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Bayfield County,

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Business and Miscellaneous

This thriving town, the county seat of Bayfield county, is situated at the head of the noted "Apostle Islands," on Lake Superior, sixteen miles north of Ashland, at the northern terminus of the Wisconsin division of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Ry. The town site is located on an elevation gradually sloping to the water's edge, commanding a picturesque view of Lake Superior and the beautiful islands that lie on either side. Bayfield, aside from being a summer and tourists' resort, is also a point of considerable shipping and manufacturing advantages. The harbor is of easy access, admitting large lake vessels that ply between the ports of Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Duluth, with a daily service during the navigable season. It is considered that the harbor at this point, is one of the best and safest on Lake Superior, shut in as it is by the twelve or fifteen islands which serve as a breakwater during the heavy winds and high seas. At this point is located the largest fish packing establishment on Lake Superior, and this industry supplies considerable traffic with all accessible points in this branch of business.

The logging and lumber interests of Bayfield are some its important factors which place its advantages, in point of manufacturing, on a par with any of its sister towns, and in addition to this is to be considered its brown stone quarries, which are located within three to five miles of the town. This stone surpasses all other building stone, and is quarried and manufactured for that and other purposes. The court house was erected out of this material at a cost of $35,000. It is a model structure, and one of the most imposing monuments to the county of Bayfield, as well as to Northern Wisconsin, that could have been erected. The production of brown stone from these quarries is said to be inexhaustible, and it has already found a market in every important city that demands such material for either building or paving purposes. This, together with the lumber, timber and fishing industries, furnish considerable shipping and exporting from Bayfield, and therefore it takes rank with much larger ports on Lake Superior as a commercial point.

No tourist or traveler to this section of the Northwest ever returns without first having visited Bayfield and picturesque Apostle Islands that surround the town, which not only furnish the visitor scenes of natural beauty, but also supplies a romance of historical reminiscences that are associated and allied with the name of each.

Bayfield has a water works system amply sufficient for its present demands. There are telephone connections with Washburn and Ashland, and telegraphic service, supplied by the Western Union Telegraph Company, with all points, American and Northern Pacific Express and Wisconsin Telephone Companies. The present population is estimated at 1,700. -- Louis J. Bachand, Postmaster


Harbor City Hall


Herrick's Opera House

County Government

Bayfield County

Bayfield County Seat


County Judge Alfred M. Warden
Sheriff Nolton Van Horn
Under Sheriff John T. Gonyon
Deputy Sheriff John Anderson
Clerk Allen T. Williams
County Attorney Wm. W. Downs
Treasurer Alonzo Knight
Surveyor David F. Glover
Superintendent of Public Schools Alba L. Ruggles
Register of Deeds Joel D. Cruttenden
Physician Henry Hannum
County Board Currie G. Bell, Bayfield
Wm. O'Neil, Washburn
G. Dahlby, Mason
Frank Drummond, Drummond

General state and county elections held first Tuesday after first Monday in November every second year. Next election held November, 1888.


Circuit Court

Fifteenth Judicial Circuit

Convenes in Bayfield first Tuesdays in April and October of each year, John K. Parish, Medford, circuit judge; Joel D. Cruttenden, clerk.

Commissioners Orlando Flanders
Lorenzo N. Clauson
District Attorney Wm. W. Downs

Probate Court

Judge Alfred M. Warden

Police Department

Chief of Police John T. Gonyon,
salary $75, per month
Patrolman George Wilkinson

Business Associations

Business Men's Association of Bayfield

President Currie G. Bell
Vice President Andrew Tate
Secretary O. Flanders
Treasurer J. D. Cruttenden
Corresponding Secretary F. W. Denison


Catholic Church

Christ Church

Front bet Rice and Sweeney aves. Organized, 1858; membership, 600; Sunday services, 8 a.m.; high mass, 10:30 a.m.; vespers and benediction at 3 p.m.; mass, daily at 8 a.m.

Pastor - Rev. J. Gafron


Methodist Episcopal

M. E. Church

Third, near Washington ave. Organized 1882; membership, 55; Sunday services, 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday-school, 3 p.m.; prayer and class meeting Thursday at 7 p.m.

