed, of Racine
Ellen Roddis, of Marshfield, Wis.
Joan Schulte, of Evanston, Ill.
Maxine Sells, of Milwaukee, Wis.
Margaret Walls, of Chicago, Ill.
Patricia Winter, of Ferguson, Mo.
Class of 1942
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Class of 1943
Marise Berquist, of Kenosha
Margaret Thomas, of Kenosha
Marjorie Bolz, of Madison, Wis.
Margaret Findorff, of Madison, Wis.
Barbara Hefty, of Madison, Wis.
Mary Allison Schmidt, of Madison, Wis.
Phyllis Borman, of Milwaukee
Georgann Morsell, of Milwaukee
Mary Lou Naery, of Racine
Sally Carey, of Beloit, Wis.
Marion Colman, of Minneapolis, Minn.
Joan Connor, of Laona, Wis.
Marion Gardner, of Long Island, New York
Gertrude Kraft, of Evanston, Ill.
Martha MacKillican, of Hibbing, Minn.
Mary Lou Mitchell, of Zion, Ill.
Nancibel Riffe, of Danville, Ky.
Mary Lou Shaw, of Coldwater, Mich.
Marcia Taff, of Chicago, Ill.
Jean Taylor, of Hamilton, Ind.
Class of 1944
Joan Adams, of Winnetka, Ill.
Barbara Armstrong, of Chicago, Ill.
Nancy Bowing, of Kenosha
Natalie Coe, of Woodbine, Ia.
Barbara Dennis, of Blackpool, England
Mary Dyer, of Kenosha
Elizabeth Earle, of Detroit, Mich.
Barbara Fixen, of Kenosha
Elizabeth Fraker, of Evanston, Ill.
Ellen Douglas Gailor, of Memphis, Tenn.
Zoe Goss, of Kenosha
Marian Greening, of Kenosha
Margaret Hanak, of Kenosha
Marjorie Harris, of Waukesha, Wis.
Jane Lou Hoag, of Eau Claire, Wis.
Carol Holly, of Detroit, Mich.
Regine Jensen, of Pentwater, Mich.
Mary Lance, of Kenosha
Joan Lettie, of St. Louis, Mo.
Nancy Luce, of Elkhorn, Wis.
Millicent Maxwell, of Terre Haute, Ind.
Mary Ann Mittelstaed, of Kenosha
Mary Moore, of Lake Geneva, Wis.
Alice Ann Morris, of Wood Lake, Neb.
Mary Anna Morse, of New York City
Susanna Peirsol, of Ann Arbor, Mich.
Helen Stewart, of Evanston, Ill.
Nancy Vincent, of Kenosha
Margaret Willis, of Champaign, Ill.
Marsden Wright, of Winnetka, Ill.
Class of 1945
Helen Jane Harris, of Kenosha
Marilyn Rose Herzog, of Kenosha
Dorothy Schwartz, of Kenosha
Nancy Alden, of Barrington, Ill.
Margaret Ann Bishop, of Chicago, Ill.
Sara Jane Burrell, of Dubuque, Ia.
Caroline Thompson Carlock, of Ft. Worth, Tex.
Susan Mary Champion, of Ann Arbor, Mich.
Jean Marie Cottrell, of Chicago, Ill.
Carol Alice Crane, of Chicago, Ill.
Margaret Louise Davis, of Detroit, Mich.
Agnes Redfearn Goldman, of Urbana, Ill.
Elizabeth Esther Gray, of Chicago, Ill.
Sallie Hunter Guthrie, of Chicago, Ill.
Lois Judd, of Rochester, Minn.
Marilyn Llanor Morgan, of Chciago, Ill.
Nancy Benney Moss, of Bowling Green, Ky.
Marilyn Van Orden Muns, of Houghton, Mich.
Mary Elizabeth Pantzer, of Sheboygan, Wis.
Barbara Burnham Raynor, of Lake Forest, Ill.
Camilla Bolitho Ryall, of Monterey Calif.
Lucinda Carolyn Sanders, of Memphis, Tenn.
Sara Elizabeth Sterling, of Hibbing, Minn.
Josephine Mary Trier, of Chicago, Ill.
Laura Chandler Wood, of Los Angeles, Calif.
Class of 1946
Class of 1947
Class of 1948
Class of 1949
Class of 1950
Katherine Elizabeth Bolle, Hartland, Wisconsin
Nancy Susan Buckingham, Flint, Michigan
Mary Margaret Sowby Conkling, Evanston, Illinois
Mary Anne Davison, Flint, Michigan
Beverly Ann Eaton, Chicago, Illinois
Olive Mary Louise Goldman, Urbana, Illinois
Mary Frances Johnson, Beloit, Wisconsin
Mary Lang Keenan, Chicago, Illinois
Susan Moll, Hinsdale, Illinois
Nancy Elizabeth Fay, St. Petersburg, Florida
Barfbara Cadwallader Morley, Waukegan, Illinois
Helen Betsy Nevins, Kenilworth, Illinois
Constance Patricia Potter, Ingleside, Illinois
Blanche Sedgwick, Lake Bluff Illinois
Joyce Lee Shober, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Gretel Alexander Staver, Virginia, Minnesota
Ann Virginia Vandercook, Evanston, Illinois
Sarah Wolcott, Bedford, Indiana

