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Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

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July 4, 1800Indiana territory was formed, with Vincennes as its capital, and Wisconsin was under that political division.
June 30, 1805 Michigan territory was formed, with Lake Michigan forming its western boundary, so it did not include Wisconsin, yet.
March 2, 1810Illinois territory formed. It included all of the Indiana territory west of the Wabash river and Vincennes and a line running due north to the territorial line. All of Wisconsin was included therein, except what lay east of the line drawn north from Vincennes.
Apr 19, 1816Indiana was admitted as a state, including all of the territory of Indiana territory, except a narrow strip east of a line of Vincennes, and west of Michigan territory, her western boundary.
Apr 11, 1818 Illinois was admitted as a state. All of Wisconsin was added to Michigan territory, with Illinois extending northward only to 42D, 30'
Oct 1818Michilimackinac County (in Mich) and Brown and Crawford Counties (in Wis.) were formed.
June 30, 1834 That portion of Iowa that was ceded to the United States was attached to Michilimackinat, Brown and Crawford counties for judicial and political purposes.
1836Upper peninsula was annexed to Michigan territory
Apr 20, 1836Wisconsin territory formed. It embraced the area of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and a part of Dakota. The counties were Brown, Milwaukee, Iowa, Crawford, Dubuque and Des Moines, with a portion of Chippewa and Michilimackinac. The jurisdiction of Michigan territory over the new territory ceased July 4, 1836.
Dec 7, 1836Brown and Milwaukee counties were divided....Townships (thirteen) North, of ranges eighteen and ninteen east [Ashford and Auburn], and townships fourteen, fifteen and sixteen, of ranges fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen [Alto, Waupun, Oakfield, Byron, Eden, Metomen, Springvale, Lamartine, Fond du Lac, Empire, Ripon, Rosendale, Eldorado, Friendship and Taycheedah], and townships seventeen and eighteen of ranges fourteen, fifteen and sixteen [Nepeuskun, Utica, Nekimi, Rushford, Omro, Algoma now in Winnebago Co.] shall be and hereby are constituted a separate county as hereby established at the town of Fond du Lac. [This territory included all the present county except the towns of Osceola, Forest and Marshfield, and so much of Calumet as lies in townships 17 north, of ranges 18 and 19 east; also nearly all the south half of what is now Winnebago county. This legislative act, through oversite, placed 5 townships (Alto, Metomen, Ripon, Nepeuskun, and Rushford) into two counties - Fond du Lac and Marquette.
Jan 26, 1837State of Michigan formed, with its present boundaries.
July 3, 1838Region of Wisconsin territory west of the Mississippi was set off as a separate territory and named Iowa.
March 11, 1839Approval of Act organizing Fond du Lac County, for purposes of county government only. Still attached to Brown County for judicial purposes.
Jan 6, 1840All territory north of townships 16 in ranges 14, 15, 16, and 17 east, removed from Fond du Lac county to form a portion of Winnebago Co; the portions of fractional townships 17, in ranges 18 and 19 east, were removed from Calumet county and added to Fond du Lac county.
March 1844Fond du Lac County detached from Brown Co. for judicial purposes. Full judicial priviledges established for Fond du Lac County in its own right.. The judicial county was composed of Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Calumet and Marquette counties, remaining as part of the third judicial district. Fond du Lac established as the county seat.
March 6, 1848Definition of Fond du Lac County, to cure defect in precious act, results: Confirm Ashford and Auburn township, add Osceola, Forest and Marshfield townships to Fond du Lac Co., place Alto, Metomen and Ripon township with Fond du Lac and not Marquette, and place Nepeuskun and Rushford townships with Winnebago and not Marquette Co., and place land south of the Brotherton Indian reservation with Fond du Lac Co.
May 29, 1848Wisconsin State created.
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