Pastor - Rev. J. T. Bryan



Presbyterian Church

Corner Third and Washington aves. Organized, 1887; membership, twenty-four.



Episcopal Church

Third, near Washington ave. Organized 1872; membership, sixteen.


Convent of St. Francis

Sister Vincent, Superior.

Express Companies

American Express Company


R. Inglis


Northern Pacific Express Company


S. E. Mahan


United States Express Company


S. E. Mahan

Incorporated Companies

A. Booth Packing Company
Incorporated, 1887 -- Capital, $1,000,000

President A. Booth
Secretary & Treasurer W. V. Booth
Manager John W. Atwood


Bayfield Hydraulic Company
Incorporated, 1870 -- Capital, $50,000

President Andrew Tate
Secretary F. W. Denison
Treasurer Fred Fisher


Bayfield County Press

Office, corner Second and Rittenhouse aves. Editor and proprietor, Currie G. Bell. Published weekly. Issued Saturdays, at $2 per year.

Post Office

Rittenhouse, between First and Second.

Postmaster Louis J. Bachand
Assistant Postmaster Miss Mary E. Mahan

Office Hours -- For delivery of mail and sale of stamps, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays, open from 7 to 8 a.m. and 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Registry Office -- Valuable letters will be registered on application at the office between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Money Order Office -- Open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Bayfield Lodge No. 215 F. and A. M.

W. M. Currie G. Bell
S. W. R. Baker
J. W. P. De Briae
Secretary H. Hannum
Treasurer A. Tate
S. D. F. W. Denison
J. D. Wm. Vannest
Tyler P. F. Rumrill


I. O. O. F

Harbor City Lodge No. 69

Meets every Thursday at Harbor City Hall.

N. G. A. Martin
V. G. N. Van Horn
Secretary E. F. Eccles
Treasurer C. G. Bell


I. O. G. T

Harbor City Lodge No. 316

Sen. W. C. T. A. E. Hill
Secretary L. E. Davis
Treasurer A. E. Hill, Jr.


A. O. U. W.

Gray Oak Lodge No. 101

Cor. Washington ave and Second.

M. W. Wm. King
Recorder George Flemming

Steamboat Lines

Lake Superior Transit Co.

Foot of Washington ave. Five boats weekly. Passengers and freight.


Robert Inglis


Lake Michigan and Lake Superior Transportation Co.

Foot of Washington ave. Boats semi-weekly. Passengers and freight


Robert Inglis


Lake Superior South Shore Line

Foot of Washington ave. Semi-weekly.


Robert Inglis


Chequamegon Bay Line

Steamers Emerald and Daisy. Daily.


Boutin and Martin


Ward's Detroit and Lake Superior Line

Dock foot Washington ave. Boats semi-weekly. Passenger and freight. No agent.


Tourist Line

Owned by Wagner & Maynard.

Telegraph Companies

Western Union Telegraph Co.


T. W. Moran

Telephone Companies

Wisconsin Telephone Co.


Mrs. A. C. Hayward

Alphabetical List of Firms and Business Men of Bayfield

American Express Company, Robert Inglis, Agent. Washington ave cor First.
Andreas, Chauney T., jeweler.
Andreas, Jeremiah, jeweler and confectioners, Rittenhouse ave.
Atkinson, Joseph S., justice of the peace.
Atwood, John W., Manager, A. Booth Packing Co., foot Washington ave.
Aune, Andrew A., saloon, Front.