List courtesy of Mary Lang Keenan Zitnik
Thanks so much for contributing, Mary!

Class of 1951

Laurie Smith Bobhsuag sends this information:
1974 Graduates of Kemper Hall
(* denotes local student)
Kris Andersen (Ermann)*
Leigh Allen (Padgett)*
Laurie Smith (Bodshaug)*
Suyen Thomas *
Robin Dow
Laura Dickey
Merry McCreight
Alice Heaton (Moss)
Brooke Starke
Karen Restarski (Jones)
Angel Upshaw (Sovich)
Maren Nelson (Holiigsworth)
Class of 1975
Sandra Smith (Boggemes)*
Kandlele Smith
Sharon Henry (Thomas)
Sydne Mahone*
Meg Warren
Jeanne Sommerfield
Jane Polzin*
Jolynne Miller
List courtesy of Laurie Smith Bodhsuag 1974
Past Present Kemper Hall Alumnae Association

Kemper Hall Honors

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St. Mary's Cross - Anne Lynas
Music (gold) - Caroline Spalding, Agnes Slosson
Botany - Mae Louis Valentine, Anna Morthland Kimball
English Composition - Daisy Maud Hatfield, Harriet Sayrs MacAuley, Julia
Camilla Reynolds, Jessica Louise Sherman, Mary Foote Finford, and Edith
Murray Brown
Chaplain's prize for faithful attention - Blanche Doolittle Hubbell
Map Drawing (gold) - Sue Alice Pulsifer
Attendance - Mary Effie Lee, Anne Helena Thompson
House order - Beatrice Matilda Germain, Theodosia Hunt Cary
Sewing - Virginia Cooper Grant, Gertrude Mary Vivian, Ethel Thorncroft
Gunther, Violet Holmes Raber
St. Mary's Cross - Beatrice Matilda Germain
Arithmetic - Florence Ada Wells
English Senior - First: Emily Margaret Crapsey Second: Anna Morthland Kimball
English Intermediate - Louise Mathews Cary
Botany - Grace Sands Gunther, Grace Winifred Vivian
Map Drawing - Estelle Gertrude Champagne, Mary Effie Lee
Music (gold) - Adeline Harriet Grant
Music (silver) - Jessie Alberta Gilbert, Mary Gertrude Vivian
French - Adelaide Crapsey
House order collegiate - May Lewis Valentine
House order preparatory - Mary Gertrude Vivian
Sewing - First: Estelle Gertrude Champagne Second: Edith Sarah Rowland
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Saint Mary's Cross - Helen Louise Whitmore
Arithmetic Competitive Medal - Eliza Adelaide Draper
English Competitive Medal- not give out
Botany - Margaret Lillian Forbes
Music(gold) - Cora Catherine Vawter
Music (silver) - Florence Dudley Finch
House order collegiate - Mary Alice Wright
House order preparatory - Estelle Gertrude Champagne
Punctuality - Helen Louise Whitmore
Physical Training - Anne Poyntelle Wilson
Indian Clubs - Grace Sands Gunther
The Newell Prize for Sewing - first: Eugenia Vincent Roddin Second: Susie
White Bradley
Head of Collegiate Department - Florence Ada Wells
Head of Preparatory Department - Eliza Adelaide Draper
Senior Class - Florence Ada Wells
Intermediate Class - Leona Maude Fay
Junior A Class - Amanda Gettelman
Junior B Class - Maybelle Rose Pratt
Excellence in Music - Helen Bree Dunstan, Emma Wood Winans, Marie Sprague
Excellence in Drawing - Mabel Frances Kilbourne, Amanda Gettelman
Saint Mary's Cross - Grace Sands Gunther
Arithmetic Competitive Medal - Estelle Gertrude Champagne
English Competitive Medal- Leone Maud Fay
Botany - Annie Louise Palmetier
Music(gold) - Irma St. Vrain Cole
Music (silver) - Bessie Louise Bradley
House order collegiate - Adele Cooley Leszynsky
House order preparatory - Violet Holmes Raber
Punctuality - Margaret Lorena Adams
Physical Training - Eliza Adelaide Draper
Military Drill - Virginia Cooper Grant
The Newell Prize for Sewing - first: Ruth Kimball Second: Aline Asenath Snow
Head of Collegiate Department - Eliza Adelaide Draper
