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Spring Grove Cemetery

Newport Township
City of Wisconsin Dells
Columbia County, Wisconsin

South side of HIghway 23, Eastern Edge of the City of Wisconsin Dells. These records were copied from the Cemetery record books kept at City Hall and a card file kept by Ray Seger and Bud Gussel. A special Thank You to Dick Schauf, Anna Mae Axness, Barb Ferguson, Paddi Millard, and Nancy Wehlage for their help in copying the records. Special thank you to Sexton Bob Hall who knows everything about this cemetery. Organized here by Anna Mae Axness, 2007.

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Blackcoon - Collins

Name, last, first,(spouse, etc.)BirthDeath or Burial Block-Lot,--Notes: son of, daughter of, wife of, husband of, child of, marriage, Social security death index--s/o, d/o, w/o, h/o, c/o, (m), SSDI
Blackcoon, Lucille Joyce 12-04-188944--02,--age 59yrs
Blackcoon, Ronald--baby 10-18-195844--02,--
Blackcoon, Sanford 05-30-197146--06,--age 5mo
Blatchley, Eloise Ruble(William S.)01-12-187411-27-194169--01,--b.Kilbourn City WI, Nee Rublee
Blatchley, Jess/Jesse W. 193173--07,--
Blatchley, Mary  73--07,--
Blatchley, William S.(Eloise R.)  69--01,--
Blood, Dally "Emereth"?1855194725--14,--
Blood, Hiram1850191625--14,--
Blood, Necia Jean 12-23-199314--02,--age 71yrs
Blood, Sally ann1811186117--10,--
Blood, Steward1808186917--10,--GAR
Bloomer, Carl R.04-01-1928194486--23.--
Bloomer, Charles1900195684--24,--
Bloomer, Douglas  80--05,--
Bloomer, Isaac1884196186--23,--
Bloomer, James M.01-24-191611-01-194586--23,--
Bloomer, Joyce  86--22,--
Bloomer, Lloyd  86--23,--
Bohinger, Louise Marian1923196880--17,--
Bonfoey, Elizabeth01-28-182802-24-189727--08,--Nee Gustine, b.New Hampshire, maybe b.1825?
Bonfoey, Horace 03-12-190927--08,--
Bonfoey, Prudence04-05-182202-26-186427--08,--
Bonfoey, Williard  27--08,--4 days old
Bonnell, Catherine D.12-05-181806-10-191142--24,--
Bonnell, S.S.02-05-1813??-09-188942--24,--
Booth, Raymond Levi 08-23-197360--11,--age 63yrs
Boothe, Eleanor M.02-23-191009-15-195159--06,--
Boothe, Sarah--Mrs.11-25-184504-28-194073--18,--
Borcher, Charles06-13-183912-30-191401--01,--
Borcher, Charles08-10-188101-11-194564--17,--
Borcher, Clara12-21-188806-03-191301--01,--
Borcher, Welhelmina01-30-184601-09-192101--01,--
Bork, David A. 03-29-197908--20,--age 23yrs
Bork, Nona 01-02-199908--20,--age 72yrs
Borst, Clarence E.07-04-187108-08-189260--06,--
Borst, Helen10-08-183110-21-192160--06,--Nee McInvoy, b.N.Y.
Borst, Rhode--Miss02-20-185907-09-192160--06,--b.N.Y.
Borst, Theron07-30-182502-27-191460--06,--
Borud, Anna M.1891193968--05,--
Borud, John1878196068--05,--
Botsford, Ann Marian 07-11-200083--01,--age 99yrs
Botsford, Hazel1891197669--07,--
Botsford, William1881194869--07,--on Mrs. A. Kettleson lot
Bowden, Bernard 08-22-198660--12,--age 95yrs
Bowden, Eleanor 04-10-199160--12,--
Bowden, Marcella M.1894195860--12,--
Bowman, Abram Daved01-27-186112-11-190703--18,--b.Sauk County WI
Bowman, Asa1863189562--09,--
Bowman, Emma--Miss09-25-186703-04-192162--09,--b. Kilbourn City Wi, d/o Johathan Bowman
Bowman, Hannahd183606-11-191662--09,--
Bowman, Jennie--miss186502-12-193462--09,--
Bowman, Jonathan05-16-182807-16-189562--09,--b.N.Y.
