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Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

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New Cassel,Wisconsin

Town of Auburn
Fond du Lac County

New Cassel is situated in the western part of the township of Auburn. This is an old village; has the honor of being the first settlement in the towns of Auburn and Ashford. Ludin Crouch, a school teacher from "York State," came to the spot from Waukesha, in February, 1846, campingover night with an Indian named Weh-aug-wok-na. He was in search of a water-power, and had followed up the Milwaukee River. Here he found the desired power and returned to Waukesha. As soon as spring came, Mr. Crouch and his brother-in-law, John Howell, returned to the spot and erected a log wigwam, with shaker roof and puncheon floor - the first white mans domicile in the present towns of Ashford and Auburn. Mr. C. entered 160 acres of land on the west side of the stream (Middle Branch of Milwaukee River), and Mr. H., eighty acres on the opposite side. These two were joined in June, by H. Barnett and J. L. Perry, with their wives. The dam was then begun. C. Crownhart and wife came next, and during the year, J. 0. Baldwin and wife, E. B. Hall and wife, Joseph Johnson and wife, C. and R. Hemenway, L. Pryor, William Brown, C. North, H. Hatch, J. E. Helmer and wife, William Pool and wife, Adin Nelson and wife, T. S. Wilcox and others. The village plat was surveyed by John Bannister, and after acelebration gotten up by the three ladies then in the settlement, July 4, 1846, the place was formally named Crouchville. In 1856, Emil Brayman changed the name to New Cassel; in honor of Hesse-Cassel, his birthplace. Some of these earlysettlers claimed by Crouchville actually located just over the line in what is nowAshford. Crouchs saw-mill, the first in the vicinity, was put in motion in the fallof 1846, and did good service for the settlers. Lumber was scarce, and what wasnot wanted for home use brought a good price at Taycheedah. The Hemenwaybrothers, millwrights, first used it without roof or sides. It changed hands manytimes before going into disuse. In 1856, Emil Brayman purchased 160 acresincluding the mill, and raised the frame of the present flouring-mill. He failed, andthe mill stood incomplete and unused until about 1863, when the Hirsch brothersfinished and put it into operation. It has since changed hands several times, A.Colburn & Sons, the present proprietors, finally making it one of the best mills inthe county.

New Cassel Post Office was called Auburn for many years. It was changed toNew Cassel in 1856. Squire Crownhart was the first Postmaster, keeping theoffice in his tavern at Crownharts Corners. The Postmasters have been, MarionBuckland, S. C. Matteson, Seth G. Pickett, Adin Nelson, Emil Brayman, Mrs. EmilBrayman, S. Hirsch, who kept it in his mill, P. Berkhauser, David Gudex, F. M.Findeisen, and William Pool, Jr., appointed August 3, 1870.

The Baptist Church society is comparatively an old one. The first services wereheld in the fall of 1846, in H. Barnetts house, by Rev, H. A. Sears. In 1852 anorganization was formed in the schoolhouse at the five corners, town of Auburn. R. F. Adams was elected Deacon and Clerk. In 1866, the present edifice, costing$2,200, was built under the supervision of J. E. Helmer, Henry Barnett and C.Yancy, Building Committee. The first preacher in the town, Rev. H. A. Sears, isthe present Pastor. The Trustees are F. W. Tanner, President and Treasurer; F.Borchert, Clerk, and 'William Scheid.

The Evangelical Reformed Church was organized and built a log place of worship,in 1855, in the south part of Ashford. The leaders in the work were Ulrich Legler,John Senn, U. Gundel, and others. In 1867, they built the present edifice in NewCassel. The first Pastor was Rev. Reine, the present is Rev. Charles Huicker.

The Roman Catholic Church is now the richest in New Cassel. The first serviceswere held by Father Dael, of Fond du Lac, in Owen Bannons house. JamesKramer, J. Guippe, C. Becker, 0. Bannon, T. Hoy, M. McCulloch and otherscomposed the first organization. The first attempt to build a house failed. In1866, however, the congregation having been re-organized in 1865, the churchedifice was erected; soon after, a pastoral residence was built by Father Michels. Since 1872, when Father A. Michels took charge. additions costing $1,800 havebeen made, the debt of $1,100 canceled, and in 1874, St. Josephs Convent built,at a cost of $10,000. This was erected for the Sisters of St. Francis, who numberedeighty-five. They teach a boarding-school in the Convent building, and aparochial school in a building near the church. They also teach music, needleworkand all useful branches. The church numbers ninety families. A new parochialschool building, 30x54 feet, two stories high, will be built during 1880.

In 1846, 0. R. Potter sold the first goods in New Cassel, then Crouchville.

The Adams House was built in 1869, by Adam Holzhauer, who opened the firsthotel in New Cassel, in 1856.

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