Head of Preparatory Department - Estelle Gertrude Champagne
Senior Class - Leone Maud Fay
Intermediate Class - Margery Elizabeth Lambertson
Junior A Class - Virginia Alice Cooper
Junior B Class - Eliza Adelaide Draper
Studio,Antique class - Agnes B. Street, Helen Ray Mairs, Marjorie Ward
Sketch class - Agnes Bourne Street, Anne Poyntelle Wilson, Ada Eugenia Bading
Saint Mary's Cross - Helen Holbert
Arithmetic Competitive Medal - Agnes Snow
English Competitive Medal- Margery Elizabeth Lambertson
Botany - Margaretta Brown
Music(gold) - Sara Louise Kilbourne
Music (silver) - Margaret Hathaway Merrick
House order collegiate - Ada Eugenia Bading
House order preparatory - Carrie Erhardt Brownell
Punctuality - Sara Louise Kilbourne and Margaret Hathaway Merrick
Physical Training - Ruth Antoinette Spensley
The Newell Prize for Sewing - Marion Stuart Tripler
Head of Collegiate Department - Sara Louise Kilbourne
Head of Preparatory Department - Florence Benbow Ferguson
Senior Class - Sara Louise Kilbourne
Senior A Class - Helen Ray Mairs
Intermediate Class - Helen Hartley St. George
Junior A Class - Eliza Adelaide Draper
Junior B Class - Estelle Gertrude Champagne
Antique class - Mabel Frances Kilbourne, Helen Ray Mairs, Winifred Holbert
Sketch class - Winifred Holbert, Mabel Frances Kilbourne, Bessie Mary McKim
Music - Jane Augur Holabird, Julia Stewart Cummings, Ada Valentine Dallas, Mary Edna Wilson
Saint Mary's Cross - Margaret Hathaway Merrick
Arithmetic Competitive Medal - Elizabeth Frances Graves
English Competitive Medal- Bessie Mary McKim
Botany - Winifred Holbert
Music(gold) - Jane Augur Holabird
Music (silver) - Clara Josephine Drake
House order collegiate - Helen Ray Mairs
House order preparatory - Ruth Kimball
Punctuality - Susie Marion Miller
Physical Training - Jeannette Augusta Wollaeger
The Newell Prize for Sewing - first: Janet Bruce Slidell Second: Katharine
Head of Collegiate Department - Eliza Adelaide Draper
Head of Preparatory Department - Josephine Mary Jacoby
Senior Class - Susie Marion Miller
Senior A Class - Elizabeth Stewart Stone
Intermediate Class - Eliza Adelaide Draper
Junior A Class - Estelle Gertrude Champagne
Junior B Class - Corinne Speck Shields
Honorable Mention in Music - Gladys Lothrop Morrell, Sarah Lucile Adams,
Margaret Carswell Richards, Alice Marie Graves
Antique class - Jennie Winifred Oliver, Elizabeth Stewart Stone, Caroline
Elizabeth Blake
Sketch class - Eleanor Elizabeth Wallace, Jennie Winifred Oliver, Elizabeth
Stewart Stone, Caroline Elizabeth Blake
Pastel Drawing - Winifred Holbert
Saint Mary's Cross - Jane Augur Holabird
Arithmetic Competitive Medal - Elizabeth Stewart Stone
English Competitive Medal- not given
Botany - Portia Baker
Music(gold) - Anne Gertrude Quigley
Music (silver) - Margaret Carswell Richards
House order collegiate - Jeannette Augusta Wollaeger
House order preparatory - Florence Zimmerman
Punctuality - Florence Marion Neise
Physical Training - Helen Hatley St. George
Military Drill - Juliet Langdon Richards
The Newell Prize for Sewing - first: Catherine Butterfield Second: Lydia Niblack
Head of Collegiate Department - Juliet Langdon Richards
Head of Preparatory Department - Alice Moore
Senior Class - Jeannette Augusta Wollaeger
Senior A Class - Juliet Langdon Richards
Intermediate Class - Katharine Rogers
Junior A Class - Florence Benbow Ferguson
Junior B Class - Harriet Louise Cook
Honorable Mention in Music - Florence VanVetchen Murphy, Janet Bruce Slidell, Susan Huribut Mason, Edith Warren, Ruby Marshall
