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Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the Iron River PIONEER from 1898 to 1952, has obtained permission for us to post the Memories and Yesteryear columns that are printed weekly in the Bayfield COUNTY JOURNAL, successor  to the PIONEER and other newspapers in the county. The COUNTY JOURNAL announced the upcoming Web postings in its Dec. 3O, 1999, edition with the headline, "Genealogy columns to appear on the web".

I would like to thank Eric Sharp, Editor of the Bayfield County Journal for his willingness to work with us in our genealogical search. We look forward to the wonderful articles that will appear here. Thank you also to Zoe von Ende Lappin for all her work and the hours of typing.

County Journal, Dec. 9, 1999


Tony Woiak

Taken from the Washburn Bee, April 4, 1885

The following officials of the C.St.P.M. & O. Ry. came up the line on Wednesday. E.W. Winter, Asst. Pres.; J.M. Whitman, Gen. Supt. F.B. Clark, Gen. Traffic; and E. M. Saunders, Pres. Northwestern Fuel Co. Mrs. J.R. Hill, P.L. Boyden, Miss Sarah K. Amsden and Lini Mayo visited Ashland on Monday. Prof. Dennison was in town working in the interests of the illustrated edition of the Bayfield County Press. One noticeable thing last season was the number of peddlers and auction stores that flocked from Ashland like ‘birds of prey,” whose passage was marked by the golden inducements of “pay day” on the road. As far as we know, not one red cent of revenue  was paid to the town by these “vultures” preying on our home merchants. What makes our merchants mad is this: a man comes into Washburn with a bankrupted stock of goods and he sells them at an auction. A home dealer steps in and observes parties who have been owing  him for goods for some time past, who were buying goods from this “peddler.” Capt. N.D. Moore of Ashland and Joseph L. Colby of the Wisconsin Central drove over from Ashland and returned on the business car on Wednesday. J.D. McDonald left for Bruce to take charge of some railroad work for Messrs. Henry and Balch.

50 Years Ago

Taken from the Washburn Times Dec. 1, 1949

Vic Merila retires from DuPont after 25 years. On Dec. 3rd, Mrs. Herman Melstrand of Benoit gives the name “The Swan” to Mr. and Mrs. Erick Swanson’s new eating establishment on West Bayfield Street. (The Swan is now home to the County Journal.) Deaths: Andrew Hughes, 72, early Washburn pioneer and a member of Company K, Washburn’s  Spanish-American war outfit. Company K didn’t actually get to fight in the war, but they did win many honors at  Camp Shippe in Anniston, Ala. Theyl ost two men to typhoid fever. They were called the Wing Guards after Bayfield’s Col. Issac (sic) Wing, who Port Wing is named after.  They even had a mascot, an eagle, which they named Wing. Charles Sheridan takes photos of the herring run at Bayfield. Some  successful deer hunters in 1949: Maurice Haugen, Art Soderstrom, Bert LaHai, Lawrence Guski, LeRoy Stock, Madore Begin, Mellie Moe, Elmer Bodin, “Spike” Oberts. N.O. Stephenson, Ora Brink, George Mager Sr., Gene Stauffer, Harry Mattson and Frank Bednarski.

25 Years Ago

Taken from the Washburn Times December 5, 1974

WHS nips the Aggies from Ondossagon 43-41 in basketball behind Scott Sneed’s 13 points and Scott Foss’ 8 points. Steve Siroin, a second grader, won  $10 in a contest sponsored by Schweigert Meat Company of Minneapolis. Bayfield Band Director Gary Holman led his band in a concert  held at St. Louis School. Bill Doucette recalls  his early days in Washburn.

10 Years Ago

Taken from the County Journal December 7, 1989

Pictured on the front page of the County Journal were some of Mary Bondeson’s violin students: Nica Christensen, Brent St. Germain, Ethan Cole, Maureen Anderson and Claire Regnier. Steve Swedberg is in William Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” play at UW-Eau Claire. Born: A son to Mr. and Mrs. Brad Lundmark on Nov. 29. A baby shower was held at Flavia’s Italian Restaurant for Lisa Greenwood. Some lucky deer hunters of 1980 (must mean 1989): Tammy DeMars, James Ogilvie, Jim Parks, Randy Zifko, Lenny Conklin, Cindy Landraint, Alvin Bratley, Bob Follis, Reuben Guski, Janet Carlson, John Nyara, Ben Potter, Greg Warren, Larrry Blakeley and Ed Nourse.

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