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Pardeeville High School

The Whisper 1950

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The Whisper - 1950

Paradeeville High School
Paradeeville, Wisconsin

Co-Editors: Pat Milton - Betty Moore; Business Manager: James Smith; Advertising Manager: Eugene Herrington; Advisor: Mrs. Lenz.

Presented by the Senior Class of 1950.

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Standing -- Priscilla Thompson, John Peterson, Robert Nichols, Lou Ann Warnke, Richard Mackdanz, Joyce Lovelace.

Seated -- Violet Corning, King - Robert Wake, Queen - Shirley McDonald, John Haynes.


Prom Court - 1950 Paradeeville High SchoolThe biggest event of the year, the Junior Prom was held May 6 in the High School Gym. The theme, "Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland", transformed the Gym into a beautiful starlit ballroom. The soft lights brought out the beautiful atmosphere of Dreamland. From one end of the room floated the soft strains of music by Benny Ehr's Orchestra.

At 10 o'clock, the King-Robert Warnke and Queen-Shirley McDonald, were crowned. The court of honor consisted of Robert Nichols and Lou Ann Warnke, John Peterson and Priscilla Thompson, Richard Mackdanz and Joyce Lovelace, John Haynes and Violet Corning. The crown bearers were Howard Hawley and Marsha Wendt relatives of the Junior class members.

The Junior Class takes this time to express thanks to Mrs. Velma Thurston and the committees who helped make the Prom a success.

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Homecoming Court - 1950


Shirley McDonald and Robert Warnke, Jo Ellen Baillies and Robert Spear, Queen - Helen Smith and King - Dean McCormick.




Juniors - 1950

Class Officers

President: Robert Warnke;

Vice President: Shirley Robbins, Barbara Dalton;

Secretary: Betty Thiel;

Treasurer: Robert Nichols;

Student Council: Richard Mackdanz, Jeannine McDonald;

Advisor: Mrs. Thurston.

Motto: "Let the Ropes of the Past Ring the Bells of the Future".

Bottom Row --- Betty Schneider, Lou Ann Warnke, John Peterson, Betty Thiel, Robert Warnke, Shirley Breneman, Robert Nichols, Carol Kaiser, Richard Mackdanz.

Second Row --- Mrs. Thurston, Elwyn Wendt, Barbara Dalton, Kenneth Roundy, Beryl Babcock, Beatrice Babcock, Harriet Atkinson, Marlin Stebbins, John Haynes.

Third Row --- Joyce Lovelace, Ruth Smith, Marjorie McConchie, Shirley McDonald, Doris Hawley, Violet Corning, Betty Tamminga, Ruth Eggleston, Marion Kath, Delores Stockwell.

Fourth Row --- Jim Hatcher, Carl Neesam, Jeannine McDonald, Shirley Robbins, Lawrence Berg, Priscilla Thompson, Caroline Jacob, Joan Merrington, Carol Kearns.



Paradeeville Sophomores, 1950


Class Officers

President: Jo Ellen Baillies

Vice President: Nancy Lueptow

Secretary: Janis Atkinson

Treasurer: Donna Smith (Absent)

Student Council: Edward Brandsma, Jean Schultz

Advisor: Mr. Peronto

Motto: "Be the best of what you are."

Flower: White Rose

Colors: Maroon and Gold

Bottom Row --- Billy Jean Haskin, Richard Fuller, Rose Mary Wendlick, Lloyd Bernander, Sally Kearns, Jack Schneider.

Second Row --- Jo Ellen Baillies, Thomas Hill, Lorraine Griepentrog; Nancy Lueptow, Janis Atkinson, Kenneth Bortz, Bruce Kohler, Mr. Peronto.

Third Row --- Bernadine Ryan, Shirley Ullrich, Joyce Reiter, Virginia Breneman, Shirley Smith, Jean Schultz, Phyllis Gustrowsky.

Fourth Row --- Andrew Tamminga, Morris Van Swol, Roger Keith, Merwin Allen, Richard Reiter, Pat Howe.

Kindergarten, First and Second Grade - 1950KINDERGARTEN, FIRST AND SECOND GRADE

Bottom Row --- J. Kleist, N. Thurston, D. Merrill, J. Heinze, T. French, S. Kaiser, D. Card, R. Parker, J. Ed, L. Dettman, G. Buzzell.