Charcoal and color work - Elizabeth Stewart Stone
Sketch class - Majel Bishop, Mabel Evelyn Jones
Charcoal work - Margaret Louise Bishop, Susan Huribut Mason
Improvement - Isabella Atkins
Saint Mary's Cross - Juliet Langdon Richards
Arithmetic Competitive Medal - Florence Benbow Ferguson
English Competitive Medal- Margaret Louise Bishop
Botany - first: Flora Campbell McLean Second: Janette Bishop
Music(gold) - Gladys Lathrop Morell
Music (silver) - Ruby Marshall
House order collegiate - Edwina Daniell
House order preparatory - Blanche Booth
Punctuality - Vera Mae Wilcox
Physical Training - Alice Mahala Spencer
Military Drill - Lois Virginia Hamline
The Newell Prize for Sewing - first: Constance Irene Farr Second: Maria Janette Lance
Head of Collegiate Department - Juliet Langdon Richards
Head of Preparatory Department - Dorothy Hanna
Senior Class - Juliet Langdon Richards
Senior A Class - Helen Louise Quigley
Intermediate Class - Florence Benbow Ferguson
Junior A Class - Lillian Grinnell Powell
Junior B Class - Flora Campbell McLean
Honorable Mention in Arithmetic - Marie Roberta Rae, Marion Stuart Martin
Honorable Mention in Music - Margaret Carswell Richards, Susan Mason, Edith Warren, Helen Louise Quigley, Lulu Virginia Camp, Lulu Natalie Harnstrom
Honorable Mention in Studio Work - Margaret Louise Bishop, Katharine Stickney Sheve, Lucy Josephine Graves, Alice Moore
Saint Mary's Cross - Margaretta Brown
Arithmetic Competitive Medal - Alice Moore
English Competitive Medal - Harriet Ide Keen
Botany - Margaret Esther Levings
Music(gold) - Helen Louise Quigley
Music (silver) - Lillian Clark Bennett
House order gold medal - Edith Alice Decker
House order silver medal - Emilie Louise Fiero
Punctuality - Janet Bruce Slidell
Physical Training - Violetta Lee
Military Drill - Margaret Carswell Richards
The Newell Prize for Sewing - first: Alice Morrison Buckingham Second: Vera Culver
Head of Collegiate Department - Majel Bishop
Head of Preparatory Department - Eleanor Chandler
Senior Class - Helen Louise Quigley
Senior A Class - Majel Bishop
Intermediate Class - Anne Elizabeth d'Heur
Junior A Class - Alice Moore
Junior B Class - Margaret Esther Levings
Honorable Mention in Music - Janet Bruce Slidell, Gladys Lathrop Morrell, Sarah Lucile Adams, Marion Estcourt Lotham, Edith Warren, Lulu Natalie Harnstrom, Emilie Louise Fiero
Honorable Mention in Studio Work - Isabel May Smith, Charlotte Moffett Gailor, Josephine Moran, Majel Bishop, Harriet Ide Keen, Alice Moore
Saint Mary's Cross - Sarah Lucile Adams
English Competitive Medal- Majel Bishop
Botany - Margaret Hortense Cawker
Music(gold) - Janet Bruce Slidell
Music (silver) - Lulu Natalie Harnstorm
House order (gold medal) Susan Hulbert Mason
House order (silver medal) - Elizabeth Pickering Forsyth
Punctuality - Lillian Grinnell Powell
Military Drill - Sarah Lucile Adams
Head of Collegiate Department - Charlotte Moffett Gailor
Head of Preparatory Department - Margaret Purnell
Intermediate Class - Helen Elizabeth Sharritt
Junior A Class - Nellie McKion
Junior B Class - Margaret Hortense Cawker
Saint Mary's Cross - Charlotte Moffett Gailor
English Competitive Medal- Esther Stuart Cornell
Music(gold) - Janet Bishop
Music (silver) - Eleanor Chandler
House order (gold medal) Catherine S. Sneve
House order (silver medal) - Margaret Hortense Cawker
Medal for Physical Training - Lillian Grinnell Powell
Medal for Military Drill - Anne Elizabeth d'Heur
