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World War II Casualties
Army & Air Force
Columbia County, Wisconsin

Army & Air Force From World War II Honor List if Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from Wisconsin. War Dept. June 1946. KIA = Killed in Action; DOW=Died of Wounds; DNB=Died, Non-Battle; FOD=Finding of Death; M=Missing. Original source material found at nara.gov also contains serial numbers.

Name Rank Sacrifice
Achterberg, Eugene PFC KIA
Austin, Kenneth L. CPL KIA
Barraclough, Sandford SGT KIA
Beahm, Merlin R. PFC DOW
Bergauer, Lawrence L. PFC DNB
Berry, William C. 2 LT M
Bischoff, Wayne W. TEC 4 DNB
Brandt, Oscar M. PFC KIA
Burton, Clyde A. S SG DOW
Caldwell, James R. 2 LT KIA
Clemmons, Orville SGT DNB
Cole, Alvin C. PFC KIA
Corning, Ralph B. SGT KIA
Davies, Howard E. SGT FOD
Davis, Myron O. PVT DNB
Devine, Richard J. PVT DNB
Doherty, Joseph A. 2 LT DNB
Ebert, Walter H. T SG KIA
Elwood, Charles H. PFC KIA
Elwood, Harry R. PFC KIA
Farrell, John E. PFC KIA
Froehlich, Leonard J. S SG KIA
Gruhlke, Billy R. SGT DOW
Habermann, Gordon W. CPL KIA
Haffner, Harry PFC KIA
Hatcher, Kenneth I. PVT KIA
Hayes, Wilbur F. SGT KIA
Hays, Glen R. T SG KIA
Hays, Harlan G. PFC KIA
Hein, Alfred F. PVT DNB
Horton, Gerald E. PFC DNB
Huebner, Carl J. T SG DNB
Hurd, Howard H. SGT KIA
Hurelle, Walter E. CPL DNB
Keebaugh, Harold W. PVT DNB
Kopplin, Arthur O. SGT KIA
La Vigne, Leo S. PVT KIA
Lafler, Lonnie R. SGT DOW
Malisch, Howard H. PVT KIA
Mallon, Richard J. PFC KIA
McDonald, Orriel O. PFC KIA
McMahon, Harold W. S SG KIA
McMahon, Paul W. Jr. PVT KIA
Millard, Clifford R. T SG KIA
Monson, Vernon H. PVT KIA
Monthey, Owen J. PFC KIA
Mueller, Elmer E. PFC KIA
Mulligan, Thomas W. TEC5 KIA
Nelson, John G. 1 LT FOD
Oeftger, Donald G. PFC KIA
Okeefe, Douglas R. SGT KIA
Parks, Clyde F. PVT KIA
Paske, Harold H. S SG KIA
Pfuehler, Wilbert C. TEC5 KIA
Riant, Dent O. T SG KIA
Rozek, Paul A. S SG KIA
Rubin, Edward J. S SG FOD
Rueter, Russell W. PFC KIA
Sanderson, Thomas S SG DNB
Schaper, Vernon W. PVT KIA
Schroeder, Arthur R. 2 LT KIA
Severance, Dale M. PFC DOW
Sharpee, Harold L. TEC5 KIA
Sharpee, Russell B. TEC5 FOD
Smith, Richard 2 LT DNB
Snell, Leonard TEC5 DNB
Snyder, Lafayette G. 2 LT FOD
Stone, Edward P. PFC KIA
Stowers, Clarence A. CPL KIA
Tucker, Gordon H. 2 LT M
Vander, Galien C. PVT KIA
Wolcott, Carroll J. S SG DOW
Yuds, Erwin W. 2 LT KIA


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