Wisconsin Books and Publication

Wisconsin Books and Publications

Pamphlets available through the National Archives.

  • Guide to Records in the National Archives - Great Lakes Region
  • Microfilm Publications in the National Archives - Great Lakes Region
  • Microfilm Records that Pertain to Genealogy
  • Military Service Records in the National Archives of the United States
  • Ordering Reproductions from the National Archives
  • Select List of Publications of the National Archives and Records Administration
  • The National Archives Microfilm Rental Program
  • Using Records in the National Archives for Genealogical Research
  • Using Census Records

    State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Archives Division
    Published Guides

    The State Historical Society of Wisconsin has published nearly 30 guides to its various library and manuscript collections, some of whic are listed here. To order any of these, call the Fiscal Services Division at (608) 264-6428.

  • Social Action
    Collections at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin: A Guide.
    by Behrnd-Klodt, Menzi L., and Mattern, Carolyn J. 158 pp. 1983. $12.00

  • Genealogical Research: An Introduction to the Resources of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 2d. ed.
    by Danky, James P., ed. 56pp. 1986. $5.95

  • Women's History: Resources at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
    by Danky, James P., ed. 56pp. 1982.$3.95

  • Guide to Labor Papers in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
    by Ham, F. Gerald, and Hedstrom, Margaret, ed. 140pp. 1978. $5.00

  • Guide to Draper Manuscripts.
    by Harper, Josephine L., ed. 500 pp. 1983. $30.00

  • Guide to the Wisconsin Jewish Archives.
    by Knight, Cynthia, ed. 54pp. 1992. $10.00

    Wisconsin Genealogical Publications

  • French Canadian / Acadian Genealogists Of Wisconsin Quarterly
    % Pat Geyh, 4624 West Tesch Avenue, Greenfield, Wisconsin 53220

  • Gems Of Genealogy
    (bimonthly) (queries accepted), Bay Area Genealogical Society, Post Office Box 283, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54305

  • M.C.G.S. Reporter
    (quarterly) (queries accepted), Milwaukee County Genealogical Society, Post Office Box 27326, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53227-0326

  • Out On A Limb
    Watertown Genealogical Society, Post Office Box 91, Watertown, Wisconsin 53094-0091

  • WCGS Newsletter
    (queries accepted), Waukesha County Genealogical Society, Post Office Box 1541, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53187-1541

  • Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Newsletter
    (quarterly) (queries),
    Madison, WI 53705
    E-mail: wsgs@chorus.net
    URL: www.wsgs.org

    Wisconsin Microfiche available through Ancestor Publishers

  • Memorial Records of the Fathers of Wisconsin Containing Sketches of the Lives and Career to the Members of the Constitutional Conventions to 1848 and 1847 with a History of Early Settlement in Wisconsin, Pub. 1880, by H. A. Tenney and David Atwood. Indexed, 400 pages. 5 fiche.

  • Wisconsin
    by The Lewis Publishing Company, pub. 1914. Contains biographies for the following surnames: Anson, Archibald, Auer, Ayer, Baker, Bancroft, Bardon, Beyer, Bolens, Bossert, Brumder, Bryant, Carson, Cary, Caswell, Christensen, Choate, Clark, Cochran, Dixon, Dodge, Earling, Ernst, Evans, Falk, Frame, Gates, Gilson, Granberg, Halsey, Hanson, Henry, Hirshheimer, Hoard, Jackson, Johnson, Lathrop, Lockwood, Long, Loveland, Lyman, Mariner, Marshall, McDonell, Meyers, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Nieman, Norris, Noyes, O'Day, Peck, Philipp, Pierce, Plankinton, Putney, Ravn, Reinig, Robbins, Rose, Rueping, Saayer, Schmidt, Shaughnessy, Simmons, Stange, Trostel, Truax, Upham, Vilas, Wahl, Week, Wells, Weyenberg, Whitney, Williams, Willson, Winkler and Yule. 509 pages, 5 fiche.


  • Wisconsin State Veterans Census for 1885.
    Arranged alphabetically; gives name, rank, co., regt., state served from, present address. 387 printed pages. 2 fiche.

  • Wisconsin State Veteran Census for 1895.
    Enumerates names of ex-soldiers and sailors residing in Wisconsin, June 20, 1895. There are several lists in this record: Soldiers of the Civil War in Wisconsin Regiments, Soldiers of the Civil War enlisting from other States, Sailors of the Civil War, Marines in the Civil War, Wisconsin regular Army Soldiers in the Mexican War and Soldiers of the Civil War who served in or with Colored Regiments. Alphabetically arranged. 3 fiche.

  • Wisconsin State Veteran Census for 1905.
    Arranged alphabetically; gives name, rank, co., regt., branch of service and post office of Veterans living in Wisconsin on June 20, 1905. 245 printed pages. 1 fiche.


  • Guide to Church Vital Statistic Records in Wisconsin
    Pub. 1942, by Historical Records Survey Service Division Work Projects Administration. Lists churches and tells what records such as baptisms, marriages and funerals were kept. Alphabetically arranged by town. 4 fiche.


  • Commemorative Biographical Record of the Upper Lake Region
    (Wisconsin & Minnesota), by J. H. Beers & Co., pub. 1905. Indexed. 554 pages, 8 fiche.


  • Wisconsin Volunteers War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865,
    by Estabrook, McGregor and Holway, pub. 1885-1899. Arranged alphabetically; gives name, rank, company and regiment. 1137 printed pages. 5 fiche.

  • Index from Wisconsin Losses in the Civil War, 1861-1865,
    by Charles E. Estabrook, Editor, published in 1915. This is an index of the names of Wisconsin soldiers killed in action, mortally wounded or dying from other causes in the civil war. Information includes the name and the Co. Regiment. 2 fiche, $ 8.00

  • Wisconsin Soldiers and Sailors Regimental Reunion Roster, 1880,
    by Wisconsin Soldiers Reunion Association, pub. 1880. Contents: Regimental Reunion Roster with explanations, Appendix to Roster (late registrations); Unassigned veterans and Roster Index (Wisconsin regiments only). 309 pages, 3 fiche.

  • Wisconsin section of "List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883;
    Giving the Name of Each Pensioner, the Cause for which Pensioned, the Post-Office Address, the Rate of Pension per Month, and the Date of Original Allowance, as called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882, Volume 3". Pensioners are veterans, widows, fathers or mothers of veterans who served in the war of 1812 or the Civil War. The lists are organized by county. Information includes names, date applied, type of service or wound, etc., county and town living in and usually the pension number. 2 fiche.


  • Ten Old Lutheran Passenger Lists for Lutherans that went to Buffalo Erie Co., and Niagara Co., NY and Dodge Co., Jefferson Co., Washington Co., Oazauikee Co., and Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin in 1843.
    by Martin Wm. Johnson. All ships arrived in New York City. They came from Germany and Prussia. 36 pages. 1 fiche.

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