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Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the Iron River PIONEER from 1898 to 1952, has obtained permission for us to post the Memories and Yesteryear columns that are printed weekly in the Bayfield COUNTY JOURNAL, successor  to the PIONEER and other newspapers in the county. The COUNTY JOURNAL announced the upcoming Web postings in its Dec. 3O, 1999, edition with the headline, "Genealogy columns to appear on the web".

I would like to thank Eric Sharp, Editor of the Bayfield County Journal for his willingness to work with us in our genealogical search. We look forward to the wonderful articles that will appear here. Thank you also to Zoe von Ende Lappin for all her work and the hours of typing.

Bayfield County Journal, published in Washburn, Wis., January 6, 2000


Tony Woiak

Taken from the Washburn Times January 2, 1925

Some prices from 1925: men’s silk socks, 89 cents; a blanket, $3.45; men’s slippers, 95 cents; a brand-new Special Six Studebaker Sedan from the DeMars Bros., $2,150; a can of evaporated milk, 10 cents; 5 pounds of sugar, 39 cents; a pound of butter, 44 cents; a vacuum cleaner, $39.50; pocket knives, 50 cents to $3; sleds, $1.50 to $6. Some places in Washburn in 1925: DuPont Theatre (DuPont Club), DeMars Bros. (Ross Marine), Fox Bros. Drug Store, William Cordt’s Meat Market (between the city garage and the Superbowl), Harry Hanson’s Pioneer Grocery, Welty & Morke Tire Shop, Olson & Olson, Herb Mertz Billiard Parlor (the County Journal), Ike Berman’s Palace Store, Chicago Pack (Washington Avenue and Bayfield Street), Frank Tetzner’s Meats (where Bruce Terry has his office on West Bayfield Street), Dr. J.T. Sutherby, John Gibson’s Northwestern Fuel Company, (about where the Bremer Bank is on West Bayfield Street), Larson Bros. Grocery (where Doris’ Bar was) and the Washburn Times (this may have been about where LeRoy Smith’s Service Station was on West Bayfield Street and Washington Avenue, or right across from where Ross Marine is today).

50 Years Ago

Taken from the  Washburn Times January 5, 1950

Fred Hendon was elected to head the local Boy Scots. Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Fibley (sic) celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Dec. 31st. On leave: Ernest Bellile from Great Lakes, Ill.; Pvt. LeRoy  Smith from Ft. Riley, Kan.; Pfc. James Ledin, who was with the 44th Engineer Construction Battalion in Ft. Bragg, North  Carolina.  “Red” Anderson, Harry Randall, Richard Holvenstot, Harland Young and Scotty Hall were all attending college at UW-Madison. Carl Swanson and Clarence Holman attend the University of Southern California (USC) and Ohio State Rose Bowl Game. Deaths: Ernest Tetzner, 65, who was chairman for the Town of Washburn and son of Washburn pioneers, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Tetzner; Mrs. Ole Garberg, 58, who was born in Trondjem, Norway; William Felix, 80, who worked at DuPont and was an avid sportsman.

25 Years Ago

Taken from the Washburn Times January 2, 1975

Bertha Molnaa (sic) was honored at Court Manor in Ashland on her 81st birthday. Tom Siroin and Larry Woiak Jr. of the Washburn Men’s Club present Bob Sharp a check for $130 for the Washburn Boy Scouts. The money was raised during a benefit basketball game that the Men’s Club put on. (Three years before, the Men’s Club graciously played my Senior Class in a benefit basketball game for our beloved teacher, Lenny Kovachevich, who passed away a couple of months before we graduated. My class, the Class of ‘72, purchased the beautiful portrait of Lenny, which is still at WHS, with the money from the benefit game.) Deaths: Raymond Johnson, 60, husband of former Washburnite Violet Sanger; Walter Bender, 84, who was born in Washburn in 1890. (The Benders were one of the town’s pioneer families. Washburn’s first school Benderville was named after the family.) Edward Stock and Edward Smolen were shown with their fish while ice fishing out of Chequamegon Bay. (This column is dedicated in memory of two pretty good fishermen as well as guys, Eddie Smolen and Edward Stock.)

10 Years Ago

Taken from the County Journal January 4, 1990

Washburn’s radio station, WBWA, is under new ownership. Former Washburnite Howard Moe Jr. (WHS Class of ‘51) has taken over. The Glidden  Black Bears clobbered the Castle Guards of Washburn in Indianhead basketball action by a score of 85-35. Top scorer for Washburn was Arnie Siroin with 14 points. (This column is dedicated in memory of the best mother ever, my mom, Helen Woiak, who passed away two years ago, on Jan. 4, 1998.)

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