Newell Prize for Sewing - Florence Foley
Head of Collegiate Department - Charlotte Moffett Gailor
Head of Preparatory Department - Elizabeth Bishop
Senior A Class - Alice Moore
Intermediate Class - Margaret Morton
Junior A Class - Anne Peterson
Junior B Class - Margaret Purnell
Saint Mary's Cross - Alice Louise Hibbard
Saint Mary's Cross - Helen Dorsey Brown
English Competitive Medal- Janet Bishop
Mathematics - Elizabeth Forsythe
Music(gold) - Elizabeth Bull Robinson
Music (silver) - Catherine Butterfield
House order (gold medal) - Florence Foley
House order (silver medal) - Effie St. George
Punctuality - Eliza Ellen Birmingham
Medal for Physical Training - Elizabeth Bull Robinson
Medal for Military Drill - Janette Bishop
Newell Prize for Sewing - Dorothy Langstaff and Bessie Spry
Head of Collegiate Department - Janette Bishop
Head of Preparatory Department - Cecilia Louise Agnes Kemper
Senior Class - Janette Bishop
Senior A Class - Beatrice Underwood
Intermediate Class - Elizabeth Anne Petersen
Junior A Class - Margaret Neill Purnell
Junior B Class - Lothrop Lathrop
Sixth Form - Margaret Jebb Allen
Honorable Mention in Music - Alice Louise Hibbard, Lulu Natalie Harnstrom,
Sarah Marcy Kinley, Bessie Spry, Beatrice Underwood, Elizabeth Davis,
Eleanor Chandler, Dorothy Bryant, Lothrop Lathrop, Helen Jean Allen
Vocal - Jessie Hollecker
Violin - Hortense Cawker, Vera Culver
Pipe Organ - Nellie McKim
Honorable mention in studio work - Helen Jean Allen, Cecilia Louise Agnes Kemper
Saint Mary's Cross - Elizabeth Bull Robinson
English Competitive Medal- Ann Elizabeth Peterson
Mathematics - Rowena DeKoven Osborn
Music(gold) - Marguerite Morton
Music (silver) - Sylvia Day Gates
House order (gold medal) - Sydney Eleanor Schoenberger
Punctuality - Marguerite Morton
Medal for Physical Training - Sarah Strong Fuller
Medal for Military Drill - Elizabeth Bull Robinson
Newell Prize for Sewing - Mary Willard Taft, Cecilia Louise Agnes Kemper
Head of Collegiate Department - Ann Elizabeth Peterson
Head of Preparatory Department - Mary June Horton
Senior A Class - Anne Elizabeth Peterson
Intermediate Class - Maria Janet Lance
Junior Class - Lothrop Lathrop
Junior B Class - Frances Saunton Peek
Sixth Form - Mary June Horton
The Mother Superior's Special Prize - Emma Frances Harnsberger
Saint Mary's Cross - Rowena DeKoven Osborne
Arithmetic Competitive Medal - Maria Janet Lance
English Competitive Medal - Rowena DeKoven Osborne
Music(gold) - Lulu Natalie Harnstrom
Music (silver) - Lothrop Lathrop
House order gold medal - Leslie Pinder Bate
House order silver medal - Bernice Marie Evans
Punctuality - Marie Letitia Fyffe
Physical Training - Lulu Natalie Harnstrom
Military Drill - Lulu Natalie Harnstrom
The Newell Prize for Sewing - Sylvia Sears, Helen Mary Soare
Head of Collegiate Department - Anne Elizabeth Peterson
Head of Preparatory Department - Mary Jane Horton
Senior Class - Anne Elizabeth Peterson
Senior A Class - Maria Janet Lance
Intermediate Class - Lothrop Lathrop
Junior A Class - Valencia Wayne Rafferty
Junior B Class - Lydia Percival Fuller
Seventh Form - Mary June Horton
Saint Mary's Cross - Gertrude Heath
Arithmetic Competitive Medal - Charlotte Cooper Herrington
English Competitive Medal - First: Margaret Purnell Second: Frances Mary Taylor
Music(gold) - Helen Louise Wurdemann
Music (silver) - Norma Anita Hanser
House order gold medal - Mary Letitia Fyffe
House order silver medal - Honora Gifford
Punctuality - Valencia Wayne Rafferty
