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Burnett Co.

Diary of a Frontiersman

An early landowner from Sand Lake Township

01 January 1897 through 31 March 1897

An example of life in the early days of Burnett Co. and of a man who took the time to make note of it!

Donated by Larry Ingalls



Please note:  This diary was in the possession of the Ingalls family from Burnett Co.   It is uncertain at this time who the actual author is.  If you know who may have written this, please contact Larry Ingalls at the email address listed above.  The contents of this diary were transcribed from a copy of the original.  Spelling and punctuation are as found on the original.  No attempt to make corrections has been made. 

My Diary -- Chapter 1st

Bitter Creek, Jan. 1st 1897
alone all day and lonesom   Hauled 2 loads of hay on the Handsled and put it on the Stable   eat a lunch and a hunting but didn't see any thing to shoot   Had the toothache all day   feel better tonight

Jan. 2nd '97
got up at 8:30 this morning with a lame tooth  got a bite to eat.  Hauled a load of wood on the Handsled   nursed my tooth with a nail   took a shave   eat a lunch and went down the river   had a good visit with Ellen   she advised me to get a woman and I think it wouldent be a bad plan but whare will I find her   Whare oh Whare

Jan 3rd '97
up at day light   intended to go to the store   it stormed so Hard I gave it up   went and cut a stick for ox Helver (?) and blocked one out   done my chores   Smoked and read the paper   eat a lunch   Hauled a load of wood on the Handsled then went up the swamp looking fence poles   Dident get back till dark.  Havenot seen anny one to day   it still stormes  the wind howls and I am lonesom  Have read till my eyes ache and I guess I will go to bed

Jan the 4th '97
Went to the postoffice to day   seen lots of Folks   came back to Hirams   took dinner   rested a While then came Home   Brown came after a load of Hay   helped Him to get it then it was dark   eat my supper   smoked my pipe and read the paper

Jan. the 5th '97
am tired to night   Mr Brown was here twice to day after Hay   helped Him load  Mr Jackson and Ron Keezer (?) stoped as they came along.  it was a nice day   it is lonesom to night   I have nothing to read and so I will go to bed early and try to forget cares for it is Hard to tell what will Happen tomorrow

Jan. the 6th '97
Went up to Mr Browns this morning   got Him and team went over to Mr Sawyers and got a load of Hay  came back and took dinner with Mr Brown then came Home  Helped Mr Brown get a load of Hay then it was night   Well We had a picnic   I went up to Mr Sawyers House and asked where Mr Sawyer Was and told the Ladies that I was after a load of Hay Which I Had bought from A. Sutton   they forbid me takeing it as there wasnot anny more than Mr Sawyer needed and that A Sutton owed them a board Bill.  I told the Ladies that I knew nothing about Suttons Bills that I Had bought the Hay and Should take it and Started for the Hay Stack and the old Lady after me and the way that I climed that Hay Stack would put younger men to Shame.  for I thought a live coward is better than a dead Hero.  Well When the Old Lady saw that I was safe She told me to tell old Sutton to kiss Her Backsides and then went to the House.  and there stood that dam cuss Brown nearly busted from laughing at me

Jan the 7th '97
didnot get up till sunrise this morning  felt to tired   fed the Horses  got my breakfast  Split some wood Mr Brown came after Hay  I got dinner then we loaded His load then I started up the river seen two of Jonsones men Hauling Hay went over and Had a talk with them come Home it was night.  no fun to day

Jan 8th '97
a nice morning  it is the smae old story  lots of company.  Hiram and Bernard stop  they are going up the river  Brown come after his last load of Hay  Mr Jackson was with Him  We loaded the Hay then Brown and Jackson went up the river to look after Hay and I got dinner ready for them when they came back as we were eating Hiram and Bernard come back  Bernard stopped and took dinner but I could not get Hiram to stay.  Well after dinner Brown and Jackson went home and Bernard went after a deer that came and looked for me last night.  I went up the river and set some mink traps  it was dark when I got hom

Jan 9th '97
Was up at day light  got my Breakfast done the chores  smoked  filed the saw.  Went to my traps but didn't catch anny thing  met Brown and Jackson going after Hay  com Home  eat a bite and Went up the swamp cutting wood  got back at dark and I am so tired that I can't see the back of my kneck. my tooth aches and I have coughed till my lungs ache and I am going to bed right now

