Rauch Cemetery
Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

Vitals, Obituaries and Cemetery Inscriptions:
Thanks to Vicki Blum Mothes for transcribing this information for the Fond du Lac Co website.
  Rauch Cemetery, in Section 36 of the Township of Ashford in Fond du Lac county was set off from land owned by the Rauch family in 1854.

RAUCH CEMETERY, Lake Bernice & Badger Drives, Section 36, Town of Ashford, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. Tombstones recorded on 23 March 1995 during a personal visit by Victoria (Blum) Mothes.

HAESSLY, Christena 1864-1927
RAUCH, George June 14, 1837 / May 2, 1919 / Rest in Peace  US War Veteran marker. Served in the Civil War, with his brother Elvir, in the 2nd Battery Light Artillery. 
Wisconsin Volunteers: War of the Rebellion 1861-1865, p. 817.
Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, vol. 1, p. 209.
Unreadable (4)  Concrete 4 stones in a row, all the same style, all very badly deteriorated concrete
Unreadable (1 or 2)  A plot marked on the ground by stones, a small shard of a probable headstone lay face-down next to it, marked only with a "P" at the top. Another larger shard lay nearby next to a tree, also marked with a "P." 
RAUCH, Henry A very small stone with name only, grave is bordered
RAUCH, Jemanne(?) b. 1851(?) / d. 1872(?)  Headstone is broken and lay face-up on the ground; badly worn. Relief of clasped hands at top. 
RAUCH Large tree trunk with surname only, relief of calla lily. Elvir's & Bertha's smaller log-shaped stones are to the left and right. 
RAUCH, Elvir 1839-1926 / Enl. Oct 7 1861 / Disg. Oct 10 1864 / 2, Bat. Wis US Star marker. Served in the Civil War, with his brother George, in the 2nd Battery Light Artillery.
Wisconsin Volunteers: War of the Rebellion 1861-1865, p. 817. Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, vol. 1, p. 209. 
RAUCH, Bertha 1859-19-- / His Wife
RAUCH, Guenther Guenther / G.J. / Sohn Von / E. & B. Rauch / Geb. 10 Dec 1882 / Gest. 21 Maerz 1884 In the shape of a small tree trunk. 
RAUCH, Gustave 1866-1941
RAUCH, Henry G.  Dec. 28, 1856 / Sept. 24, 1932
 RAUCH, Fred Oct 11, 1864 / May 31, 1934
 RAUCH, Henry Feb. 21, 1826 / May 27, 1868 On same stone with Anna Maria
 RAUCH, Anna Maria  Jan. 4, 1831 / Nov. 8, 1916
RAUCH, William In Loving Memory / Father / William / Oct. 30, 1858 / Nov. 11, 1931 On same stone with Amelia
 RAUCH, Amelia In Loving Memory / Mother / Amelia / Nov. 15, 1864 / Amelia (Grebe) Rauch died 1 Aug 1958 at Marshfield, Wood Co., WI, and is buried at Hillside Cemetery there. Obituary, "The Marshfield News Herald," Aug 1958. 
 RAUCH, Henry  1886-1952 On same stone with Jimima
RAUCH, Jimima 1892-19-
BAUM, Hattie 1868-1950  On same stone with William
BAUM, William 1867-1909 This headstone is located away from all the other graves in the cemetery. 



A collection of the published material of residents buried in Rauch. 


(Marshfield News-Herald, August 1958)

Rauch Funeral Held Monday

Rites Conducted by Rev. Douglas Oyan

The Rev. Douglas P. Oyan, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, officiated at services Monday at 2 p.m. in the Hansen Funeral Chapel for Mrs. Amelia Rauch, 93, who died Friday. Burial was made in Hillside Cemetery.

Pallbearers were Clyde Blum, Harold Blum, Richard Sadowska, Lester Blum, Gordon Blum and Donald Blum.

In charge of flowers were Nancy Blum, Diane Nulicek, Mrs. Ronald Johnson, and Mrs. Richard Sadowska.

Mrs. Douglas P. Oyan sang "Asleep In Jesus" and "Heaven Is My Home," accompanied by Mrs. Carol Snelling on the organ.