Bowman, Ruby 10-01-199646--05,--age 78yrs
Bowser, David08-18-186610-07-195047--10,--b.Iowa
Bowser, Lillian1871193747--10,--
Bowser, Mary L.1871193747--10,--
Bowser, Russell R.08-01-190603-07-195447--10,--WW II, Wis PVT, Quartermaster Corps, b.Oklahoma
Boyd, Belle--Confederate Spy05-09-184406-11-190021--20,--b.Martinsburg VA, Killbourn Landmark Plaque, See Marie Isabelle High
Boyd, Chester  17--05,--
Boyd, George06-10-186303-31-190917--05,--
Boyd, John O.02-25-1860 17--05,--
Boyd, Laura  17--05,--
Boyd, Louis C.06-17-1911 17--05,--
Boyd, Unknown  17--05,--
Boyd, Unknown  17--05,--
Boyd, Unknown no dates17--12,--
Boyd, Zalla--Mrs. 07-25-190817--05,--Nee Geirmain, b.N.Y.
Bracken, Donna Kae02-17-194308-13-200616--16,--
Bradburn, Noone S.04-03-186803-15-191640--13,--maybe Namoa S.
Brandon, Harold Miles10-07-192405-06-200545--04,--WW II, US Army
Brandon, Rosanna01-04-192603-31-200345--04,--
Bredesen, Gieslle01-09-193107-07-200410--12,--
Bredesen, Harold Gene07-19-192902-18-199210--12,--Korea, Vietnam, SSG US Army
Bremer, Dorothy 02-06-198879--05,--age 69yrs
Bremer, Helmuth04-29-191310-06-200179--05,--ashes
Bremer, Jack Helmuth04-30-194711-13-197379--05,--Vietnam, Wis Sp4 US Army
Bressler, Clayton 09-03-198348--02,--on Sonnechsen lot, 59yrs old
Bressler, Jean I.(Melford L.)193010-06-198579--32,--age 55yrs
Bressler, Melford LeRoy"Bud"(Jean I.)01-18-192501-12-200179--32,--WW II
Bressler, Sandra 08-10-198079--32,--age 12 yrs
Brew, Ann Cormode02-01-183303-25-190703--12,--Mother, stone dates hard to read, see obit index
Brew, Daniel E.Jr.01-29-186711-25-188403--12,--see obit index
Brew, Daniel Sr.03-15-182702-23-189603--12,--Father
Brew, Ella09-01-188403-14-194603--12,--
Brew, Enna D.or Emma?03-23-186307-27-192069--16,--
Brew, John J.08-15-186009-22-188603--12,--
Brew, William Arthur09-13-1857193169--16,--b. Sauk County WI
Briggs, Albert186109-23-190165--14,--
Briggs, Earl02-22-190212-10-198809--08,--ashes
Briggs, Henrietta 05-05-197909--08,--
Briggs, William S.  65--14,--
Broker, Rudolph H.09-04-191006-07-195775--11,--
Bromberger, Blanch186806-01-192065--17,--
Bromberger, Cathrine04-04-181609-06-189622--20,--
Bromberger, Joseph 04-23-190722--20,--
Bromberger, Joseph H.10-11-185906-01-193865--17,--
Brown, Alvin09-13-186509-13-193321--18,--Spanish American War, CO L 3 ILL Inf
Brown, August(Mary)1831189502--05,--stone hard to read
Brown, Belle M.(Salmon)01-19-183701-19-190765--20,--b. North Alba N.Y, mother of Jennie B.Brown & Mrs Lydia H.Crothers, see obit index for Mrs. Salmon Brown
Brown, Caraline M.05-17-182303-09-189620--16,--
Brown, Clarence Townsend01-01-185809-01-192520--12,--ashes
Brown, Effie Jane07-08-186111-18-195721--18,--ashes
Brown, Eliza J.  20--16,--
Brown, Frank R.186002-26-192520--12,--
Brown, Frederick02-13-180707-15-187765--12,--b.Hudson, Ohio, his body was moved here from Reedsburg, brother of John Brown of Harpers Ferry Ohio who started the Civil War
