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(from before March 19, 1999)

Donna Eagen   [email protected] March 18, 1999
LOGAN, Charles & Bertha, both deceased had a homestead on County Trunk B, Forest County from early 1900 to early 1950s. Property purchased by George and Mona Campbell, both deceased. Specific info sought, birthplace of both Charles and Bertha, believe somewhere in Kentucky. Thanks

Richard J. Gutkoski   [email protected] February 8, 1999
HENRY SZMURKOWSKI born March 15,1884 in Mielec,Poland. Last known to live in Laona WI June 1943. Last known employment with Connor Land and Lumber, Laona, WI. Seeking anyone familiar with this surname or with suggestions where I can obtain possible naturalization information or just what happened to this great uncle who was responsible for the passage of my grandfather and his two sisters to Pennsylvania between 1904 and 1908. Fought in Haller's Polish Army during WW 1 discharged to Milwaukee at the end of the war. That is the last documentation I can find for him other than his alien registration in Laona, WI in 1943. Thanks for any assistance.

Laurie Olson  [email protected] 15 Jan 1999
CAMPBELL - Looking for information on the family of Harlan Campbell that lived in Forest County around 1918. I believe Harlan was married to Lulu or Lula Bell and had at least 1 child, Vida L. Campbell born 8 feb 1918 in Crandon, Forest, Wisconsin. Would be most interested in finding any relatives still living in the area that I could talk to. Thanks!

Holly Kobza  [email protected] 23 Dec 1998
LEITNER, Engelbert; HARTER, Joseph m. to Katherine WETTSTEIN/WETZSTEIN: ANDERS, Mathilda (daughter of Frank) m. KLAPPERICH, Michael; WETTSTEIN/WETZSTEIN, Adrian m. KLAPPERICH; AUBERG, BELONGIA/BELANGER. These families lived in the Wabeno area in the late 1800's and early 1900's as the saw mills started up and then eventually died out. Thanks, Holly Sprise Kobza

Linda Drews  [email protected] 15 Nov 1998
GOODCHILD, Nelson and wife Goulder, Hattie, PERKINS, Alvin and Ivan, TRUCKEY, Archie and wife GOODCHILD, Sophie with children Clarence, Guy, Walter, and Nora. GOODCHILD, John and wife JARVIS, Elmire. Looking for information on these people in school records, catholic church records and cemeteries in Laona and Wabeno. Thank you, Linda

Karen Cole  [email protected] 04 Nov 1998
COLE, Thomas Raymond was born September 24, 1909 to Omer COLE and Laura KIRKPATRICK in Laona, Forest County, Wisconsin. I am looking for any living relatives of my father's family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Karen

Terry Glaser  [email protected] Nov 3, 1998
MOSS THOMPSON BROOKS WILLIS - Looking for these families in Forest Co., WI late 1800's to mid 1900's. Lived in Wabeno, Soberton, and Laona. Bill MOSS married Sophie THOMPSON, they had ten children, think they were Catholic, all we know about him was his mothers first name was Delina and he claimed to be French-Canadian. Ernie BROOKS married Unknown WILLIS they had eight children. After skipping a generation Oswald BROOKS married Pearl MOSS. I don't have access to WI census records so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Kenneth King  [email protected] August 18, 1998
KING, William Henry & LOCKERT, Ardana Rose lived in Crandon between 1910 and 1930. They had eight children: Edna, Robert, Arthur, Kenneth, June and three others that died. My name is Kenneth King and I was born on July 7, 1920 in Crandon, Forest County, WI. I hope someone knew of me or my folks and family and is still around Crandon.
Ardana (1883_1930) and William (1880-1937) were both born in Hurst-Bre-County, Ky circa 1880 and died in Sidnaw, Michigan and Leance, Michigan respectively. Edna King (1904-1938) married Brack Adkins, she died in Kalamazoo, Allegan County, Michigan.