Persons from out of town who attended the services were Mr. and Mrs. William Rauch, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Blum and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rausch, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Zickuhr, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Rauch, all of Milwaukee; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rauch, Elmore; Mrs. John Gudex, Byron; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Blum, LaFae Blum, Algoma; Mrs. Joseph Flitter, Mrs. Donald Howard, Alfred Prochnow, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Rauch, Mrs. Henry Rauch, all of Campbellsport;

Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Paul, Manitowoc; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Gudex, Brownsville; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Severt, Fifield; Mrs. Roger Metcalf, Green Bay; Mr. and Mrs. John Blum, Spencer; Mrs. Sidney Haugh and daughter, Stratford; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Altmann, all of Auburndale; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Binius, Madison; Mrs. Jess Gibeaut, La Valle.


(Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter, Thursday, November 12, 1931, p. 22)

Ashford Man Expires

Illness is Fatal to William Rauch, Sr., Lifelong Resident of Town

William Rauch, Sr., lifelong resident of the Town of Ashford, died at his home at 5 p.m. Wednesday following an illness of several weeks. Mr. Rauch was born in the Town of Ashford on Oct. 30, 1858. He was married on Aug. 19, 1884, to Miss Amelia Grebe who, with nine children and 31 grandchildren, survives.

The children are Henry and Edward Rauch of the Town of Ashford, Mrs. John Blum, Mrs. Paul Blum, Mrs. Peter Blum, Mrs. Jacob Blum and Mrs. Gustav Sadowska of Marshfield, William Jr., of Milwaukee, and Mrs. John Gudex of Campbellsport. Two other children died in infancy.

Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon.


(The Reporter, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Friday, November 10, 1916)

Lived in County 66 Years

Late Mrs. Rauch Came to America in 1848 With Her Parents

Mrs. Anna Maria Rauch, nee Damm, aged 85 years and ten months, who died Wednesday at her home in the town of Ashford, was born in Darmstat, Germany, January 4, 1831 and came to this country in 1848, with her parents.

They came directly to Wisconsin and settled in the town of Ashford, and she lived on the homestead until her marriage to Henry Rauch several years ago. She is survived by eight children, three of whom have preceded her in death. Those living are Mrs. Dora Stanley Clark of South Dakota, William of the town of Ashford, Henry, Gust, and Fred at home. She also leaves two step-sisters, Mrs. Mary Jung, Sr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Rauch of California, and John Damm of Elmore. The funeral will take place Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock and the Rev. Mr. Schatlos of Wayne will officiate and interment will take place


(The Daily Commonwealth, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Saturday, November 11, 1916, p. 5) 

Rauch -- Mrs. A. Rauch died Wednesday morning at her home in South Elmore, at the age of 86 years. She leaves four sons and one daughter.


(Fond du Lac Daily Reporter, Monday, March 22, 1926, p. 14)

Death Claims Civil War Vet

Elvir Ernest Rauch, age 83, Expires at his Home in Campbellsport Sunday

Lived Here Many Years

Campbellsport, March 22 -- Elvir Ernst Rauch, age 83, well-known resident of the county and Civil War veteran, died at 4 p.m. Sunday at his home here. He was the last of 14 children.

Born Dec. 12, 1889 in Arnstadt, Germany, Mr. Rauch came to America with his parents when five years of age, settling in the Town of Franklin, Milwaukee county, moving to Ashford in 1847. On Oct 7, 1861, he enlisted with the second battery of Wisconsin Volunteers in Milwaukee as a private and served in the war, receiving an honorable discharge Oct. 10, 1864. He then settled on a farm in the Town of Ashford.

Mr. Rauch was married Sept. 9, 1880 to Bertha Utke. They moved to a farm in the Town of Auburn in 1889, where they resided until 1921 when they moved here. Besides his widow the deceased leaves four children, Mrs. John Brown, Charles Rauch and Mrs. William Edwards of Campbellsport, and Mrs. Enos Dyke of Waldo, and 11 grandchildren.

The funeral will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday from the residence and at 10:30 a.m. from the Reformed church. The Rev. William Zenk will officiate. Burial will be at Rauch cemetery.