Physical Training - Louise Mansfield Griffin
Military Drill - Catherine Butterfield
The Newell Prize for Sewing - First: Marion Bullamore Second: Jeannette Robinson
Head of Collegiate Department - Maria Janet Lance
Head of Preparatory Department - Mary Hamilton Ilsley
Senior Class - Maria Janet Lance
Senior A Class - Margaret Purnell
Intermediate Class - Valencia Wayne Rafferty
Junior A Class - Lydia Percival Fuller
Junior B Class - Cecilia Agnes Louise Kemper
Seventh Form - Mary Hamilton Ilsley
Honorable Mention in Music - Grace Clark, Margery McLean, Irene Rogers, Ruth Bullene, Ruth Kellogg
Honors in Vocal Music - Ruth Bullene, Marion Tilly Jones
Honorable Mention in Physical Training - Catherine Butterfield, Cecilia Kemper and Norma Anita Hauser
Saint Mary's Cross - Marguerite Hortense Cawker
Moral Courage - Marie Hoerber Henkel
English - First: Hazel Edith Graves Second: Anna Christie Ruggles
Music (gold) - Carolyn Rae Brocklebank
Music (silver) - Willa Emogene Stafford
House order gold medal - Jean Forrest
House order silver medal - Ruth Kellogg
Punctuality - Dorothy Carroll
Physical Training - Norma Anita Hauser
Military Drill - Lois Owsley
The Newell Prize for Sewing - Hester Sinclair, Mary Burgess
Head of Collegiate Department - Margaret Neill Purnell
Head of Preparatory Department - Anna Christie Ruggles
Senior Class - Margaret Neill Purnell
Senior A Class - Valencia Wayne Rafferty
Intermediate Class - Lydia Percival Fuller
Junior A Class - Mildred Smith
Junior B Class - Jane Caldwell
Seventh Form - Anna Christie Ruggles
Honorable Mention in Music - Jane Caldwell, Martha Smith, Elizabeth Moore, Esther Tyrrell, Marion Nichols
Honors in Vocal Music - Eleanor Wallace, Marion Tilly Jones
Harmony - Carolyn Rae Brocklebank, Katharine Emery
Honorable Mention in Physical Training - Fanny Marie Schibsby, Lydia Fuller, Katharine Lewis, Jeannette Robinson
Honorable Mention in Studio Work - Fanny Schibsby,Mildred Metcalf, Dorothy Kilbourne, Josephine Graves, Serena Sears
Sewing - Katharine Tyson, Margaretta Fenn, Sylvia Sears, Dorothy Kilbourne
Saint Mary's Cross -Gladys Marion Anderson, Jean Forrest
English Competitive - Alexandra Chalmers McNeill
English Improvement - Muriel Bate
French Competitive - Josephine Marion Graves
Music (gold) - Norma Anita Hauser
Music (silver) - Jane Carter Caldwell
House order gold medal - Valencia Wayne Rafferty
House order silver medal - Katharine Patterson Boyd
Punctuality - Alexandra Chalmers McNeill, Clara Charlotte Maryatt Boyd
Physical Training - Katherine Rose Lewis
Military Drill - Norma Anita Hauser
The Newell Prize for Sewing - Katharine Tyson, Muriel Bate
Head of Collegiate Department - Katharine Emery
Head of Preparatory Department - Frances Elizabeth Willis
Senior Class - Katharine Emery
Senior A Class - Norma Anita Hauser
Intermediate Class - Mildred Smith
Junior A Class - Jane Carter Caldwell
Junior B Class - Katharine Wainwright Gervais
Seventh Form - Frances Elizabeth Willis
Honorable Mention in English - Florence Wheelock, Gladys Marian Anderson, Margaret Knight Forsyth
Honorable Mention in Music - Mary Matthews, Katharine Boyd, Marion Nichols, Mildred Smith, Ester Tyrrell, Ruth Wllaeger, Geraldine Love
Honorable Mention in Physical Training - Marion Jones, Dorothy Carroll, Carlotta Cooper, Bertha Head, Jeannette Robinson
Honorable Mention in Studio Work - Valencia Rafferty, Irene Rogers, Bernice Bermingham
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Kemper Hall Timeline