Jan 10 '97
didn't get up till sun up  done the chores  got my chew  mended my mitor (?)  and went down to Hirams  found the Folks all right.  Smoked my Pipe  crossed my legs and was sociable.  eat dinner  played Sinch 3 grames  started for Home  looked out of the Window and saw Old Jim Thurston comming  didn't stop for Him  came Home  fed the Horses and went to my traps  didn't catch Him yet but live in Hopes.  got Home after dark  got a bite  lit my pipe and read a story

Jan 11th '97
Was up this morning at day light  done my chores  got my bite  smoked my pipe then Hiram came to Haul Hay for Jackson but Jack didn't come  He waited 2 hours then went Home and I went up the Swamp to cut wood  Just got a tree down when neighbor Jackson and Brown came along  well Jackson took what wood I had cut and hauled it Home for me  may God Bless Him  it was a kind an neighborly act.  I saw Mr. Benny today  He Hauled His first load of logs to the river  Well this after noon I went up the river to dead Water and set some traps and I am tired to night  I have coughed about 500 miles and still keep it up  I think that I will cough my liver out and get a wooden one  now I am off for Bed

Jan 12 '97
got up this morning sick a bed  made up my mind to do nothing  was toasting my shins when Brown came in and wanted me to go with Him after Hay  Well I put on my big coat and went with one of His teams and had to drive His team Home and unload  eat supper and came Home  got Here at 10 So am tired and will go to bed Soon.  met J. Fuller with His first load of logs

Jan 13 '97
alittle warmer to day  went with Brown after Hay again to day  went Home with Him  got our supper  unloaded 2 loads of Hay by mon (?) light  fed His Horses and He cmae Home with me  put the team up and got to bed by 12

Jan 14th '97
got up at lay light this morning  got breakfast then Brown and I went up the river  He Hauled me a jag of Hay  came Home  I got us some Dinner then we went up the Swamp and cut a load of wood for Him  He went Home and I came Home  I am tire  don't know How He feels  Seen J Fuller  He is Hauling Logs and Heard that Old Sutton and George Ingalls Had reported the (looks like) east int as sterting lies anti that grand  I will get my name up yet if I keep on smiling.  Well I guess this will do for to night

Jan 15th
a dark lonesom day havnot seen anny one to speak to this long day.  wellI split some wood this forenoon and this afternoon I went up river to ____ water and got my traps  dident catch even a mouse.  it was dark when I got Home it is warm to night and looks like a Storm  well let it pound  I am out of Horse feed and chicking feed and don't find anny Birds to buy anny with  Well I will go to bed and Hope for better luck to morrow

Jan 16th '97
got up this morning  not feeling very Husky  was Having a good time with Lafayette and the Girls last night but it was in my Dreams  Well Havent done any thing to day.  Marian came over this after noon  We Had a good talk  He stayed to Supper but would not stay all night.  it is snowing at a 2 forty gait  the wind howls and it is a large night  have not got anny thing to read and I think the best thing for me to do is to go to bed.

Jan 17th '97
another lonesom day  have not seen a soul to day  stormed all day but is clear to night and colder  I have been keeping the stove warm and gathering streangh and smokeing and reading all day and it has been a long one   I am glad that stormy days only come once in a while if they was every day I think that I would last quick  the wind blows and the stove pipe whistles and that means for me to go to roost

Jan 18th '97
it has been a cold lonesom day  have not seen a person in speaking distance  saw Jackson and Fuller go by but was in the House  well I Split Some wood this forenoon  the rest of the time I got the snow off the House and Stable  if I don't get a doing something before long I will die of lazyness  Well it is right smart cold night and I am off for my roost

Jan 19th '97
annother cold day but not as cold as yesterday and not as lonesom  J. Fuller stoped and chinned with me then Hiram came up and smoked and talked a while then Jackson and Chet came along and I stared them and shot my mouth at them.  made a bargin with Jack fo rhis old sleds  Well I split some wood and ground my axes that is all I got done to day but I expect to do a big thing to morrow sure

Jan 20th '97
a little warmer to day  got up this morning aching with streangh  well I took my ax and started for a tree and down it came as I was cutting limbs Jackson came with the sleds for me  Well we chinned a few minutes  He went after Hay and I went at my tell and got a log cut then I went down to Hirams after some cross chains found them all  well but Lib she is sick.  came back and stoped and gassed a spell with Marion  He was at work on His House then I came home and went a blacksmithing fixed the chains ready to put on the sleds in the morning and now I am agoing to my roost  (rough drawing of a man)

