Crandon, Forest County WI Marriages

Crandon Marriages

Groom: Slagle, John
Place of Birth: Mt. Vernon, NY
Goom's Father: Slagle, Herman
Groom's Mother: Davis, ??
Bride: Van Zile, E.
Place of Birth: Crandon, W.
Bride's Father: Van Zile, Wm. H.
Bride's Mother: Stickney, Fanny
Date of Marriage: 24 Apr 1904
Groom: Breitman, William
Place of Birth: Michigan
Goom's Father: Breitman, Samuel
Groom's Mother: Roth, Susie
Bride: Ramsdell, Emma L.
Place of Birth: Marion, WI
Bride's Father: Ramsdell, Wallace William
Bride's Mother: Clapper, Mary
Date of Marriage: 4 May 1904
Groom: Wilcox, John
Place of Birth: Wisconsin
Goom's Father: Wilcox, L.S.
Groom's Mother: Bacley, Jeanette
Bride: Buss, Anna
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Bride's Father: Buss, Wm.
Bride's Mother: Hileandorf, Emily
Date of Marriage: 28 Feb 1906
Groom: Wilcox, Curtis Eugene
Place of Birth:Clear Lake, IA
Goom's Father: Wilcox, Louis
Groom's Mother: Bacley, Jeanette
Bride: Williams, Agnes P.K.
Place of Birth: Golden City, SD
Bride's Father: Williams, Willam
Bride's Mother: Stodden, Agnes
Date of Marriage: 7 Mar 1906
Groom: Ragers, Allen B.
Place of Birth: Liberty, Outagamie Co. WI
Goom's Father: Ragers, Curtiss
Groom's Mother: Case, Nellie
Bride: Brown, Abbie
Place of Birth: Weyauwega, WI
Bride's Father: Brown, Frank
Bride's Mother: Baker, Mary
Date of Marriage:25 May 1904
Groom: Carpenter, Leonard
Place of Birth:  White Creek, Adams Co.WI
Goom's Father: Carpenter, Newell
Groom's Mother: Maxfield, Elizabeth
Bride: Rumerfeild, Cora Ethel
Place of Birth: Michigan
Bride's Father:  Rummerfield, Royal
Bride's Mother: Peck, Rosetta
Date of Marriage:5 Jun 1904
Groom: Brownell, George F.
Place of Birth: Brookfield, WI
Goom's Father: Brownell, Horace
Groom's Mother: Schaver, Almina
Bride: Hauser, Anna A.
Place of Birth: Columbia Jct., IA
Bride's Father:  Hauser, G. C.
Bride's Mother: Parelock, Rosie A.
Date of Marriage: 27 Oct 1904
Groom: Granger, Norman H.
Place of Birth: Nunda, IL
Goom's Father: Granger, Albert
Groom's Mother: Root, Mary
Bride: Moak, Laura L.A.
Place of Birth: Tustin, Waushara Co., WI
Bride's Father: Moak, August
Bride's Mother: Kopitzke, Minnie
Date of Marriage: 10 Nov 1904
Groom: Woods, Frank L.
Place of Birth: Kaukauna, Wi
Goom's Father: Woods, Frank
Groom's Mother: Mosier, Julia
Bride: Nelson, Tena Pearl
Place of Birth: Merrill, IA
Bride's Father: Nelson, Franklin V.
Bride's Mother: Underwood, Olive M.
Date of Marriage: 22 Feb 1905
Groom: Chase, Oscar
Place of Birth: Gibson?, Manitowoc Co., WI
Goom's Father: Chase, Enroy
Groom's Mother: Nichols, Cordelia
Bride: Fletcher, Irene
Place of Birth: Waupaca, WI
Bride's Father: Fletcher, Cyrus W.
Bride's Mother: Charnley, Rose
Date of Marriage: 19 Apr 1905
Groom: Dascom, Wilton
Place of Birth: Hilbert, Calumet Co., WI
Goom's Father: Dascon, Robert L.
Groom's Mother: Dixon, Matie
Bride: Guther, Nettie
Place of Birth: Helvetia, Waupaca Co., WI
Bride's Father: Guther, Simon P.
Bride's Mother: Bennett, Helen
Date of Marriage: 10 May 1905
Groom: Erricson, William
Place of Birth: Norway
Goom's Father: Erricson, Enoch
Groom's Mother: Anderson, Gertrude
Bride: Shepard, Nellie
Place of Birth: Ostrander, WI
Bride's Father: Shepard, John
Bride's Mother: Lindow, Mary
Date of Marriage: 22 Apr 1905
Groom: Hitchcock, Walter Sidney
Place of Birth: Dale, Outagamie Co., WI
Goom's Father: Hitchcock, Rufus
Groom's Mother: Gibson, Mary A.
Bride: Mountain, Myrtle Mae
Place of Birth: Marion, WI
Bride's Father. Mountain, Robert G.
Bride's Mother: Ramsdell, Jane
Date of Marriage: 13 June 1905
Groom: Johnson, Arthur
Place of Birth: Norway
Goom's Father: Johnson, John
Groom's Mother: Christinson, Olena