1855-Charter for the "Kenosha Female Seminary" taken out by the Rector, Wardens, and Vestrymen of St. Matthew's Church and other Kenosha citizens.
1865-First term opened June 15. School managed by Mrs. H. M. Crawford the first year, and called by her "St. Claire's Hall".
1866-March 28, Bishop Kemper elected trustee. December 29, Trustees voted to change name, of school to "Kemper Hall".
1870-May 24. Death of Bishop Kemper. Impassioned appeal by Bishop Armitage at Milwaukee Diocesan Council to redeem and secure Kemper Hall as "a living monument of its first Bishop forever".
1876-First Class graduated in new chapel.
1878-The Sisters of St. Mary, Sister Sarah in charge, took over in management of school. Miss Florence, Brown (afterward Sister Florence) came to help them.
1883-Sister Margaret Clare placed in charge of school. The Kemper Hall branch of Guild of the Holy Child started.
1888-Kemper Hall Alumnae Association formed. President: Sally Blair Fairchild '86; Treasurer: Amy D. Field '82; Secretary: Maria Lance '83.
1893-The St. Mary Cross given to Harriet Ferry '93 and Martha Sherwood '94.
1894-Kemper Hall Kodak, Vol. 1, No. 1. (The Kodak was for some years. a monthly literary magazine, then a quarterly, and, since 1918, an annual.)
1897-January, Chicago Kemper Hall Alumnae Association formally organized. In the fall, the Milwaukee branch organized.
1898-Military Drill begins.
1901-First Athletic Association formed. Membership limited to about thirty. (The Association has been reorganized several times and is now composed of the entire student body under the leadership, of the Athletic Council.)
1902-The Simmons Gymnasium built. The St. Paul Branch of the Alumnae Association formed.
1903-The Janesville Branch of the Alumnae Association formed.
1905-Inauguration of Western Province of the Community of St. Mary. Sister Margaret Clare installed as first Mother Superior.
1917-Beginning of Student Government; Alice Dyer, Chairman.
1922-First Founders' Day Queen, Harriet Blair.
1926-Kemper-Armitage Missionary Society organized. (The Society had its beginning in the Lower School: three years later it was reorganized to include the entire student body.")
1929-The Parent-Teacher Group organized.
1931-First issue of the ALUMNAE, MESSENGER. (For three, years the MESSENGER was printed as an annual; later it was issued at intervals as a mimeographed news sheets; December 10, 1939, marks the publication of the MESSENGER in its present printed form).
1938-Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Nash donate their residence to Kemper Hall.
1940-May 7, first Alumnae Day.

