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All information received from Columbus Republican Newspaper 1885 ( Not a complete list !) CRN = Columbus Republican Newspaper. CRN = Columbus Republican Newspaper - Lori Driver.


Elmer E. Haight and Stella E. Scott Married Leeds 24 December 1884 CRN 1/3/1885

Mr. Sylvanus Ames (of Stoughton, Wisconsin) and Cora A. Downs Married 25 December 1884 CRN 1/3/1885

Frank R. Grutson ( of Minneapolis) and Anna Erhart ( daughter of J.A. Erhart ) Married 1 January 1885 CRN 1/3/1885

Robert E. Gault and Jessie Dunlap Married 13 January 1885 ( removed to Ohio) CRN 1/11/1885

Miss Bella Knudsen and Atley P. Boutwell No date CRN 3/21/1885

Mrs. Sophrana Pulver and Jacob Stilson Married 29 March 1885 CRN 4/4/1885


Robert C. Simpson ( born 1803) died 24 December 1884 CRN 1/3/1885

Orson LeRoy died saturday last CRN 1/10/1885

Mrs. John Merrill died sunday last ( Pardeeville) CRN 1/11/1885 *Obit for Mrs. John Merrill listed in CRN 1/24/1885

Mary Turner , daughter of W.T. Turner , died monday last, age 25 CRN 1/17/1885

Charles Whitaker, of Beaver Dam died 12 January 1885 CRN 1/17/1885

Harmon R. Hancock died 28 Janaury 1885 Columbus CRN 1/31/1885

John Hamilton died 21 January 1885 (Born in Scotland) CRN 1/31/1885

Sylvester Shepard died 8 February 1885 in the town of York CRN 2/14/1885

Maria Chaffee (born 1816 England) died 1 February 1885 in Columbus CRN 2/14/1885

Benjamin W. James died 8 February 1885 in Portage CRN 2/14/1885

Mrs. Cordelia Vallean died 15 February 1885 CRN 2/21/1885

Levi T. Thompson died in Otsego 16 February 1885 CRN 2/21/1885

Benjamin W. James died 8 February 1885 CRN 2/21/1885

Infant child of John Miltzen, died 18 February 1885 at 4 weeks of age CRN 2/28/1885

Benjamin Johnson died monday last in Columbus CRN 3/7/1885

Mrs. Martha Farnham, died wednesday evening CRN 3/7/1885

Mrs. Maxfield, died in Otsego 31 March 1885 CRN 4/4/1885

Mrs. Imogene Joiner died Monday a.m in the town of York CRN 4/11/1885

Mr. T.R. Tripp died 15 April 1885 in Fall River ( husband of Betsey H. Bliss) CRN 4/25/1885

Mason Deming died 19 April 1885 in Columbus CRN 4/25/1885

Aurilla Birdsey died 28 April 1885 in Columbus CRN 5/2/1885

Wellington Kohler died 25 April 1885 in Pardeeville CRN 5/9/1885


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