Second Row --- Mrs. Scharf, J. Herrington, W. Krueger, F. Dolajeck, M. McConochie, J. Young, J. Barish, L. Gassen, R. Atkinson, N. Moore, J. Gee, R. Mantel, R. Gray, Mrs. Edl.

Third Row --- R. Hanthey, H. Gustrowsky, M. Williams, B. Ashley, S. Heaps, W. Edwards, C. Rowlands, W. Gunderson, B. McConochie, J. Manthey, T. Rowlands. D. Case.

Fourth Row --- B. Sullivan, W. Gray, R. Gray, J. Karow, K. Gee, B. Sheils, J. Kleist, A. Lueck, G. Dates, J. Keith, B. Roundy.



Third and Fourth Grade - 1950

Bottom Row --- N. Sanborn, F. Stockwell, S. Ades, C. Sabean, P. Mackdanz, C. Herrington, N. Becker, T. Thomas , P. Sheils.

Second Row --- Mrs. Dummer, B. Ullrich, B. Wendt, C. Calhoon, C. Card, R. Dettman, V. Fitzgerald, G. Herreman, R. McConochie, A. Cleveland, V. Dates, Mrs. Wright.

Third Row --- D. Sullivan, D. Hanna, C. Roundy, W. Hanna, E. Warnke, D. Gee, S. Buzzell, J. Rohrbeck, H. Gieseler, R. Dates.

Fourth Row --- B. Marnke, J. Eggleston, A. Roundy, M. Eggleston, D. Atkinson, D. Atkinson, L. Johnson, B. Baumgartner, R. Moore, G. Gibson, T. Schultz, R. Roundy.

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5th and 6th Grade - 1950Bottom Row --- J. Manthey, C. Gustrowosky, J. Thompson, F. Warnke, C. Coller, G. Graack, C. Atkinson, L. Kausch, B. Thomas, M. McConochie.

Second Row --- Miss Carmichael, C. Keith, J. Hanna, B. Broeson, L. Ullrich, K. Gibson, T. Kleist, R. Zerbel, D. Hepler, M. Walker, B. Coller, L. Wendt, Miss Smith.

Third Row --- J. Ryan, J. Neubauer, W. Wendt, P. Smith, D. Fitzgerald, C. Dates, J. Postma, J. Helper, R. Hepler, B. Reardon.

Fourth Row --- R. Luepton, M. Robinson, R. Stockwell, L. McConochie, R. Hanna, R. Sullivan, C. Shaarf, C. Stebbins, M. Calhoon, J. Corning, J. Hepler.

Seventh and Eighth Grade - 1950


Bottom Row --- W. Kaiser, M. Manthey, R. Luepton, D. Milton, J. Klappstein, C. Haynes, G. Helper, L. Brandsma, R. Edwards, S. Merrill.

Second Row --- Mr. Edl, B. Keith, N. Edwards, R. Reardon, D. Johnson, S. Thompson, P. Dates, R. Helper, A. Hall, C. Rohrbeck, L. Hill, Mrs. Marquardt.

Third Row --- D. Hill, A. Mantel, D. Foss, M. McConochie, L. Neesam, J. Zimmer, J. Morgan, C. Roundy, D. Fitzgerald, R. Robbins.

Fourth Row --- D. Manthey, N. Eggleston, E. Robinson, M. Zerbel, D. Berger. C. Wermer. G. McDonald, F. Sabean, M. Morray, P. Fitzgerald.

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Grade School Band - 1950


Bottom Row --- G. McDonald, S. Thompson, C. Atkinson, J. Ryan, D. Johnson, D. Berger, C. Werner.

Second Row --- A. Mantel, D. Foss, J. Thompson, B. Thomas, J. Manthey, D. Helper, L. Klauson, J. Postma.

Third Row --- R. Robbins, J. Helper, T. Schultz, L. Wendy, B. Coller, P. Sheils, A. Cleveland, B. Wendt.

Fourth Row --- C. Scharf, C. Gustrowsky, A. Hall, S. Coller, R. Hanna, R. Stockwell, L. Hill.

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Gust Dettman and George Payne - 1950


This year we have two Janitors. One in the High School and one in the Grade School.

Mr. Payne has taken over the Grade School after 23 years in the two schools. Mr. Payne has witnessed many changes during the years of service here and has experienced our troubles along with our happy moments.

Mr. Dettman is now the janitor of the High School and has been in the past a part time assistant to Mr. Payne. We certainly hope Mr. Dettman will continue his stay with us in the future.

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