Bride: DeMoss, Celia M.
Place of Birth: West Virginia
Bride's Father: Forrest, D.C.
Bride's Mother: Forrest, Vittie
Date of Marriage:11 Apr 1905
Groom: Lewis, Chas. F.
Place of Birth: Marshfield, WI
Goom's Father: Lewis, Wm. H.
Groom's Mother: Norman, Eliza
Bride: Stearns, Mrs. Sara
Place of Birth: Seneca Co. NY
Bride's Father: Spencer, Ezra
Bride's Mother: Samson, Delilah
Date of Marriage: 27 Mar 1905
Groom: Sipple, David
Place of Birth: Kentucky
Goom's Father: Sipple, J.D.
Groom's Mother: Sipple, Susan B.
Bride: Pieples, Nettie
Place of Birth: Kentucky
Bride's Father: Pieples, Robert
Bride's Mother: Pieples, Sarah
Date of Marriage: 30 Mar 1905
Groom: Peterson, John
Place of Birth: Sweden
Goom's Father: Peterson, Peter
Groom's Mother: Nelson, Carie
Bride: Gustafson, Marie
Place of Birth: Norway
Bride's Father: Fustafson, Mr.
Bride's Mother: Fustafson, Mrs.
Date of Marriage: 27 June 1905
Groom: Smith, Francis
Place of Birth: Oshkosh
Goom's Father: Smith, Christian
Groom's Mother: Schaden, Gertrude
Bride: McHale, Elizabeth
Place of Birth: Kaukauna, WI
Bride's Father: McHlae, john
Bride's Mother: Walen, Mary
Date of Marriage: 23 Sep 1905
Groom: Hitchcock, Wesley Ellsworth
Place of Birth: Hoile, Trempeleau, WI
Goom's Father: Hitchcock, Rufus Irvan
Groom's Mother: Gitson, Marry Ann
Bride: Smith, Addie
Place of Birth: Walnut Grove, MN
Bride's Father: Smith, Alfred
Bride's Mother: Whitbeck, Laura
Date of Marriage: 30 Nov 1905
Groom: Olmstead, Edward  F.
Place of Birth: Alabama
Goom's Father: Olmstad, O.L.
Groom's Mother: Fuller, Mary J.
Bride: Bishop, Mary E.R.
Place of Birth: New London, WI
Bride's Father: Bishop, David S.
Bride's Mother: Hopkins, Arela
Date of Marriage: 26 Oct 1905
Groom: Dempsey, Frank
Place of Birth: Bear Creek, WI
Goom's Father: Dempsey, Phil
Groom's Mother: McDonough, Catherine
Bride: Fertche, Matilda
Place of Birth: Menomonie, WI
Bride's Father: Fertche, Agust
Bride's Mother: Cruzel, Amelia
Date of Marriage: 6 Jan 1906
Groom: Weaver, Arthur
Place of Birth: Salem, MI
Goom's Father: Weaver, Nicolaus
Groom's Mother: Putman, Gertude
Bride: Nielson, Alma
Place of Birth: Waupaca, WI
Bride's Father: Nielson, John
Bride's Mother: Anderson, Hannah
Date of Marriage: 28 Mar 1905
Groom: Day, Clifton
Place of Birth: Sandy Hook, KY
Goom's Father: DAy, Wm. T.
Groom's Mother: Davis, Ellen
Bride: Clark, Mary Angeline
Place of Birth: Somerset, KY
Bride's Father: Sipple, J.D.
Bride's Mother: Easterly, Susan B.
Date of Marriage: 24 Mar 1906
Groom: Sipple, James
Place of Birth: Pulaski, KY
Goom's Father: Sipple, J.D
Groom's Mother: Easterly, Susan B.
Bride: Murray, Virgie E.
Place of Birth: Kentucky
Bride's Father: Murray, John
Bride's Mother: Williams, Wliza
Date of Marriage: 18 Jan 1906
Groom: DeHart, Dave
Place of Birth: Round Co., KY
Goom's Father: DeHart, H.G>
Groom's Mother: Jenkings, Amanda
Bride: Collier, Alpha
Place of Birth: Wolfe Co., KY
Bride's Father: Collier, W.M.
Bride's Mother: Creich, Helma
Date of Marriage: 4 Mar 1906
Groom: Thompson, Benjamin B.
Place of Birth: Black River Falls, WI
Goom's Father: Thonpson, George M.
Groom's Mother: Lewis, Julia L.
Bride: Brownell, Clara
Place of Birth: Black River Falls, WI
Bride's Father: Brownell, Ed. M.
Bride's Mother: Randals, Nettie
Date of Marriage: 28 Mar 1906
Groom: Walker, Robert W.
Place of Birth: Waupaca, WI
Goom's Father:Walker, Henry M.
Groom's Mother: Harris, Lelia L.
Bride: Tibbits, Ida H.
Place of Birth:McMillian, WI
Bride's Father: Tibbits, Herbert A.
Bride's Mother:Zummerlung, Mary Minnie
Date of Marriage: 19 May 1906
Groom: DeHart, Isaac
Place of Birth: Elliot, KY
Goom's Father: DeHart, Mandy
Groom's Mother: DeHart, Hazel