Jan 21st '97
got up at sun rise  fed the Horses  fried my pancake and went to work on the sleds  got them all right  went up the river looked out a road  got Home and it began to snow  it is 4:30 and still snowing  haven seen anny boddy today to speak to  it is dull times and poor pay  Well I will go to bed mabe that I will dream of some old maid who knows mabe I will get a hug at her and then

Jan 22nd '97
to cold for annything  Just about the same old story only a little different  Marion come up Here this morning with a pair of blankets over His head  I thought it was to keep from freezing but He said He wasent cold.  and I guess He wasent.  Well I went up the swamp and cut a stick for a rocker to the sled  then I trimed up a tree top and the rest of the time I have been soaking in Heat.  only doing the chores.  it was to cold for the east end not a log landed or a lock of Hay Hauled  Hopeing it will be wormer to morrow  I will try my old bunk and forget trouble a while.

Jan 23rd '97
colder than blazes all day  well I dident rais Hell to day or anny thing like it.  Mr Jackson and Ron Chester stoped in this morning.  Mr Jackson wrote a couple of notices which I will put up on Marions landing tomorrow if nothing happens  We talked town affairs over then they went after Hay and I went up the Swamp to cut some wood  it was so cold  I didn't cut much.  it is lonesom to night nothing to read and nothing to do only to keep fire and toast my shins that is lonesome work but I am uset to it

Jan 24 '97
the coldest day yet  havent done anything only the chores  couldent stand it  dident see a person to day  couldnot get far away from the fire  Hope it will get warmer  got lots to do but cannot work when it is so cold  no news to day.  dull

Jan 25th '97
a little warmer to day  went up the swamp this morning cutting wood  Mr Jackson came along after Hay and Hauled me a good load of wood to the House.  This afternoon I went and put up notices on Marions landing and then I went down to Hirams found them all well but Lib.  She is bad sick.  Bernard is a going to Grantsburg in the morning.  Well I eat supper at Hirams and smoked then came Home got Here at ten  fed the Horses  built a fire and got warm and now Hurrah for bed

Jan 26th '97
cold enough yet the flies dont bother.  Went down to Hirams this morning  think Lib is worse.  Roy and I went up to the store nearly froze the nose off from me  We done some tradeing  got to Hirams 2:30  eat dinner  Hiram then came up to Marions landing after a load of Hay  Helped him to get it then came Home   done the chores then it was dark  got supper  smoked  read the paper  cussed a little  spat on the stove  grunted some and now I am off for bed to dream of some cross eyed old maid

Jan 27 '97
weather moderating slowly  cold as the Devil yet  a mark on the stove pipe  Roy cam up this morning for the first time this year  old Doll was sick  He wanted some medisen  I went Home with Him.  Lib is better to day  Mr Jackson and Chester stopped in this morning to warm their noses  Chester and I smoked our pipes while Mr Jackson read the news.  I took dinner with Hiram again to day then came home  stopped at Marions Castle and He came down to my Palice with me  He intends to stay at the Castle

Jan 28th '97
quite warm to day  got the rocker on the sleds to day.  nothing to do now only hitch up   chopped a tree this after noon for logs.  Marion came down from the Castle and stoped a few minutes  He was on his way to one Mr Jacksons  I havent done much to day  my right arm is quite lame  it pains me since last night and I don't know what ails it  it is after ten and I feel tired to night  have coughed a goodeal to day

Jan 29th '97
nice day  Hiram and I went up the river and got a load of Hay this forenoon  came Home and cut some logs  Saw Mr Jackson Ron Chester and Marion Kezer on a load of Hay  Mr White and Mr Crown stoped and got the old wagon box that Brown left here last fall.  heard Marion getting his gun off this afternoon.  Well I am going to bed soon  had beans for supper and my crop is to full to sit up verry late

Jan 30th '97
Went up river again this morning  got a good load of Hay this time  Saw J Fuller  talked with Him  He told me Sawyer Had a warrent for me and dont I scart.  Marion came down and we went on a rabbit Hunt  dident see anny  Saw Mr Jackson and Ron Chester and Mr Davis  it is the first time I have Had the Honor of seeing the Gentleman.  and I don't feel much small than I did yesterday

