Sylvania Cemetery formation

Legal Description of Sylvania Cemetery Land

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Register of Deeds "Vol. 69, p. 242 October 5, 1870 Between Jane Guest of town of Mt. Pleasant and Trustees of Sylvania Cemetery Association of Yorkville. North parcel of land...said land lying in Northeast quarter of Northeast quarter of Section 36, Town 3, North of Range 21 commencing 40 rods and 12 feet from the north part corner of said section 36. Commencing at the center of the Kilbourn Road (present day U.S. 41/I-94) running west 11 rods and 7 feet, thence south 19 rods and 11 feet, thence east 11 rods and 7 feet, thence back to beginning, said land known as the Sylvania Cemetery Grounds.

Witnessed by Joshua Collier and John Guest

(copied from Sylvania Cemetery book at the Racine Co. Historical Library)

Formation of Cemetery Association

On Wednesday evening April 12th, 1876 the following persons met: James Buckley, Wm. Spencer, Joshua Collier, Wm. Gilbert, Wm. Drinkwater, James Yates, John Guest, Jabez Collier, Oliver Gilbert, Isaac Bowers, Hiram Lee, Alonzo Burgess. James Buckley, Chairman. Wm. H. Spencer, Secretary. Met according to notice at Sylvania, Racine Co., State of Wisconsin, for the purpose of incorporating an Association to be known by the name of the Sylvania Cemetery Association. Five Trustees were elected: Joshua Collier, Isaac Bowers, Oliver Gilbert, A. T. Gould, Wm. Drinkwater. These trustees were divided in three classes as follows: The first class to serve one year (Joshua Collier), the second class to serve two years (Oliver Gilbert & Isaac Bowers), and the third class to serve three years (A.T. Gould & Wm Drinkwater).

The annual meeting was fixed for the first Monday in June. Certificate recorded in Recorder's office, Racine, Wis.

James Buckley, Chairman Wm. H. Spencer, Secretary

(copied from the original minute book of the Sylvania Cemetery Association)

Original Lot Owner June 5, 1876

Wm. Gilbert     Mrs. Cockett    Thomas Gillett     John Collett     Alonzo Burgess    George DeLong     S. Foster     James Buckley     C. Heidersdorf     H. Biehn     C. Kreuscher     John Henderson     Richard Lee     C. Jacobson     George Haigh     Mrs. M. Haigh(Toase)     Dornings     Mrs. Norman Bailey    Benjamin Simmons    Mrs. Spaulding(Lee)     Jabez Collier     Joshua Collier     Jason Davies     Henry Simmons     Edward Lee     Mrs. Rich. Lee     Gaylord Shepperd    John Guest     Mrs. J. Guest     Wm. Drinkwater    Isaac Bowers     Mr. McHuron     Ernest Caleb     Mrs. Adaline Baker    Augustus Baker     Hiram Lee     Henry Howarth     James Yates     Jorgen Anderson     James Nelson     Calvin Peck    

These were the lot owners who paid a fee for their lot when the Cemetery Association was formed. There were many people buried in the cemetery long before this time. It is believed that the cemetery was started when Wm. Gilbert, the owner of the land, buried his son Joseph,in 1847. There were a few graves already at Kellogg's Corners and they were moved to this site.

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