NOTE: Kemper Hall officially closed in 1975.

Kemper Hall's 75th Anniversary
From a reprint of "The Living Church" article of May 20, 1945

For each of us God has a perfectly definte purpose, some special task for which we are uniquely qualified...If we are to do this, to use to the utmost those special talents He gave us, for His glory and to the advantage of mankind, then three things are needful:
To know him
To know the world you live in
To know and prepare yourself
That is why you are here."

The excerpt from a recent serman by the Rev. Parker C. Webb, chaplain of Kemper Hall, Kenosha, Wis., sums up the purpose for which has been successfully carried out since 1870. In celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year, the school looks back with love and pride over the young women (3,000 and more) who have gone out from its doors, if not fully prepared to carry out God's purpose, at least headed in the right direction and with heart and mind bent on reaching the goal. The range of its influence through the lives of its graduates will never be known, but surely it has built in this nation and in missions far afield, a monument to Bishop Jackson Kemper which would satisfy his valient spirit.

The History of Kemper Hall antedates its formal "founding" in 1870, for several years earlier the rector, wardens, and vestrymen of St. Matthew's Church, Kenosha, drew up a charter for a school for girls, to have "the name and style of Kenosha Female Seminary"; purchased the homestead of the Hon. Charles Durkee, with its well-built house and eight acres of ground on the shore of Lake Michigan, and opened a school. An amendment to the charter in 1866 provided that the bishop of the diocese be ex officio president of the board of trustees, thus beginning Bishop Kemper's official connection with the school. Financial difficulties during the sale of the property, and so matters stood at the time of the death of Bishop Kemper on May 24, 1870.

Bishop William E. Armitage, who had served as Bishop Kemper's coadjutor, realized the need for a school of this type in this part of the country and appreciated the tremendous contribution it could make to the life of the Church. He felt, too, that no more fitting commemoration than this could be erected to the memory of the first missionary bishop of the American Church and the first Bishop of the diocese of Wisconsin. At a meeting of the diocesan convention in June, Bishop Armitage presented his arguments with such force and enthusiasm that others caught the vision:
"I plead for a monument to our venerated bishop...not of marble, which can bear only our inscription and have no new, fresh voice to those who come after us. Let us make it a living thing -- our message to generations after us...Let his name be precious in the hearts and memories of hundreds and thousands in the years to come, by being associated with the bright sprint-time of their lives. Let us give him a voice, that being dead he may yet speak to soal after soal of the wives and mothers of the land. I cannot overstate the importance of preserving and establishing on a permanent basis, the school which bears his name...Brethren, it must be saved. It must be forever Kemper Hall, and we must make it worthy of its name."

And so the school was reorganized in 1870, an incorporated two years later. Bishop Armitage was likewise successful in interesting influential churchmen in New York and in the Church at large, and eventually the venture was given resonably adequate financial backing. In 1878, at the earnest request of his successor, Bishop Welles, the Sisters of St. Mary undertook the direction of the school.

Since those early days, wars, revolutions, social and economic changes, and stupendous inventions which have shaken civilization to its core, have marked -- or marred -- the passing years, but in spite of radical changes in methods and manners, costumes and curriculum, Kemper Hall has not changed. It holds fast to the eternal verities and the "girls" who return after long absences find it essentially the same school they love and cherish in their memories. When costumes of the '70's, '90's and '20's were donned recently by some of the present students for an anniversary program, it was startling to see the transformation and to realize that, although the modern "package" has different wrappings, the young woman inside is much more akin to the grandmother for whom the intricate, old-fashioned dress was originally designed, than she is wont to admit.

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