Jan 31st '97
a dark stormy day but it isent cold.  had the Horses hitched up for the first time this year  Some rearing and cicking but oh they went.  Marion was down and took a shave and had dinner with me  then He went to see his best Girl.  Mr and Mrs Penny came along just dark on their way to Hirams  they stoped and chinned a few minutes with me.  I dont expect to see anny more people this mnth but hope to see lots of folks next  Just 9 by the watch ok I say I mean I are off to my roost 



Feb 1st '97
This has been a warm day Hiram and I went up river and got a couple of loads of Hay  came Home got dinner unloaded  He went Home  I went down to the river to try the ice  came back  choped some wood  Marion came down from the Castle  We chinned a while  He went to the post office and I went at my chores  am tired to night or lazy  don't feel good  worth a dam am going to bed to rest my Face and streatch my legs

Feb 2nd '97
didnot feel attal good to day.  Went up the swamp cutting wood this morning  got back at 3  got a bite to eat  done the chores then went up to Marions  He was on the landing but Chester and His Lady was there  they moved last night.  had a good visit with them  came Home and now I shall seek my little bed and Hope that I will feel better in the morning.

Feb 3rd '97
felt a goodeal better this morning  Went up the swamp cutting wood  came Home at noon Hungry  got something to eat then Hitched up the Horses and Hauled a load of wood Home and one up to Marions then I went down to Hirams found them all well but Lib she is bad off and I pitty the poor woman and wish that I could do something to help Her  Why o why must poor mortals suffer all but Death and then die at last.  got a letter from Minnie to day after so long a time

Feb 4th '97
havent felt well to day  tired and sleepy  bones ache.  Went up the swamp cut wood till noon  came Home and cut wood  J. Fuller stoped in  had a smoke and chinned a spell with me.  cooked beans for supper  wrote to Minnie  dident Hear no news nor have no fun to day.  feel to night like the north end of a Horse going south.

Feb 5th '97
havent done much to day  hitched up the Horses and Hauled a couple of load of wood this forenoon  this after noon I went up the river after my wolf baits  came Home and cut some wood then it was night  it snows and it is warm  I have read till I cant Half see.  no fun to day every thing dull

Feb 6th '97
Stayed to the House all day and cut wood and dident cut much either  have not seen any boddy to day  nothing to say a word to but the Horses and Chickens and if they know what I say they have the Start of me for I cant talk Chicken worth a dam  it has been a dark and dismal day.  the sun has not shone out bright for six long days

Feb 7th '97
Sunday  got up at 9 sharg  done the Chores and went down to Hirams   got my Hair cut  had dinner  Smoked  crossed my legs and was sociable.  came back to Marions  stopped a while and Heard Mr. Durand yard it  came Home  it was dark  that is all

Feb 8th '97
Went to cutting som logs this morning.  Mr Sawyer came along but dident have his Gun so I dident get shot yet  tried to reason with Him  could do better reasinging with a damd Hog  I forbid Him crossing my place four different times to day and if I Had the money to pay my fine I should Have thumped the Shit out of Him.  Went down to Hirams  eat supper with Him then came Home and read the paper and now it is 10:30 and I am off for the roost

Feb 9th '97
got up this morning sick  Have been sick all day  I started for Mr Spaffords this morning with blood in my eye  met Mr Sawyer comming with logs  I stopped Him and asked Him what in Hell He meant  He wanted to know if He hurt my land and I told Him not damd bit.  but He couldn't ride me for a minute and that I was on my way to sue Him for trespass but if He would be a man and stop the warrent I would come Home and let Him go across with His logs  Well the poor son of - though it was His best way so now we are on kissing tearms.  well I choped two trees down and nearly coughed my liver out doing it.  Hartly Chase came this after noon and we Had a good talk

Feb 10th '97
was sick all night an am sick to day  Have done nothing but the chores  Have been a bed most all day.  hante seen no one to day

Feb 11th '97
feel better to day  but Havent done much just the chores and cut 2 logs  it Has stormed all day  Havent seen anny one to day  havent no neighbors  noboddy cares a dam whether I live or die but I will fool them  a trip  I ante agoing to die  I shall live till I have plenty of money and then wont I have lots of Friends and visitors to inquire after my Health

Feb 12th '97
feel a little better do day but feel like Hell yet.  done nothing but cut a little wood  havent seen anny boddy to day.  guess they are all dead but me and I am just alive  well it is ten oc  I have just filed my toe nails with the saw file and now I am agoing to bed.