Newspaper article, publication unknown, ca. 1916:


Record Said to Be Unequaled Anywhere in the United States

When Jacob Blum of Hartford was married recently at Waukegan his old friends did not have to ask the name of the bride. If any one slightly acquainted with the family had inquired; the reply probably would have been: "Oh, one of the Rauch girls, of course." The family trees of the Blums and the Rauchs have shown such tendency to lean toward one another that it has come to be almost a habit for a Blum to wed a Rauch. Four times it has happened and it is doubtful if there is another such record in the country. One often hears of two brothers in one family marrying two sisters in another, and once in a great while the marriage of three brothers and three sisters is recorded, but it is extremely uncommon to hear of four brothers marrying four sisters, and it is quite possible this is the first time it has occurred. The youngest members of the two families to be married were Jacob Blum and Miss Lilly Rauch, which took place in West Bend on July 21 [1916]. The Rauchs live at Campbellsport. Jacob Blum is a demonstrator for the Kissel Kar Co. at Hartford. The brothers who preceded him in marrying a Rauch were Paul and John, partners in the Blum Bros. Box factory at Marshfield, and Peter Blum, Jr., also of Marshfield. A family reunion will be one of the interesting events of the near future and it is probable the families will get together with greater regularity during the holiday season than is the case with most families.

Note: John A. Blum married Phillipina "Bena" Rauch on 28 Apr 1908 at Kewaskum; Paul Lester Blum married Otelia Rauch on 6 Jun 1911 at Marshfield; Jacob A. Blum married Lillian Dorothy Rauch on 14 Jul 1916 at West Bend; Peter Albert Blum married Rose Marie Rauch on 1 Jun 1916 at Marshfield. The Blum brothers were sons of Peter & Eva (Rottscheit) Blum; the Rauch sisters were daughters of William & Amelia (Grebe) Rauch. 



A collection of the published vital records on file in the Fond du Lac County Register of Deeds Office, of residents buried in Rauch Cemetery and their rellatives. Fond du Lac County MARRIAGE Records

Husband Wife Date Place Witnesses
Vol. 20 p. 428 RAUCH, William Farmer, b. Town of Ashford; son of Henry Rauch & Anna Rauch HASSINGER, Hannay b. Town of Ashford; dau of Yakob Hassinger & Katharina Lehniett(?) 6 or 7 Jun 1904 German Reform Church, Elmore Henry Rauch, Eddie Rauch, Mary Hassinger, Emma Beck
Vol. 1914 p. 853 RAUCH, Henry Laborer, b. WI (res. Town of Ashford), age 28; father: William Rauch, b. WI; mother: Emilia Grebe, b. WI GUDEX, Jemima b. WI (res. Eden), age 23; father: John L. Gudex, b. WI; mother: Martha Hutchins, b. WI 12 Nov or 7 Dec 1914 Eden Lillie Rauch, Ella Rauch
Vol. 1917 p. 368 RAUCH, Edward Laborer, b. WI (res. Town of Ashford), age 30; father: William Rauch, Sr., b. WI; mother: Anna Cribbe, b. WI SENN, Agnes b. WI (res. Ashford), age 19; father: John C. Senn, b. Switzerland; mother: Dora Winnekan, b. WI 25 Aug or 8 Oct 1917 Fond du Lac Frank Brath, Edward Winters
Vol. 2 p. 14 RUNKERMAN(?), Fredrich Workman, b. Germany (res. Addison); parents both dead RAUCH, Wilhelmine Father: dead; mother: Wilhlemine Rauch 10 May 1860 Addison, religious ceremony  
Vol. 3 p. 144 RAUCH(E), Theodore Res. Ashford; parents not listed DAMM, Elisabeth Parents not listed 28 Sep 1857 Ashford, legal ceremony pronounced by Henry Rauch, Ashford &mbsp 
Vol. 1 p. 103 OLST, John Gottal of "Milwaukie Town" RAUCH, Johana Christina F--? 19 Sep 1850 Ashford, Town 13, Range 18 ... Wisconsin Territory, Fond Du Lac County  
Vol. 6 p. 52 KISSINGER, Jacob Farmer, b. Amerika (res. Lamartine); father: Jacob Kissinger; mother: Martha Theiber RAUCH, Maria Father: Joseph Rauch; mother: Barbara Weiss 29 Nov 1877 Fond du Lac, Catholic Henrius Kissinger, Josephin Rauch
Vol. 6 p. 150 RAUCH, Ernst Emil Elvia Joiner, b. Arnstadt, Prussia (res. Ashford); father: Johann Friedrich Rauch; mother: Wilhelmine Rauch UTKE, Bertha Johana Emilie Father: Carl Utke; mother: Caroline Utke 9 Dec 1880 Auburn, Lutheran Church Carl Utke, George Rauch

