William T. Rinehart, M.D.
William T. Rinehart, M.D.

WILLIAM T. RINEHART, M.D., general practitioner and proprietor of Rinehart's Hospital, Ashland, Wis., has won distinction in both branches of his profession, being a recognized authority in each whereever his name is known. He was born in Waynesburg, Pa., Dec. 27, 1855, and is a son of Marshall and Mina Rinehart.

After completing his literary education, Dr. Rinehart matriculated at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, where he took the regular course of lectures, graduating there-from in 1886. Immediately thereafter he came West, spending a few months in a hospital at Eau Claire, Wis. In April of the following year he came to Ashland and under the auspices of the American Aid Association established a hospital which he successfully managed until 1890, when he relinquished the management. During the season of 1891 he erected his present hospital building, a commodius and modern structure, designed and erected according to the best known plans of hygiene. In 1900 a woman's hospital and a training school for nurses were added to the establishment, in all having a capacity for seventy-five patients and ten students in the training school, which comprises a three year course. A xspecialty is made of surgical cases and all diseases not contagious are treated. Dr. Rinehart's eminence as a surgeon is justly due to the success that has attended his operations in many most difficult cases, and as a result is know throughout the United States and Canada. Since the establishment of his hospital in Ashland more than ten thousand patients have been admitted and treated. He also enjoys a large office practice. The hospital is modern in its equipment, with all essential apparatus, is heated by hot water and has electric lighting, being in every particular thoroughly metropolitan.

In addition to discharging the manifold duties of his calling, Dr. Rinehart has found time to devote to the health and well being of the public in another direction, having served as county and city physician a number of years; he has also been health commissioner of the city for a number of years, and he is examining surgeon for the Chicago & North Western Railway Company.

Dr. Rinehart was united in marriage, Oct. 13, 1887, to Anna, daughter of P.A. and Tres (Campbell) Chesley, natives of Cornwall, Canada, and New York, respectively. Mrs. Rinehart is a true helpmeet of her husband, being deeply interested in his professional work, with which she has familiarized herself by close observation and study. She has from the establishment of the hospital taken upon herself the duties of matron and very largely attended to its business management and much of the success of the institution as a business venture may be attributed to her skill.

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