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Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the Iron River PIONEER from 1898 to 1952, has obtained permission for us to post the Memories and Yesteryear columns that are printed weekly in the Bayfield COUNTY JOURNAL, successor  to the PIONEER and other newspapers in the county. The COUNTY JOURNAL announced the upcoming Web postings in its Dec. 3O, 1999, edition with the headline, "Genealogy columns to appear on the web".

I would like to thank Eric Sharp, Editor of the Bayfield County Journal for his willingness to work with us in our genealogical search. We look forward to the wonderful articles that will appear here. Thank you also to Zoe von Ende Lappin for all her work and the hours of typing.

County Journal, Washburn WI, July 6, 2000


Tony Woiak

Taken from the Washburn Times July 7, 1910

The Owls organize with 75 members and the officers were: W.E. BRACKETT, T.H. ROBINSON, William HAMILTON, C. HOLBERG, Eben BURDICK, Nels OSTROM and H. DARLING. (There was a tavern here in town called Owls, which got that name when Charles "Chick" SHERIDAN’s father, James, found an owl nearby.) Deaths: the 4-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Otto ANDERSON; the 4-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob JOHNSON, the 2-month-old girl of Mr. and Mrs. Duffy LaBELL of Houghton; John STETTER, an old Washburn pioneer. H.H. PEAVEY of Red Lake, Minn., was in town getting acquainted with Washburn. (H.H. probably had the second car in town that was owned by a Washburn resident. The first car may have been that of George GLACIER around 1909.) Ann FROSETH and Paul PAULSON were married. Owen SWANSON told me that the Froseth School was up on Hungry Hill.

50 Years Ago

Taken from the Washburn Times July 6, 1950

On the Fourth of July, Adm. William D. LEAHY visited Washburn. (He had supper at The Swan. He was chief of staff for U.S. Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Truman.) Donald VIZANO, (Izzy’s brother) was at a radio school in Valparaiso, Ind. Brownie Scouts will organize under the leadership of Mrs. Orly LOWE, Mrs. Walter MOE, Mrs. Howard MOE and Mary Ann RODKEWICH. Born: A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Henry LIZOTTE on July 1. A 60-mile boat trip around the Apostle Islands on a BODIN Fisheries boat would run you just $1.50 for adults and $1 for children. Mr. and Mrs. George WELTY celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on June 29. Arlene HANSON designed the winning float for the Washburn Commercial Club in the July 4th parade in Ashland. The Washburn Merchants Baseball team consisting of STEFINSKE, BOLIN, LUKASKAWCEZ, ZINSKI, ANDERSON, HANSON, NEWMAN, HUDSON and LINDBLAD lost to the Washburn City Team 7-3.

25 Years Ago

Taken from the Washburn Times July 10, 1975

THOMPSON’s West End Park (which is named after the longtime mayor, the Honorable Hans THOMPSON), had 42 campsites while Memorial Park (which DuPONT helped bring to a reality) had 72 campsites. STEWART’s Lodge in Iron River advertised that they had the "Best Smorgasbord in the world." John BURLAGER, 80, who was born in Washburn in 1894, and who worked at DuPONT for many years, passed away. At the local A&W you could get a big free gals of root beer with fishburger or shrimpburger. Clyde’s Market was about where the holiday station is. my father, Larry WOIAK Sr., and Scott SMITH were in the hospital recuperating. (This column is dedicated in memory of my dad.

10 Years Ago

Taken from the County Journal, July 12, 1990

The ABC Thrift Shop moved across from Frenchie’s into the building that was once occupied by Darlene’s On the Bay. (The ABC thrift hop is a tremendous asset to our community and those involved with it should be congratulated.) The DNR is talking about putting elk into Bayfield County. Rudy FRECHETTE is running for re-election for his sheriff’s position. Leona’s is back in a new location on Madeline Island, reported Tommy NELSON, who runs it along with Steve EGGEN. The new place is called Club Leona. Washburn A&W manager Wendy PRATT reports that the winners in the A&W June Bike.

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