Wabeno, Forest County WI Marriages

Wabeno Marriages

Groom: Brewer, George
Place of Birth: Grant County, KY
Goom's Father: Brewer, Durans
Groom's Mother: Childers, Jennie
Bride: Snow, May
Place of Birth: Waupaca County, WI
Bride's Father: Stark, Chester
Bride's Mother: Eastman, Martha
Date of Marriage: 4 April 1904
Groom: Strohn, Adam Henry
Place of Birth: Farmington Township, Washington County, WI
Goom's Father: Strohn, George
Groom's Mother: Allmain, Catherine
Bride: Goldy, Mary Elizabeth
Place of Birth: Leona (Laona), WI
Bride's Father: Goldy, Frederick W.
Bride's Mother: Herrick, Lydia
Date of Marriage: 22 June 1904
Groom: Dreger, John
Place of Birth: Russia or Europe
Goom's Father: Dreger, Michael
Groom's Mother: Schmidt, Willamine
Bride: Beck, Catherine
Place of Birth: Russia or Europe
Bride's Father: Beck, Henry
Bride's Mother: Weiss, Dorothea
Date of Marriage: 8 January 1905
Groom: Switzer, Levi
Place of Birth: Napanee, ontario, Canada
Goom's Father: Switzer, Leveno
Groom's Mother: Emma
Bride: Ellerston, Mary
Place of Birth: Green Bay, Brown County, WI
Bride's Father: Ellerston, Hans
Bride's Mother: Magie
Date of Marriage: 8 January 1905
Groom: Carroll, Matthew
Place of Birth: Mancoma, IA
Goom's Father: Carroll, John
Groom's Mother: Reilly, Bridgett
Bride: Moore, Magdeline
Place of Birth: Appleton, WI
Bride's Father: Moore, Thomas
Bride's Mother: Gratts, Helen
Date of Marriage: 5 September 1905
Groom: Bauman, John
Place of Birth: Manitowoc, WI
Goom's Father: Bauman, George
Groom's Mother: Islebase, Barbara
Bride: Reitz, Carolyn
Place of Birth: Athens, WI
Bride's Father: Reitz, William
Bride's Mother: Juge, Elizabeth
Date of Marriage: 29 November 1905
Groom: Johnson, Bert
Place of Birth: Shiocton, WI
Goom's Father: Johnson, Charles
Groom's Mother: Johnson, Rennsy
Bride: Slowe, Lucille
Place of Birth:  White Lake, WI
Bride's Father: Slowe, Ben
Bride's Mother: Slowe, Leora
Date of Marriage: 31? June 1906
Groom: Boehm, Geo.
Place of Birth: Butternuut, WI
Goom's Father: Boehm, Finzler
Groom's Mother: Margaret
Bride: Price, Anna
Place of Birth: Abrahms, WI
Bride's Father: Price, Louis
Bride's Mother: Anna
Date of Marriage: 12 July 1906
Groom: Hall, George H.
Place of Birth: Bexley, Ontario, Canada
Goom's Father: Hall, Frank
Groom's Mother: Galbraith, Flora
Bride: Dickenson, Emogene
Place of Birth: Shiocton, WI
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage: 8 August 1906
Groom: Kimla, Joseph John
Place of Birth: Meyr, Washington County, WI
Goom's Father: Kimla, Frank
Groom's Mother: Mary
Bride: Kopeky, Mary
Place of Birth: Bohema
Bride's Father: Kopecky, Frank
Bride's Mother: Mary
Date of Marriage: 26 June 1906
Groom: Fearson, John Francis
Place of Birth: Wausau, WI
Goom's Father: Fearson, George
Groom's Mother: Davis, Louis(e?)
Bride: Kenney, Margaret Victoria
Place of Birth: Ford River
Bride's Father: Kenney, James
Bride's Mother:S chepro, Elizabeth
Date of Marriage: 11 April 1907
Groom: Kelhofer, Anthony Theodore
Place of Birth: Egg Harbor, WI
Goom's Father: Kelhofer, Anton
Groom's Mother: Kirch, Louisa
Bride: Kolanda, May
Place of Birth: Prague, Austria
Bride's Father: Kolanda, John
Bride's Mother: Ferch, Mary
Date of Marriage: 24 June 1907
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