Feb 13 '97
feel a little more like living to day  Have done nothing  the wind Has blowed a gale all day  I couldn't walk straight.  See 2 persons and a Horse to day  Old ross and boy and Horse on their way to Spooner.  Chet Kezer came down from the castle and stoped and gabed with me a few minutes.  the wind still Howls and it is snowing  it is a large night  to large for comfort and to cold for fun  so I will Sleep on it or on the bed and let Her blow

Feb 14th '97
a nice day  Had lots of company to day  Mr Brown  Mr Jackson and Mr Kezer all took dinner with me.  we Had a good chat all round and a smoke all round except Mr Jackson  He chewed and spit.  nothing of a startling nature Has Happened to day

Feb 15th '97
went down to Hirams stayed till after dinner come Home  have done no work to day  dont feel good  cough most of the time and spit the rest

Feb 16th '97
am tired to night.  havent done much to day  cut some wood this forenoon and this after noon cut a couple of pine for logs and it has tired me out that and the cough to gather.  havent seen a person to day.  dull on Bitter creek

Feb 17th '97
tired to night.  ben cutting logs to day  all alone and lonesom.  havent seen any one to day  I guess every boddy stays at Home this mean weather  hope it will clear up and not be so dull and dreary it makes me have the blues

Feb 18th '97
a nice day  the Sun shone all day.  the first day that the Sun has rose and shone clear all day this month.  this forenoon I cut logs and this after noon I cut stovewood.  havent seen or heard anny boddy to day

Feb 19th '97
Well there is a change in the weather  cloudy again  Roy was up to day we had a good visit or I did sure of that.  He stayed and had dinner with me  WEll I was chopping and piling pine tops and rassing logs to day  am tired to night  am going to bed early to night and rest my old bones if I can

Feb 20th '97
a dark stormy morning  dident get up till 8  cut stove wood all I done today  dident see anny boddy to day  wrote a letter to Minnie to night am going to bed right off.

Feb 21st '97
went down to Hirams this morning  Hiram had gone after Hay with Mr Brown.  dident see him  stayed till after dinner then came Home.  Bernard came along and stoped and chined and smoked  He had been up to Sand Lake nothing exciting to day  the wind Howels and the snow blows to night

Feb 22nd '97
a stormy day.  Went up the swamp making road and cutting wood and fencing  saw Mr Sawyer  He was breaking the road out and was as good as Hell  He had a big smile on his fiz like a boot jack and I think He feels better since He had his boy

Feb 23rd '97
a nice day but colder than blazes  dident do much to day  only cut 3 logs  am lame in my hip from wading in the snow yesterday  havent seen anny boddy to day.  feel lonesom to night and tired out  Oh it is Hell on earth living as I do  will it always be the same I wonder

Feb 24th '97
dident do anny work to day  it snowd this forenoon and this after noon  I started to go up to Mr Browns and got as far as Mr Spaffords  Mrs Spafford told me that Mr B. was not Home.  So I just crossed my legs and was sociable for a spell and then came Home like a good Boy and now I am a goint to bed.

Feb 25th '97
dident get up til sun rise  went down to the loggin road to see Brown but dident See Him  came back stoped at Marions Castle and hat a chat with Mrs Chester Kezer then came on Home  met Mr Sawyer and stoped and chinned with Him this after noon  I went over the river and dug a Hay stack out from under the snow then went down to Marions landing got Home at sun down  am tired  Hard work wading in the snow  Hope it will get warmer for it is to cold  my Hip pains me to night.

Feb 26 '97
dident rest good last night  got up tired this morning  dident do anny thing  this forenoon and not much this afternoon  I went up the swamp to cut some wood  it was so cold I nearly froze up  dident stay long  got back to the House with my nose froze and the rest of me so cold I couldnot spit  havnot seen any one to day and if it dont warm up I guess everything will freeze  I am half sick  it is so cold that I cant work and the time seems so dull  no one to speak to  all I hear to night is the wind Howling down the stove pipe and the fire a snaping and roaring it makes me lonesom  I wish I Had even a dog for company but I am to poor to own one but I will hope for better days  my back aches to night  I will go to bed mabe I will have a better time a sleep who knows.