Brown, Hester E.06-13-182002-26-189120--12,--
Brown, Irene Victoria11-04-192312-14-200176--15,--
Brown, Jacqueline L. 01-04-197643--18,--age 55yrs
Brown, James189807-08-192943--07,--WW I, Wis PVT 128 Inf 32 Div
Brown, John   21--10,--
Brown, John J.07-03-1815189120--12,--
Brown, Lida J. 07-04-192120--16,--
Brown, Mae H.  43--07,--
Brown, Martha E.09--02-185202-25-187120--12,--
Brown, Mary(August)1844190602--05,--stone hard to read
Brown, Moeh  43--07,--
Brown, Robert L.C.09-27-185502-17-194320--16,--
Brown, Salmon(Belle M.)1848192165--20,--stone hard to read
Browning, Francis 02-02-198508--19,--age 74yrs
Browning, Wallace M.190507-31-197908--19,--WW II, US Navy
Bubelis, Gediminas J."Jed"06-24-192905-12-198515--15,--Korea, Vietnam, SMSGT US Air Force
Buchholz, Ferdinand  19--14,--
Buckanaga, Eugene Dale11-15-194104-15-200524--13,--Vietnam, A1C US Air Force
Buckholz, A.M.  12--13,--
Buckholz, August Ferdinand06-30-182002-16-190619--14,--stone hard to read, see obit index
Buckholz, Cutten W.06-19-1831 19--14,--
Buckholz, Frank01-23-186006-23-187019--14,--
Buckholz, Fred03-12-185606-23-187019--14,--s/o August Buckholz
Buckholz, R.  22--13,--
Buckley, Barney185409-19-192469--12,--
Buckley, Ceylon B.1888196082--15,--
Buckley, Ella Belle 05-20-197382--15,--age 83yrs
Buckley, Marietta1859192769--12,--
Buckminster, Augustog1882189606--13/14,--
Buckminster, Charles C.01-17-183607-01-190006--13/14,--
Buckminster, Ethel(Herbert)11-22-190603-29-200568--09,--d/o Joseph & Blanche Clark Rice, (m)03-1934
Buckminster, Gertrude(Herbert Elbert)09-26-187111-20-195368--09,--Nee Jones, b.Adams County WI
Buckminster, Herbert Elbert(Gertrude)02-24-185802-18-193568--09,--
Buckminster, Herbert(Ethel)08-13-189309-00-195368--09,--(m)03-1934
Buckminster, Nell1855193106--13/14,--
Buesing, Anna E.(August C.)08-23-190912-11-200280--31,--
Buesing, August C.(Anna E.)190401-21-198680--31,--WW II
Bull, Harold E.1902195663--15,--
Bull, Marie M. 12-15-196104--03,--age 67yrs, on Martin lot
Bullis, Abagail A.(Edgar S.)04-06-185704-15-191165--18,--Mother
Bullis, Charlotte 1854195224--09,--
Bullis, Edgar S.(Abagail A.)12-22-184607-24-192165--18,--Father
Bullis, Emmett L.10-14-1848191924--09,--GAR
Bullis, Helen--Mrs. no dates71--18,--see Helen Bullis Ryan
Bullis, Ira L.11-23-187401-13-192665--18,--
Bullis, Mildred(Richard)11-07-189001-21-198971--18,--ashes
Bullis, Richard A.1890196065--18,--
Burke, Mabel C.VanSlyke  48--18,--on VanSlyke lot
Burligh, Louise02-15-188804-08-195874--12,--
Burnham, Eleanor M.(Fred A.)1873194984--20,--
Burnham, Fred A.(Eleanor M.)1890194084--20,--
Burning, Harry 04-14-191018--14,--on William Ramsey Lot
Burning, Lawrence H. 03-16-191918--14,--on William Ramsey Lot
Burning, Leslie 08-18-191518--14,--on William Ramsey Lot
Burning, Unknown no dates18--14,--
