J. L .Washburn, Juneau Co., Wi

Biographical sketch of part of the class that recently graduated at the Seminary, will be of interest to all who attended the commencement exercises, last week. - Ed.

J. L. Washburn was born near Waynetown, Montgomery Co., Ind., Dec. 26th, 1856.  In 1857, his parents removed to Blue Earth Co., Minn., where they have since resided.  J. L. has no very distinct remembrances of any extraordinary occurrences during that overland trip.  He passed his life at home until the fall of 1873, attending the village school at Vernon Centre the greater part of the time.  During the school year of 1870-71, he attended the Union School in Mankato.  In 1873, he entered the Western College, Iowa, began the classical studies, and remained one year.  The following winter, he taught his first school in Blue Earth Co., Minn.; at the close of which he came to Elroy and has been in attendance at the Seminary a great portion of the time since;  spending his summer vacations at home in Minn., and teaching during the winters; the winter of '75-6 in Dane Co., near Madison; and of 76-7 in Vernon Co.  He was one of the class that graduated from the Seminary recently.  Mr. Washburn is an easy and graceful speaker and will we trust, make, in his chosen profession, law, an advocate of more than usual ability.

Elroy Plaintalker, 22 June 1877

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