Feb 27 '97
got up this morning when I got ready  dident do a tap (?) this forenoon  this afternoon I went down to Hirams found them all smart  stayed a little while and came Home and went patching.  Chet Kezer came in and chinned a while with me  it is still cold and I am to lazy to do anny thing till it gets warmer

Feb 28 '97
Sunday and a little warmer  well I went up to Marions Castle to day and had a good visit with Chet and Neva  Stayed and took dinner with them then came Home and read the news  my knee pains me some to night and I guess it will storm again or thaw one  I hope thaw.  no more this month

Chapter 3

Bitter Creek

March 1st '97
a nice day  Went up the swamp this morning cutting wood  Seen Sawyer and White Hauling logs  met Mrs Kezer as I came Home and talked a minute with Her.  Chet was here this morning  He stoped in  he went up to Mr Jacksons.  this after noon I went down to Marions landing  came back and went a Hauling Hay across the river on the Hand Sled  am tired to night

Mar 2nd '97
a stormy day.  went and go the rest of the Nay across the river this morning.  then went over to the Swamp an austin lake cutting fence poles.  Saw mssrs Brown and Spafford  chinned a while with them.  came Home  it was night  nothing speical to day

Mar 3rd  '97
wetn over to the swamp this morning cutting fenceing  went from there down to Hirams and took dinner then He hitched up and brought me Home and broke the road out.  I got a letter from jin (?) today so I have heard from nebraska once more

Mar 4 '97
went down to Hirams this morning and got Him and His team and went up to Hat Beers old place and got some leven that I got from Mr Brown  came back to Hirams and got dinner then came Home and He set a shoe on old Dan then went Home and I went to the river shoveling snow so I can get some Hay  I am tired to night  my back aches and it Hurts me to cough.  seen lots of folks to day but hadent time to chin much

Mar 5th '97
a stormy morning  I dont feel extra to day  hitched up the Horses and drawed a couple of loads of wood this forenoon  this afternoon dident do nothing  Marion came down and we had a visit  He stayed and took supper with me and I say we was sociable.  nothing exciting to day.

Mar 6 '97
went down to the river tramping a road to get Hay  when I got Home Marion was Here  He stayed and took dinner with me.  the rest of to day havent done much  Husked a little corn and cook beans for Sunday  nothing alarming to day

Mar 7 '97
went down to the river after a jag of Hay this forenoon  got both of the Horses in the mud but got out all right with about 200 of Hay  this after noon it snowed so like blazes I dident do nothing only mump

Mar 8 '97
a warm day  it thawed some today  it is warm to night.  went down to the river this morning and went to hauling Hay on the hand Sled out of the marsh and I hauled all day and got it out and I am so tired to night that I cant see the back of my kneck  I havent seen anny boddy to day.

Mar 9th '97
was Hauling Hay this forenoon with the Horses this afternoon  I got the snow off the House and stable then I done some washing  then I went up the Swamp and shot a rabbit and fried it for my Supper  havent seen anny boddy to speak to this long day

Mar 10th '97
dident feel good this mroning  cut some wood this forenoon  this afternoon went down to Hirams Mr & Mrs Dumont was there  we had a good time  dident get Home till after dark

Mar 11th '97
dident do a stop to day  it has been a howling blizzard most all day and kept it up to night the snow is drifted so that I can hardly get to the stable and still keeps piling up  the worst storm this winter.  have not seen any one to day  a bad night  things look dreary on Bitter Creek

Mar 12th '97
a nice day.  Well all that I done to day was to shovel snow and cut Stove wood.  the Stable door was drifted nearly to the top and the creek was buried up level and I had to dig to find it.  I hope that there wont be anny more blizzards this spring  Seen no one to day

Mar 13th '97
another Stormy day  all I have done to day is to cut a little wood  I dont feel right atal  my legs and back aches all the time for the last 2 days and I hante the ambition of a louse to do anny thing.  havent seen anny one to day

Mar 14th '97
a nice clear day but cold  nothing a going on to day  I split a little wood this forenoon  this after noon I though that I would try the snow so I started and for Marions Castle the snow is puk deep  Well I went up there no boddy Home  all looked dreary  no tracks only mine and they looked tired.  Well I came back Home and I guess that I looked tired for I was wore out.  havent seen no boddy to day  all I have seen out side the family was one little red squirel and one poor hungry wood pecker

Mar 15th '97
annother nice day  Hiram came up this morning on snow shoes to see if I was still on the top side  He found me fresh as a juniper bush.  He stayed a little while then I went with Him up to Marions  He was Home nursing a frozen toe that the frost catched for Him.  Hiram went on Home 
I stayed and took dinner with Mr Kezer then I came Home but we had a good chat just the same.  well there ante nothing in the House to read and all ther is for me to do is to mump and grunt and I am good for that if nothing else.

