Laona Marriages
Laona Marriages
Groom: Doetsh, John
Place of Birth: Glencoe, MN
Goom's Father: Doetsh, John
Groom's Mother: Jox, Mary
Bride: Sarrasin, Cecelia
Place of Birth: Minnesota
Bride's Father: Sarrasin. Nelson
Bride's Mother: Bondry, Elsie
Date of Marriage: 13 Sep 1904
Groom: Chavette, Louis
Place of Birth: DePere, WI
Goom's Father: Chavette, Louis
Groom's Mother: Boyea, Marie
Bride: Forsythe, Margaret
Place of Birth: Stevenson, MI
Bride's Father: Forsythe, Charles
Bride's Mother: Terrien, Melodia
Date of Marriage: 15 Aug 1904
Groom: Thompson, James Henry
Place of Birth: Steantery Shin, Scotland
Goom's Father: Thompson, Henry
Groom's Mother: Babby, Jessie
Bride: Deau, Della May
Place of Birth: Peshtigo, WI
Bride's Father:  Deau, Alexander
Bride's Mother: Grandeau, Mary
Date of Marriage:9 Aug 1904
Groom: Spencer, Alvin
Place of Birth: Kentucky
Goom's Father: Spencer, Jacob
Groom's Mother: Spencer, Clarinda
Bride: Delemater, Maude
Place of Birth: Bear Creek, WI
Bride's Father: Delemater, John
Bride's Mother: Delemater, Katherine
Date of Marriage: 29 Oct 1904
Groom: Mentz, Mike
Place of Birth: Kewaunee, WI
Goom's Father: Mentz, Wm.
Groom's Mother: Roble, Mary
Bride: Hanson, Mathilda
Place of Birth: Winslof, Kristanslad
Bride's Father: Hanson, Swan
Bride's Mother: Palm, Marie
Date of Marriage:5 Nov 1904
Groom: Granger, Norman
Place of Birth: Nunda, IL
Goom's Father: Granger, ALbert
Groom's Mother: Root, Mary
Bride: Moak, Laura L.A.
Place of Birth: Tustin, Waushara Co.
Bride's Father: Moak, August
Bride's Mother: Kopitzke, Minnie
Date of Marriage: 10 Nov 1904
Groom: Hughes, Jerry
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Marathon Co.
Goom's Father: Hughes, John A.
Groom's Mother: Keating, Catherine
Bride: O'Connor, Ella
Place of Birth: Pestigo Harbor, WI
Bride's Father: O'Connor, Barney
Bride's Mother: Schultz, Etta
Date of Marriage: 11 Oct 1904
Groom: O'Connor, Harry
Place of Birth: Pistigo Point, WI
Goom's Father: O'Connor, Barney:
Groom's Mother: Schultz, Etta
Bride: Truckey, Odile
Place of Birth: Duck Creek, WI
Bride's Father: Trucky, Dave
Bride's Mother: Toulant, Agnes
Date of Marriage: 8 Nov 1904
Groom: Cooly, Clarence Edger
Place of Birth: Sount Haven, MI
Goom's Father: Cooley, Milton Henry
Groom's Mother: Roberts, Bessie
Bride: Powers, Mrs. Clara
Place of Birth: West DePere, WI
Bride's Father: Chavette, Louis
Bride's Mother: Boyea, Marie
Date of Marriage: 11 Oct 1904
Groom: Bouer, John
Place of Birth: Germany
Goom's Father: Bouer, John
Groom's Mother: Dougersreider, Tracy
Bride: O'Connell, Nellie
Place of Birth: Adams Co., WI
Bride's Father: O'Connell, Timothy
Bride's Mother: Shahon, Mary
Date of Marriage: 4 Jan 1905
Groom: Delamater, Guy
Place of Birth: Shwiton, WI
Goom's Father: Delamater, John
Groom's Mother: Delamater, Katherine
Bride: Gast, Olga
Place of Birth: 
Bride's Father: Gast, Carl
Bride's Mother:Gast, Alvina
Date of Marriage: 4 Nov 1905
Groom: Lehman, Edward
Place of Birth: Laona, WI
Goom's Father: Lehman, Louis
Groom's Mother: Bovett, Feba
Bride: Luckow, Lillian
Place of Birth: Kaukauna, WI
Bride's Father: Luckow, Fred
Bride's Mother: Bunterck, Emma
Date of Marriage: 31 Oct 1905
Groom: Halt, Bert
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Goom's Father: Halt, August
Groom's Mother: Halt, Annie
Bride: Hagen, Emilie
Place of Birth: Reedsville
Bride's Father: Binks, Fred
Bride's Mother: Schroeder, Johanna
Date of Marriage: 17 Apr 1906
Groom: Klover, Edwin G.
Place of Birth: Bonduel, WI
Goom's Father: Klover, Frank
Groom's Mother: Klover, Caroline
Bride: Hoffman, Rosa
Place of Birth: Aubindale, WI
Bride's Father: Hoffman, Louis
Bride's Mother: Gans, Rosa
Date of Marriage: 18 Apr 1906
Groom: Bievier, Micheal J.
Place of Birth: Alto, IA
Goom's Father: Bievier, Nicholas
Groom's Mother: Schultz, Elizabeth
Bride: Hanson, Betty
Place of Birth: Suring, WI
Bride's Father: Hanson, Christ
Bride's Mother: Peterson, dorthea
Date of Marriage: 1 May 1907
Groom: Prenier, John George
Place of Birth:Waukesha
Goom's Father: Prenier, Conrad
Groom's Mother: Wolf, Katherine
Bride: Sutherland, Florence
Place of Birth: Milwaukee
Bride's Father: Sutherland, William
Bride's Mother: Figle, Nellie
Date of Marriage: 2 sep 1907
Groom: Kolbach, Joseph
Place of Birth: Sprenberg, Bohemia, Europe
Goom's Father: Kolbach, Frank
Groom's Mother: Hecker, Mary
Bride: Hoffman, Francis Agnes
Place of Birth: Auburndale
Bride's Father: Hoffman, Aloysius
Bride's Mother: Goths, rosa
Date of Marriage: 2 may 1907
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:

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