Carol A. Jansen [email protected] July 27, 1998
PO Box 252, Embarrass, WI 54933
WOLFGRAM, Herman & Regina were in Wabeno, Forest co. in the early 1900s, I am looking for their descendants. I am looking for info on Hermans nephew WOLFGRAM, Charles who married RADLIFF, Edna in 1900 , and lived in Argonne, Crandon, and Laona until the mid 1900's. I am also looking for descendants of THOMAS, Joe and Eliza they had several grandchildren living in Crandon and Laona early to mid 1900's. Other lines I am interested in are: SCHUMACHER, SMITH, RADLIFF, BACON/BAKEN, and KOCH the families all lived in the towns of Argonne, Crandon, Hiles and Laona in the early to late 1900's

Kenneth Hintzman [email protected] July 9, 1998
HINZMANN.William Frederick family. They moved to Wabeno, Forest County from Athens, Marathon County, Wisconsin in 1899 and may have been the fourth family to settle in Wabeno. His wife's name was Emma PROFT HINZMANN. William worked for the Rusch Brother's sawmill as a carpenter, building houses for the Minor Lumber Company, about 5 miles south of Wabeno. William and Emma had 8 children, 2 were born in Athens and 6 were born in Wabeno. Emma died in 1930 and William in 1948. They are buried in the Catholic Cemetery (Saint Ambrose ?) east of Wabeno. Three of the sons changed the spelling to HINTZMAN. Thanks in advance for any information.

Karen Williams [email protected] May 22, 1998
HORNING/HORNUNG and LORENZ families of Wabeno during the late 1800 and the early 1900. Thank you, Karen

Lowell Bingham [email protected] May 13, 1998
BINGHAM, Henry H., born in New York in 1850 married Ella ?. They had the following children, all born in Wisconsin Nellie G. Bingham - 1887, George D. Bingham - 1888, Ray V. Bingham - 1892, Howard H. Bingham - 1895, George D. Bingham - 1898.
BINGHAM, Howard H. married FREDERICKS, Viola Rose: My father, Lowell Thomas Bingham was born in Crandon, Wisconsin in 1939. He had two sisters, Joann and Betty. Lowell was put into a Foster home at the age of three, so I don't have much information on his parents. His father Howard H. Bingham married Viola Rose Fredericks around 1935. Howard had served in the United States Army from 1917-1919. I have not been able to find any information on him. Please contact me if you can provide any information. Thanks!

James Lovell  [email protected]" May 12, 1998
SPENCER, Emily nee LOVEALL, who died in Alvin, Forest County, WI on 14 Sept 1909. Emily was born in Kentucky on 28 June 1828. I am trying to obtain her death certificate. Her husband's name was Alexander Spencer. Mail address: James Lovell, 320 Five Farms Drive, Stevensville, MD 21666. Appreciate any help.

Karen Holland [email protected] April 18, 1998
FLANNERY, KEGLEY:  I am searching for any and all FLANNERYS and KEGLEYS in Forest County, Wisconsin (Argonne, Crandon and Mole Lake). Marion S. and Rhoda (KEGLEY) FLANNERY and Noah R. and Lucy KEGLEY and their families migrated to Forest County from Elliott County, Kentucky between 1910 and 1920. As far as I know, their decendants are still in the Crandon and Mole Lake area. I am trying to get as much info as I can on these two families for my stepfather, who is a FLANNERY. Marrion and Rhoda Flannery were his grandparents. Rhoda died in 1949 in Escanaba, Mich. Marion died either 1941 or 1951. They are both buried in Gladstone, Michigan.Thank you.

Doug & Joyce Severt [email protected] April 16, 1998
SIEVERT/SEVERT:  We are seeking any information of Frederick SIEVERT/SEVERT, son of Johann (John) Sievert/Severt. DOB 4 August 1874, Germany; DOD 19 June 1935. He lived in Wabeno for a period of time yet to be determined. He lived at the Grand Plank Hotel and is buried in the Wabeno Cemetery.
ASHBECK, Michael & Anna Sievert/Severt, lived most of their life in Wabeno. Thank you for your assistance, visit our home pages at and

Karen Hansen [email protected] March 15, 1998
HESS GANTNER HOFNER:  I am looking for information on my great-greatgrand-mother Louisa HESS GANTNER HOFNER. She was first married to Mathias GANTNER who was killed in the civil war. She then married Louis HOFNER . After Louis Hofner's death in 1907 she move to Carter in Forest County. Her son Christian GANTNER and his wife August may have also lived in Carter. Any information on the date of her death or the name of a newspaper that would have her obit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Karen

Barbara Ingram [email protected] February 25, 1998
DAY, Joseph: Died in the Alvin area Oct. 22, 1952. I would like his obit from newpaper or any other information available. I think there are still relatives in the Alvin area. Thanks, Barbara