Burns, Baby boy 07-18-186809--10,--on Birkholz lot
Burns, Fred 12-12-197768--06,--
Burns, Grace1897193968--06,--
Bush, John  27--01,--
Busse, Anton F.(Mary A.)1865194868--20,--
Busse, Mary A.(Anton F.)10-23-187304-19-194468--20,--Nee Readmyer, b.Kilbourn City WI
Button, Alva1800188819--16,--
Button, Annett E.08-11-184807-22-187219--16,--
Buzzie, Otis181811-15-189004--08,--on Frank C.Straw lot, see Buzzie Otis
Cady, Charles A.09-07-182909-28-191262--12,--
Cady, Elizabeth F.1859193748--06,--
Cady, Frank A.1858190462--12,--
Cady, Hannah Warner01-16-183507-24-190948--06,--b.N.Y, or d. 04-24-1909?
Cady, Hellen 01-23-191262--12,--Nee Blood, b.N.Y.
Cady, Jean Hayes1867194846--03,--or lot 06?
Caflisch, Byran T.(Lois I.)1907197908--11,--WW II, ashes
Caflisch, Lois I.(Bryan T.) 12-17-197808--11,--age 69yrs, ashes
Camp, Julia Brown(Andrew)03-10-183512-15-190365--13,--d/o Fredrick Brown
Campbell, Florence 03-06-198968--22,--age 89yrs, on Leonard M.Foster lot
Campbell, Frances S. 03-02-199862--03,--age 84yrs
Campbell, George 05-02-182212-17-191004--09,--GAR, Capt CO C 43rd Wis Vol Inf
Campbell, George Herbert12-16-186303-17-190962--03,--
Campbell, Georgia Anna Port--Mrs.07-29-188203-23-194762--03,--b.Marcellon WI
Campbell, Herb11-10-190906-11-198362--03,--WW II, age 74yrs, Herbert A. Campbell
Campbell, Rubie/Rubee(G.H.)01-04-186307-15-190162--03,--38yr old, see obit index for Mrs. G.H.Campbell
Campbell, Susan R.--Mrs.07-10-183410-27-191304--09,--b.Indiana
Campbell, Unknown  04--09,--
Carey, Ida Ethel07-20-192506-07-200357--11,--age 77yrs
Carey, Robert L.Sr.09-02-192305-06-198657--11,--WW II, PFC US Army
Carley, Sam Blowanski 12-11-196144--12,--age 93yrs
Carlson, Catherine 01-15-198309--18,--age 72yrs
Carlson, Freida 05-26-198609--09,--age 73yrs
Carlson, Ivan 09-03-198109--18,--age 75yrs
Carlson, James A.01-29-192610-30-198809--09,--Korea, SGT US Army
Carpenter, Ichabod W.184007-05-188825--20,--Heavy Artillary, Co.H 16th NY Heavy Artillery--hard to read dates, see obit index, 48yrs old
Carriman, Marystillborn11-29-195243--14,--d/o Allen S.& Mildred Bearskin Cariman
Carter, Clarice"Sis"(Eugene A.)1913 58--16,--Nee Drollings, (m)03-13-1942
Carter, Elizabeth A.(Lyman S.) 05-03-188503--08,--63yr 6mo 17da old
Carter, Eugene Allen(Clarice"Sis")12-25-191806-21-200558--16,--Korea, Col USAF, (m)03-13-1942
Carter, Harvey L. 07-00-186603--08,--GAR? Drowned
Carter, Lyman S.(Elizabeth A.)10-20-181608-05-189003--08,--74yr 3mo 15da old
Carter, Silas F.07-19-185903-15-187303--08,--
Carter, William01-18-188401-06-194482--07,--b.Rochland WI
Carviou, Albert1871no dates25--13,--maybe Spanish American War
Carviou, Eureka1857194025--13,--
Cary, Anna I.02-00-190708-29-196075--24,--
Cary, P.A.10-07-190701-02-199975--24,--ashes on top of Anna
Caswell, Unknown  05--17,--
Cauley, Ester 12-17-199381--14,--age 86yrs, ashes
