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Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the Iron River PIONEER from 1898 to 1952, has obtained permission for us to post the Memories and Yesteryear columns that are printed weekly in the Bayfield COUNTY JOURNAL, successor  to the PIONEER and other newspapers in the county. The COUNTY JOURNAL announced the upcoming Web postings in its Dec. 3O, 1999, edition with the headline, "Genealogy columns to appear on the web".

I would like to thank Eric Sharp, Editor of the Bayfield County Journal for his willingness to work with us in our genealogical search. We look forward to the wonderful articles that will appear here. Thank you also to Zoe von Ende Lappin for all her work and the hours of typing.

The County Journal, April 6, 2000


Tony Woiak

Taken from the Washburn Times April Fool's Day, 1915

Whether Washburn will remain "dry" (no liquor or alcoholic beverages made or sold in town) or go back to "wet" was on a lot of the voters' minds as the newspapers posed the question. The headlines read, 'The Saloon System Is Detrimental To Labor And the Employers Alike." "All Employers of Labor Favor Washburn without Saloons." ( . . . Washburn went "dry" in 1914. It would remain "dry" until the early 1930s.) Some candidates for offices in 1915: J.A. Sheridan (Chick's father), E.A. White, Frank Stuhlman, L.N. Clausen, Ole Handberg (Hoot's father), George Mertz, Thomas Lamoreaux, Charles P. Lysager (Carol Holman's father) and H.H. Peavey. Washburn's slogan to clean up the town: "A City Beautiful." DuPont was hiring 200 people for $2.15 per day. (This column is dedicated in memory of my friend, Earl McDonald.)

50 Years Ago

Taken from the Washburn Times March 30, 1950

Two long-time DuPont employees retired, Fred Rhody, who started in 1915, and Paul Paulson, who first began working at the Barksdale Works in 1909 (Paulson Road is named after his father, Eric, who was given land out in that area after an accident in the woods.)

25 Years Ago

Taken from the Washburn Times April 4, 1975

DuPont announced that it is closing the Barksdale Works Plant. The company began here in 1905. It was a major dynamite plant for making explosives for Michigan and Minnesota mining. It had the first TNT plant (1912) in America. The plant peaked during WWI when over 6,000 people were employed there. By 1966, the number was 500 workers. DuPont played a very important role in this area which benefited a whole lot of families. They helped Washburn with the making of Memorial Park, among other worthwhile projects. Dorothy Volak and Connie Carlos were elected to the WHS School Board. Rose Trempe celebrated her 97th birthday on March 31. An ad for the Handlebar (Superbowl) was in the paper. This column is dedicated in memory of my good friends, John and Nona Anderson.

10 Years Ago

Taken from the Washburn Times April 5, 1990 (Writer probably means County Journal.)

The last day of operation for the Washburn Landfill was on the first page. The dump before this was located out on County C, just before Stone's Corner, or the road to Big Rock. Cheryl Peterson, wife of Bruce Peterson, a former Washburnite, of Warrenville, Ill., won $1 million in the American Family Sweepstakes. She met with Ed McMahon out in Los Angeles. Washburn artist Karlyn Holman will talk about her trip to England with members of the Washburn Area Historical Society. Some Washburn Cub Scouts pictured in the paper were Mark Swanson, Adam Austin and Silas Zirn.

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