Mar 16th '97
warm and clear to day  this fore noon I choped some wood  this after noon I Had visitors  Mr Marion Kezer from the castle and Mr Wm. Penny from the east end.  we had a great visit  Mr Penny Stayed and took Supper with me but mr Kezer said He hadent time as he had to cut wood for night  nothing in the way of news to day

Mar 17th '97
a rainy day  havent done enough to day to take the cuss off  cut a little wood and went up to Marions but He wasent Home  I found His tracks and his pocekt book then I came Home.  it is still raining.  havent seen no one to day

Mar 18th '97
a warm cloudy day  Started to go to carcus (?)  got to Hirams  He was gone so I dident anny farther  stayed and took dinner  Had a good visit then came Home and done my chores that is all 

Mar 19th '97
a lonesom day it has rained all day.  the House is a mud puddle  there is a little spot it dont leak and ther is where I have been most of the day.  the stable is a pond and I don't know what to do and so I dont do nothing  if I could fly I would find a dry place to roost to night  Hante heard nor see no boddy to day

Mar 20th '97
it stoped storming some time last night but it has been a dark day.  I went up to Marions to day found Him at Home stayed and took dinner with Him  dident Hear nothing of importinence to day

Mar 21st '97
a nice warm day  dident do nothing to day  was alone all day  dident see no one  lonesom and lazy.  dont know what to do out of every thing and no money to get anny thing with and if that ante Hell what is

Mar 22nd '97
a nice day. cut a little wood to day thats all  Marion came down this morning and ground his ax  then he came and got old nell to draw logs for a Hen coop then He came to bring her Home and stayed and took supper with me and it hante fun  so lonesom to day

Mar 23rd '97
nothing done to day  Mr J. Fuller was Here to day and took dinner  He was as full of talk as ever  Marion was down this after noon  we went down to the river where I was marking logs but it was to cold and we dident stay long  nothing of nate to day

Mar 24th '97
dident do nothing to day.  J Fuller took dinner with me again to day  Will Penny was Here to day  I went up to Marions to night  Stayed and took supper with Him and done lots of chinning

Mar 25th '97
Went up to J Fullers this forenoon after a bushel of corn  hauled it Home on the Hand Sled  Ray was up this afternoon  He brought me a letter from Minnie  Well I dident do nothing this after noon but I am tired just the same

Mar 26th '97
hauled Hay on the hand Sled this forenoon  this after noon I cut wood but dident get much cut  the snow is so bad that I cant half work and I am to lazy to hurt my self  dident see anny boddy to day  it all went my way on bitter creek to day

Mar 27th '97
Worked at the Same old trade of doing nothing to day but it dont pay.  Marion was down this morning and Roy was Here to day  nothing special to day

Mar 28th '97
it has been a long lonesome day  I havent seen noboddy to day  every thing has been quiet on Bitter creek to day  I have prowled around where the snow is off  there is a few little patches bare and the rest is snow and water.  Saw three ducks to day and looked for more but didn't se ann

Mar 29th '97
was Hauling Hay through the water on the hand sled this forenoon  Marion came down to the stack  the water was over his rubbers  He stayed on the stack till I got what Hay I was agoing to haul then He got on the Hand Sled and I hauled Him ashore.  This afternoon I cut some wood and chored around.  saw 2 chip stanks 1 flock Bird and a white hawk to day

Mar 30th '97
Went down to Hirams this morning had a good visit   Darious came down there and brought me Home and we had a good chat  then I went up to Marions and some fun with Him.  Hartley Chase was Here this morning  He was on His way to find work if He could

Mar 31st '97

hauled Hay on the hand sled this forenoon.  this after noon I was clearing up pine tops  Marion was down this morning after some corn for His chickens  He dident stay long  the rest of the time I have had it just my way.  Oh I am boss on Bitter Creek and dont you forget it.  Old march is played out to night   the stove pipe is howling  the wind is a blowing  and I am off to bed 

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