Cauley, Leroy J.09-10-190212-20-196581--14,--
Chamberlin, Amplias1870190218--10,--
Chamberlin, Cynthia Bolton182605-04-191118--10,--b.Vermont
Chamberlin, Helin G.1849187018--10/11,--
Charles, Robert A.08-18-189106-28-192266--07,--
Charlesworth, Ethel B.04-08-190705-00-198880--10,--ashes, dates from ssdi
Charlesworth, George T.1904no dates80--10,--ashes
Charnley, Alta no dates66--07,--
Charnley, Charles Robert A.09-18-189106-28-192266--07,--
Chickering, Daniel W.02-28-183603-19-190316--09,--dates from death certificate
Chickering, Daughter  17--09,--d/o D.W.& M.J. Chickering
Chickering, Emogene E. 01-03-186217--09,--age 24yrs
Chivall, Henry S.02-12-190004-23-197108--12,--WW II, ILL Pvt 78 STA Hosp, on Arnold Lytle lot
Chowaniec, Barbara  91--98,--ashes
Chrisien, Charles A.or E.03-27-185009-28-190721--20,--
Christensen, Carl R."Todd"01-04-190305-04-197983--08,--WW II
Christensen, Glen H.(Julie K.)1935198159--12,--
Christensen, Goldwin"Goldie" 11-20-197715--09,--age 46yrs
Christensen, Hans A.(Inez E.)1910196459--12,-- WW II
Christiansen, Inez E.(Hans A.)1912199959--12,--
Christensen, Julie K.(Glen H.)1940 59--12,--
Christensen, Rae J. 02-24-199415--09,--age 60yrs
Christiansen, Rosanne 05-15-199109--12,--on Mrs. Julie Gussel lot
Christinsen, Andrew(Dusine)03-05-187006-03-195049--04,--
Christinsen, Baby 194583--08,--maybe Terry?
Christinsen, Dusine(Andrew)187503-08-193649--04,--Nee Hansen
Christinsen, Jen R.1903196783--08,--
Christinsen, Nels191205-27-195049--04,--
Christopher, Christ187402-13-191970--17,--
Clapper, Hattie(Henry) 03-07-188602--04,--26yr old
Clapper, Jacob(Mary Ann)05-16-181204-29-189002--04,--
Clapper, Mary Ann(Jacob)05-24-182008-29-188502--04,--
Clark, Frances S.183902-06-191926--02,--
Clark, Gerald"Jerry"(Mildred)192508-08-198576--12,--WW II
Clark, Mildred(Gerald W.)1927 76--12,--
Clark, Otis S.-Capt.03-14-183504-25-186419--04,--Civil War, Co H 5th Reg. Minn Vol, s/o L.& T.P. Clark, stone hard to read, 29yr 1mo 11da old
Clark, Rosetta A.02-22-188011-12-192826--02,--
Clark, Sarah H.183601-09-191726--02,--
Clausen, Harry(Marguerite) 07-14-199008--04,--ashes
Clausen, Marguerite(Harry) 01-21-199308--04,--ashes
Clausius, Elmer A.01-04-189704-06-196275--07,--WW I, Wis F3 USNRF
Clausius, Wilhelmina"Minnie" 09-30-199075--07,--
Clendaniel, Alfred 01-17-190363--08,--16yr 6mo 24da old
Clendaniel, Arlene192912-01-199076--17,--
Clendaniel, Edith May--Mrs.11-22-186610-12-194163--08,--Nee Stowell
Clendaniel, Harry W.11-22-188301-07-194163--08,--WW I, Wisc PVT 310 Sup TN 85 Div
Clendaniel, Howard 10-21-198276--17,--age 54yrs
Clendaniel, James Howard07-29-195701-01-200776--17,--
Clendaniel, John M.11-27-185604-23-190663--09,--
Clendaniel, Joseph A. Sr.10-05-183604-03-192463--09,--b.Delaware
Clendaniel, Joseph E.1858192763--08,--
Clendaniel, Mae no dates63--08,--is this Edith May? Or is this Mary?