Fond du Lac County DEATH Records

RAUCH, ANNA MARY (DAMM),  Vol. 1917, p. 94 b. 4 Jan 1831, Germany d. 8 Nov 1916, Town of Ashford age 85 yrs. 9 mos 4 days; housekeeper; widowed father: William Damm, b. Germany mother: not known, b. Germany bur. 11 Nov 1916 at Rauch Cemetery, Ashford
RAUCH, HENRY GEORGE,  Vol. 1932, p. 605 b. 28 Dec 1856, Ashford d. 24 Sep 1932, Ashford; single father: Henry Rauch, b. Germany mother: Anna Mary Damm, b. Germany bur. 27 Sep 1932, Rauch Cemetery
RAUCH, WILLIAM F.,  Vol. 1931, p. 713 b. 30 Oct 1858, Wisconsin d. 11 Nov 1931, Ashford age 73 yrs 11 days; farmer; married wife: Emelia Gribby father: Henry Rauch, b. Germany mother: Mary Damm, b. Germany bur. 14 Nov 1931, Rauch Cemetery
RAUCH, FRED,  Vol. 1934, p. 350 b. 11 Aug 1864, Wisconsin d. 31 May 1934, Fond du Lac age 69 yrs 7 mos 20 days; farmer; single father: Henry Rauch, b. Germany mother: Anna Damm, b. Germany bur. 3 Jun 1934, Ashford
RAUCH, GUSTAVE,  Vol. 1941, p. 120 b. 3 Apr 1866, Ashford d. 31 Jan 1941, Ashford age 74 yrs 9 mos 28 days; retired farmer; single father: Henry Rauch, b. Germany mother: Anna Damm, b. Germany bur. 3 Feb 1941, Rauch Cemetery, Ashford
RAUCH, GEORGE G.,  Vol. 1919, p. 393 b. 14 Jun 1837, Germany d. 2 May 1919 age 81 yrs 10 mos 8 days; farmer; single father: John F. Rauch, b. Germany mother: Wilhelmina Shoedesack, b. Germany bur. 5 May 1919, Rauch Cemetery, Ashford
RAUCH, ELVIR ERNST EMIL,  Vol. 1926, p. 251 b. 12 Dec 1839, Germany d. 21 Mar 1926 age 86 yrs 3 mos 19 days; retired farmer; married wife: Bertha Rauch father: John Carl Frederich Rauch, b. Germany mother: Christian Wolfgrant, b. Germany bur. 24 Mar 1926, Rauch Cemetery, Ashford
RAUCH, DOROTHY B.,  Vol. 1929, p. 480 d. 21 Jun 1929 age 1 yr 2 mo 12 days father: Ed Rauch mother: Agnes Senn bur. Rauch Cemetery, Ashford
RAUCH, LLOYD,  Vol. 1939, p. 633 b./d. 28 Sep 1939, Town of Ashford father: Edward F. Rauch, b. Ashford mother: Agnes Senn, b. Ashford bur. 29 Sep 1939, Rauch Cemetery
RAUCH, CLARENCE,  Vol. 1938, p. 359 b./d. 18 May 1938, Elmore father: Edward Rauch, b. Ashford mother: Agnes Senn, b. Ashford bur. Rauch Cemetery
RAUCH, GLADYS CATHERINE,  Vol. 1923, p. 178 b. 13 Feb 1923, Town of Ashford d. 20 Feb 1923, Town of Ashford age 7 days father: William Rauch, Jr., b. Ashford mother: Anna Hassinger, b. Ashford bur. 23 Feb 1923, Wayne Cemetery
RAUCH, ANNA MARY,  Vol. 1913, p. 2 b. 1 Oct 1835, Germany d. 28 Dec 1912, Town of Auburn age 77 yrs 2 mos 28 days; widowed father: Christian Krabs, b. Germany mother: unknown, b. Germany bur. 31 Dec 1912, Rauch Cemetery

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