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Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the Iron River PIONEER from 1898 to 1952, has obtained permission for us to post the Memories and Yesteryear columns that are printed weekly in the Bayfield COUNTY JOURNAL, successor  to the PIONEER and other newspapers in the county. The COUNTY JOURNAL announced the upcoming Web postings in its Dec. 3O, 1999, edition with the headline, "Genealogy columns to appear on the web".

I would like to thank Eric Sharp, Editor of the Bayfield County Journal for his willingness to work with us in our genealogical search. We look forward to the wonderful articles that will appear here. Thank you also to Zoe von Ende Lappin for all her work and the hours of typing.

The County Journal, Washburn WI, Feb. 17, 2000


Tony Woiak

Taken from the Washburn Times February 11, 1937

Some Walker High School honor students: Naomi Thompson, Lois Kasmarek, Robert Thompson, Lorraine Doucette, Dorothy Lindblad and Kenny Joanis. "Bud" Bodin broke his leg on the Mt. Valhalla toboggan run. A few more members of the Washburn Rifle Club: L. Lysager, A. Swanson, K. Rogers, T. Arseneau, A. Bodin, E. Foltz, C. Thoreson. V. Stauffer, C. Wedin and C. Zanto. Prices at Obe V. Rasmussen's Washburn Pharmacy: cigarettes 2 packs for 25 cents, Bayer Aspirin 69 cents a bottle, Alka Seltzer 49 cents, Kleenex 31 cents a box, a pint of rubbing alcohol 19 cents, five pounds of Epsom Salt tablets 29 cents, and a quart of cod liver oil was only 98 cents.

50 Years Ago

Taken from the Washburn Times February 16, 1950

Jerry Gierzek's 21 points and Dick Bratley's 12 points led the Washburn Castle Guards to a 55-53 victory over DePadua. Peter Halverson, 71, who came to Washburn in 1925, passed away. The Garfield School's flags were raised on Feb. 22, 1900. At that time there were 200 kids in school and the teachers were: Myrtle Hobbs Hulbert, Charlotte Lowe, Mabel Smith and Laura Irish. Liz Hawkes was chairman of the Bayfield County Democrats. S. Sgt. Gerald Kile was stationed in Alaska. Frances Frechette had a Girl Scout Valentine's Party at her house and her gusts were: Carol and Jane Gago, Carol Steen, Janice Wick, Jean Stephenson, Joan Holman, Barbara and Cecelia King, Janet McAndrews, Betty Zanto, Pauline White, Janet Bratley, Elizabeth Bednarski, Betty Rodkewich, Annabel Mesner, Arlene Truchon, Lucy Gierzak and Sylvia Sheridan.

25 Years Ago

Taken from the Washburn Times Feb. 13, 1975

The Seventh Annual Men's Club Winter Carnival will be held at Mt. Valhalla on March 2. Betty Handberg and Alice Maassen present Fr. Vincent Bromley with a new cookbook, "Everything but the Kitchen Sink." (These St. Louis cookbooks sold for $3 each.) (This column is dedicated in memory of my good neighbor Betty Handberg.( The Black Bears of Glidden dealt the Washburn Castle Guards their first defeat of the season, 71-69. The following are some of the men who worked at DuPont's Barksdale Works plant firefighters brigade during the 1940s: "Bozo" Anderson, "Bud" Shayler, George Mager, "Sparky" Nelson, peter Hanson, Harold Carlson, Jack Beaulieu, Art Nelson and 'Dolph" Swanson.

10 Years Ago

Taken from the County Journal February 15, 1990

1,661 skiers showed up for the Pre-Birkie including Noel Hong, David Lee, Rose Hillebrand, Dennis Isely and Thomas Lindsey. Dave Snyder gave a talk about the Apostle islands at Iron River. Leino's 76 finished first place in a bowling tournament at Red Cliff and on the team was: Roy Roberts, Ray Carlson, Terry nelson, Roger Gustafson and Michael James Amrein. Reinard Johnson, 94, passed away.

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