Clendaniel, Mary Elizabeth--Miss07-29-186505-23-194463--08,--b.Michigan, is this Mae Clendaniel?
Clendaniel, Rachel C.--Mrs.09-13-183811-23-191963--09,--
Cleveland, Adlai06-03-195606-03-200245--27,--
Cleveland, Cheryl Celeste 11-08-199445--27,--
Cleveland, Gary Gene 07-31-199945--27,--age 45yrs
Cleveland, Gerald Lee III 11-10-199245--27,--age 12days
Cleveland, Ricardo02-13-195802-12-200746--26,--
Cleveland, Sylas Jr.06-04-196707-24-196743--18,--
Cleveland, Sylas Sr.1907196643--18,--
Cline, Thomas 09-04-196345--16,--
Cloud, Carson Michael 05-20-197944--13,--age 16yrs
Cloud, Dennis07-06-195301-24-195444--13/24,--buried between 13 & 24
Cloud, Dillard 10-18-198544--14,--
Cloud, Gerald11-28-192810-07-199946--15,--
Cloud, Helen Littlesoldier no dates46--15,--
Cloud, Jacob01-21-192704-07-199946--15,--WW II, US Army
Clough, Arthur1869189962--04,--see obit index
Clough, Benjamin(Elizabeth)04-18-184003-15-192362--04,--b.Maine
Clough, Elizabeth(Benjamin)183804-03-191762--04,--can't read dates on stone, dates from Reg.Deed
Clough, Ernest05-30-187312-20-189762--04,--can't read dates on stone
Clough, Grace1863194862--04,--
Coapman, Catherine190706-07-197720--21,--
Coapman, Emily Robey Miller--Mrs.1860193020--21,--b. West Point Township WI
Coapman, Lynn Norman09-12-186003-05-194320--21,--b.Wyocena WI
Coapman, Norman190208-30-197520--21,--
Cobb, Thelma 01-00-197821--15,--age 64yrs
Coe, James L. 07-21-186120--20,--owner of lot but maybe not buried here?
Cohen, Alta C. 08-05-197166--07,--age 80yrs
Cohen, Edward01-24-1933 66--07,--
Cohen, Norman1898196766--07,--
Colburn, Carrie H.1884 88--24,--
Colburn, Dudly H.1872194488--24,--
Colburn, Norman C.Jr.03-24-192609-04-195688--23,--WW II, Wisc.TEC 5 Field Artillery
Colburn, Norman Sr. no dates88--23,--
Colburn, Roland "Bud"05-23-190301-30-197588--24,--WW II, Sgt Army Air Forces, age 71yrs
Colburn, Sarah1901195888--23,--
Colburn, Videlia12-05-186909-15-187022--02,--
Cole, Carmen Manville10-18-192302-16-194573--13,--WW II, Wis S1C USNR
Cole, Daniel06-04-195809-09-198773--13,--
Cole, Emery C.04-11-189607-09-197473--13,--WW I, PVT US Army, age 78yrs
Cole, Lena B.1888194773--22,--
Cole, Leon A.1887196173--22,--
Cole, Lillian no dates73--13,--
Cole, Robert Raymond03-18-192603-03-199111--06,--WW II, Korea PFC US Army
Collins, Rosemary09-14-199309-14-199379--30,--


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