Linda C. Drews [email protected] February 22, 1998
GOODCHILD, Marie/Mary married to GOODCHILD, John. I am researching my GG Grandmother. On her death certificate it states she was born on Aug 9, 1822 in Canada (daughter of GAGNAN, Maud) and she died on August 12, 1905 in Wabeno, WI. She was buried in Stephenson, MI. I have a 1900 Federal Census of MI/Menominee County, Town of Spaulding record that shows Mary GOODCHILD at the residence of PERKINS, Willam & Judy (my G Grandparents) also living there was GOODCHILD, David and Napoleon. Lucy Goodchild Perkins died around 1902. I have not been able to locate her death records but do know that she was buried somewhere around Spalding, MI. Marie Goodchild's death certificate has her buried in Stephenson, MI which is approx. 20 miles south of Spalding which could mean she wanted to be buried near her daughter? Any information on the GOODCHILD family would be greatly appreciated.
WANTED: The names of the newspapers that published local information on the towns of Laona and Wabeno during the 1890 to 1930 timeframe. Also, what were the names of cemeteries in Laona and Wabeno? Thank you, Linda C. Drews, 12340 Liberty Rd., Anchorage, AK 99516

Betty Piepenburg [email protected] Jan 25 1998
RUSCH    The RUSCH brothers immigrated to Wabeno in 1897 and started a lumber mill and had a boarding house and the first store. Can anyone give me any info on the RUSCH brothers and their families. I am not sure of their first names. Thank you Betty

Barbara Brown [email protected] Dec 2 1997
23707 Elmwood Dr. Porter, TX 77365
ROMMEL  Looking for information on Henry and Evel ROMMEL. They lived Hiles, Forest County 1915 to 1926. They are buried in Hiles, WI. Children: Henry, Katherine, Eva, Alyce & George. Henry remarried after Eva died in 1920

Meg Lambalot [email protected] Nov 28 1997
HESS & GRUMANN  At the turn of the century Cavour was mostly populated with the Hess and Grumann families. The Peshtigo River Rd., just north of Laona (where some of the Matuszewskis now live), used to be called the Grumann Settlement. I have an extensive genealogy chart for the Hesses and Grumanns. I haven't been able to get home this year to poke around the courthouse for land purchases information. I would be interested in communicating with anyone who is also interested in these two families. Thank you, Meg

Terry Anderson [email protected]
505 Circle Drive Maysville, Ky 41056 Nov 5 1997
ADKINS, Braxton Howard b. 1851 married GILLUM, Nancy. They moved from Elliot Co., KY and are said to have died in a fire in 1923 in Crandon, WI. Their children were Owen, Louisa, Charles, Fannie, Maggie, and Nola. I would appreciate any help. Terry

Pat Dietrich [email protected] Aug 22 08:07:26 1997
BLAISDELL, Cecil and HILL, Ila married July 25, 1913 in Crandon, Forest County, WI. I am looking for their marriage license and any newspaper articles relating to the marriage. Also, I am interested in anything on the Hill Hotel. Thank you, Pat

Terry Anderson [email protected] 505 Circle Drive Maysville, Ky 41056 Nov 5 1997
ISON, Rueben married ADKINS Corilda and also moved to Wisconsin. Thank you, Terry

 Nanette Hunnicutt Tue Feb 11 12:53:04 1997
KIBBE/KIBBEE/ZIMMERMAN Looking for info in Barron/Manitowac/Calumet Counties, on great grand father William Henry Kibbe b. Jan. 11, 1841(Ohio), d:Jan. 19,1916(Rice Lake, WI). Married to Sophia Josephine ZIMMERMAN, Sept. 19, 1893. William was a Civil War Veteran.Had 9 children with Sophia. Any info would be appreciated.

 Sally Wiseman Sat Feb 8 11:30:49 1997 I am looking for the families of William Leece and Adam Benston. William Leece came from the Isle of Man around 1845 with his wife Elizabeth, and sons John (1824), William, and David. He settled in Lafayette County, WI. His son John married Mary Sweeney. They had 8 children, one who is Samuel(1862) who married Susan Benston (1869). Adam Benston came from Scotland in the mid 1800's. I believe he settled in Buffalo County, WI. He had 7 children, one being James Benston (1833, Scotland). He married Mary Richmond and had 7 children, one being Susan Benston(1869). Samuel Leece and Susan Benston married, they are our great-grandparents.

Jane LaValley Young Fri Jan 10 15:48:14 1997 I am interested in any information concerning the LaValley family. Any brothers or sisters, children and grandchildren. Births and deaths, marriages or divorces. The LaValley family lived in many different places before settling in this area. At one time they lived in Canada before moving to the United States and in France before that.

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