The Iron River Pioneer Deaths
Death Notices As Published in the Iron River Pioneer

1908 - Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Compiled by Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the PIONEER from 1898 to 1952

This is a summary of Birth, marriage and death records as printed in this weekly newspaper. More complete information may be obtained by consulting the microfilm of the papers at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis, 53706.

Copyright - Zoe von Ende Lappin - April 1985. Information very generously donated to the Bayfield County Website by the author.

Deaths reported in the Iron River Pioneer, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, 29 September 1894 through 1908. Paper was known as the Homestead until April 11, 1895.

January 1908
Mr. Larkin in Cadott, Wis., Dec. 11
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Thiele of Ino, Jan. 4
Emma J. Paterson, 44, wife of Dr. J.A. Paterson, nee Crockett, Jan. 19. Long Obituary
Birdie Joy, wife of Louis Joy of Brule, age 23, nee Birdie Emerson, Jan. 18
Mrs. Matt alton (nee Josephine Macki), formerly of Iron River, in Aurora, Minn., before Jan. 30

February 1908
Daughter, 8 months, of Mr. & Mrs. E.G. Huberty, Feb. 3
Mrs. Frank Hammell, before eEb. 6
Mr. Stewart in Ontario, age 75, father of Dr. P.B. Stewart of Iron River, before Feb. 6
Esther Lindstrom, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Lindstrom, before Feb. 13
Ole P. Swanby, Washburn banker, suicide, Feb. 18
Rose Goetsch, 10, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Goetsch, Feb. 13
Mrs. Jos. Youngberg (nee Laura Blair) of Lake Nebagamon, Feb. 25

March 1908
Nels Peter Jensen, 33, of Oulu, in Ashland March 3
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rorvig, Feb. 29
Henry Ryden, Poplar Pioneer, at Ogden Utah, before March 19
John Driscoll, formerly of Iron River, in Superior before March 19
Frank McKenna, March 25
Stella Lee, 5, daughter of Mr. & mrs. Nick Peterson, before March 26; burial in Baldwin, Wis.

April 1908
Gus Johnson, formerly of Iron River, in Hibbing, Minn., before April 2
Oscar Johnson, also known as Oscar Stocke, found dead March 27
Nathan T. Stratton, 75, father of Louis T. Stratton, in Toledo, Ohio, before April 2
Joseph Hall of near Washburn, murdered, body found, April 7
Thomas Doherty, Poplar Postmaster, April 14
Mr. Hall in Camby, Minn., father of William Hamm of Barnes
Mrs. Harry Brace, nee Mabel Hill, in Ashland April 19
Andrew Smith of Washburn, suicide near Cornucopia, april 20
Father of Mrs. William Ploeckelman, name not given, polace not given, before April 30
Col. Myron H. McCord, 67, in Phoenix, brother of Warren E. McCord, April 27

May 1908
Mrs. Alvin A. Findley, nee Ida O. Harke, 28, May 3. Long Obituary
Charley Jones, about 45, of Ashland, suicide in Ashland, before May 7
Alexander Sevalia murdered Jan. 5
W.M. Thompkins, 63, Ashland Lawyer, May 16
Sarah Ripley, 87, widow of Thomas L. Ripley, May 24. Long Obituary
Niece of Rose Barrett in Chippewa Falls, May 24
E.W.B. Harvey, 73, of LeClair, May 23. Buried at Lake Negabamon

June 1908
Mrs. Jos. Trotechaud (nee Hilda Goutsch), formerly of Iron River, in coeur d'Alene, Idaho, May 23
Toivo Suomala, 6, son of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Suomala of Oulu, June 13
Mrs. Peter Broff of Port Wing, before June 18
Son, 13 months, of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Barker, June 16
Child, 6 months, of Mr. & Mrs. Overdahl. Buried at Lake Nebagamon; before June 25
Nels Nelson, 94, of Orienta, June 20

July 1908
Father of Frank & Basil Rocheleau in Grand Rapids, Minn., before July 2
Mrs. Antoine Quebec, bit by train, July 6
Chrsit Adams, suicide, July 6
Richard Reynolds, 55, hit by train at Mellen, before July 9
Johnny Keneski, 9, drowned at Ashland, July 5
Mrs. E.G. Huberty (nee McGuire), formerly of Iron River, at Saxon, July 11
J.A. McNabb, 50, of Toronto, brother-in-law of Dr. P.B. Stewart of Iron River, drowned in St. Lawrence River, before July 23
Willie Olson, 11, son of Chris Olson, drowned July 18
Dan McDonald, formerly of Iron River, in International Falls, Minn., before July 23
Patrick DeMars, 14, July 17
Christina Peterson, 30, wife of Ed Peterson, July 23

August 1908
Johnny McLain, son of Mrs. Dan Beaton, died and buried at Missoula, Mont., before Aug. 6
H.J. Hume, 27, wife, 22, and child, drowned in Lake Nebagamon Aug. 2
O.J. Dodge, formerly of Iron River, in Houston, before Aug. 20
Mrs. P.B. Stewart (nee Charlotte C. Cole of Muskegon, Mich.,) 35, Aug. 14
Brother of Dr. J.A. Paterson in Ontario, before Aug. 27

September 1908
Daughter, 4 months, of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mitechell, Aug. 27
Clarence W. Johnson, 18 months, son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Johnson, Sept. 2
Gordon I. Weber, dynamite blast at Barksdale, Sept. 15 (missing and presumed blown up)

October 1908
Adolphe Wilde, 57, of Barnes Sept. 27
Mike Coffee, about 75, Sept. 28
Mrs. Leopold Pierce (nee Rosa Brunette), 49, Oct.2; buried in LaCrosse.
Daughter, age 1 week, of Mr. & Mrs. H.J. Benoit, Oct. 1
Frank Sawicki of Mellen, hunting accident, Oct. 11
Lester Cain, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Cain of Nary, Minn., formerly of Iron River, Oct. 17
Sister of Mrs. Jerry Day in Chippewa Falls, before Oct. 29

November 1908
Richard McCue, 50, in Ashland, Nov. 11
Ervil A. Thiese, 33, Nov. 21. Long Obituary

December 1908
Matt Osti of Oulu, Dec. 3
Cousin of Rev. C.E. Maves, killed by lightning, place not reported, Nov. 25
John McCarthy, son of Mrs. Anna McCarthy, at home for the feeble-minded in Chippewa Falls, Dec. 5
James P. McGowan, formerly of Iron River, in superior, Dec. 14; and brother Thomas, formerly of Iron River, in Saginaw, Mich., Dec. 13. Both buried in Merrill, Wis.
Mrs. Charlotte A. Messner, 85, at Winneboujou Dec. 16; funeral at Lake Nebagamon

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