Bride: Murray, Barbara
Place of Birth: Elliot, KY
Bride's Father: Murray, M.V.
Bride's Mother:Adkins, Louisa
Date of Marriage:10 Aug 1906
Groom: Smith, Fred Victor
Place of Birth: Juneau Co., WI
Goom's Father: Smith, Frank W.
Groom's Mother: Danile, Elizabeth
Bride: tice, Myrna
Place of Birth: Oreaks Co., NY
Bride's Father: Tice, Andren
Bride's Mother: Philips, Mary
Date of Marriage: 11 Sep 1906
Groom: Bucholz, willie Charles
Place of Birth: Clintonville, WI
Goom's Father:Bucholz, Julius
Groom's Mother: Wolf, Dora
Bride:Bingham, Maude Hope
Place of Birth: Norrie, WI
Bride's Father: Bingham, Henry
Bride's Mother: Johnson, Ella
Date of Marriage: 24 Oct 1906
Groom: McDonald, Orin
Place of Birth: Blendon, MI
Goom's Father: McDonald, ANgus
Groom's Mother: Orton, Clara
Bride: Anderson, Edythe
Place of Birth: Raymond, NE
Bride's Father: Anderson, Edwin
Bride's Mother: McGraff, Lodema
Date of Marriage: 23 Jan 1907
Groom:Profit, James
Place of Birth: Port Perry, Canada
Goom's Father: 
Groom's Mother: Kueger?, Amanda
Place of Birth: Brown County, WI
Bride's Father: Kreuger?, Charles
Bride's Mother: Raam, Mathilda
Date of Marriage: 5 Jan 1907
Groom: Ranier, Bert
Place of Birth: north Crandon
Goom's Father: Ranier, Henry
Groom's Mother:
Bride: Thurber, Violet
Place of Birth: Stella Junct., WI
Bride's Father: Thurber, Eli
Bride's Mother: 
Date of Marriage: 6 Jan 1907
Groom: Barker, Charles Raymond
Place of Birth: Bell Plaine, Shawano County
Goom's Father: Barker, Clarence
Groom's Mother: Tyrell, Sara
Bride: Kursten, Anna Olga Rosa
Place of Birth: Germany
Bride's Father: Kursten, Herman
Bride's Mother: Ashman, Lizzie
Date of Marriage: 9 May 1907
Groom: DeHart, Thomas Henry
Place of Birth: Elliot County, KY
Goom's Father: DeHart, AMos
Groom's Mother: McDonald, Mary
Bride: Sheperd, Letha Ann
Place of Birth: Knott County, KY
Bride's Father: Sheperd, John R. 
Bride's Mother: Smith, Arrena
Date of Marriage: 14 June 1907
Groom: Ernest, Joseph
Place of Birth: Germany
Goom's Father: Ernest, Joseph
Groom's Mother: Annie
Bride: Osburn, Annie
Place of Birth: Cincinnati, OH
Bride's Father: Osburn, Alfred
Bride's Mother: Margaret
Date of Marriage:6 Jun 1907
Groom: Thorn, Jesse
Place of Birth: Shiocton, WI
Goom's Father: thorn, Frank
Groom's Mother: Skinner, Ella
Bride: Wood, Pearl
Place of Birth: Antigo, WI
Bride's Father: Wood, Isreal
Bride's Mother: Gess, Margaret
Date of Marriage: 5 Feb 1907
Groom: Mansfield, Fred
Place of Birth: Mecosta, MI
Goom's Father:Nelson, Edward
Groom's Mother: Mills, Maggie
Bride: Klinesmith, Elizabeth Lena
Place of Birth: McMillian, WI
Bride's Father: Klinesmith, Martin
Bride's Mother: Zander, Minnie
Date of Marriage: 12 Jun 1907
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:
Place of Birth:
Goom's Father:
Groom's Mother:
Place of Birth:
Bride's Father:
Bride's Mother:
Date of Marriage:
Ed Jackson b. Chicago, IL, s/o Olof Jackson and Elizabeth Jacobson,
married Nannie J.
Hall b. Wolf Co. KY, d/o  Sidney and Fannie A. Hall, on 8 July 1907 in
No. Crandon,
Forest Co.

William F. Kobin b. Billis? Harbor, WI, s/o Wm. A. F. Kobin and Amy
Popps, married
Julia a Richardson b. Marshfield, WI, d/o Onane Richardson and Minnie
Oestrich, on 19
June 1907 in Crandon, WI.

John Kramer b. Columbiaville, MI, s/o Henry Kramer and Etta Brainard,
married Elnora
Watress b. Benton Harbor, MI, d/o Sell Watress and Hatty Nelson, on 10
Sept 1907 in
Crandon, Forest Co. WI.

Lambert M. Lundmark b. Denmard, s/o John Lundmark and Mary Johnsdatter,
Florence Blanche Bailey b. Menominee Falls, MI, d/o Gale E. Bailey and
Cornelia Baker,
on 26 Jun 1907 in Crandon, Forest Co. WI.

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