Bachand, Frank J., confectioner, Front.
Bachand, Louis, confectioner and boarding.
Bachand, Louis J., Postmaster and General Merchandise, Rittenhouse ave nr First.
Bartsch & Co. (Charles Bartsch), bakers, First nr Washington ave.
Bayfield Brown Stone Co. (E. F. Drake, Robinson D. Pike), cor Rittenhouse ave and Second.
Bayfield County Press, Currie G. Bell, Editor and Publisher, cor Rittenhouse ave and Second.
Bayfield County Title Abstract Co., Downs & Glover, Proprietors, Rittenhouse ave cor Broad.
Bayfield Fuel Co., Robert Inglis, Manager, Washington ave cor First.
Bayfield Hydraulic Co., Andrew Tate, President; F. W. Denison, Secretary; Fred Fisher, Treasurer; First nr Rittenhouse ave.
Bayfield Opera House, Frank M. Herrick, propr, Rittenhouse ave nr Front.
Bell, Currie G., Editor and Publisher Bayfield County Press, Rittenhouse ave cor Second.
Booth, A. Packing Co. (A. booth, President; W. V. Booth, Secretary and Treasurer; J. W. Atwood, Manager), Wholesale fish Packers foot Washington ave.
Boutin, Frank, gen mdse cor Washington ave and Front.
Boutin & Mahan (Nelson Boutin, Samuel E. Mahan), fish dealers and steamboat agts, office foot Washington ave.
Boutin & Martin (Duffy Boutin, Alexander Martin), saloon cor First and Rittenhouse ave.
Brigham & Mussell (Elisha K. Brigham, Aaron J. Mussell), pine land and lumber cor Broad and Front aves.
Brinkley, John, livery, Second.
Bryan, Rev. James T., paster Methodist Church.
Business Men's Ass'n of Bayfield, C. G. Bell, pres., A. Tate, cive pres., O. Flanders, sec., J. D. Cruttenden, treas., F. W. Denison, corresponding sec.

Chapman, James P., grocer and general merchandise, Rittenhouse ave cor First.
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway, Thomas W. Moran, general agt.
Chollar, John J., Clerk New Island View Hotel.
Conner & Dittus (Charles Conner, Wm. Dittus), saloon Rittenouse ave and Second.
Convent of St. Francis, Sister Vincent, Superior.
Cream City House, Louis Bachand, propr, Front.
Cruttenden, Joel D., Circuit Court Clerk, Register of Deeds and Town Clerk, Court House.

Davis, Lucien E., Proprietor Harbor City House, Broad.
Debrair, Peter, carp.
Denison, Francis W., Secretary Bayfield Hydraulic Co. and Principal Public School, First nr Rittenhouse ave.
Downs, Wm. W., (Downs & Glover), County Attorney, cor Broad and Rittenhouse ave.
Downs & Glover (Wm. W. Downs, David F. Glover), Proprietors Bayfield County Title Abstract Co, cor Broad and Rittenhouse ave.

Eccles & McCamis (Edwin F. Eccles, Robert McCamis), saloon cor Rittenhouse ave and Front.
Etsell, Daniel J., hardware cor Rittenhouse ave and Broad.

Fischer, Frederic, gen store, Washingotn ave.
Flanders, Orlonzo (Flanders & Herrick), justice of the peace.
Flanders & Herrick (Orlonzo Flanders, Frank M. Herrick), gen store cor Broad and Rittenhouse ave.
Forrow, Andrew, propr Union House, Front.

Gafron, Rev. John, pastor, Christ Church.
Glover, David F. (Downs & Glover), County Surveyor, Rittenhouse ave nr First.
Gonyon, John T., Chief of Police, Rittenhouse ave near Front.
Grimm, Mrs. Nettie E., general store, Rittenhouse ave.

Hagerty, Michael W., clothing, Rittenhouse ave.
Hannum, Henry, physician, Rittenhouse ave cor First.
Harbor City House, L. E. Davis, Proprietor, Broad.
Haskins, Wm., general store, cor Rittenhouse ave and Second.
Hayward, Mrs. Elizabeth, general store, Bayfield.
Herbert, Mrs. Eliza A., dressmkr, Rittenhouse ave.
Herrick, Frank M., propr Bayfield Opera House, Rittenhouse ave near Front.
Holston, Frank V., real estate.
Howley, Patrick, propr Lake View House, Front.
Hudon, Thomas, blacksmith, Washington ave.

Inglis, Robert, Insurance Agent, Agent American Express Company, Town Treasurer, L S Telegraph Company, Manager Bayfield Fuel Company and Deputy collector customs.

King, Wm., log contractor.
Kinney, Thomas, justice of the peace.
Knight, Alonzo, County Treasurer, Court House.

La Bonte, Mrs. Matilda, boarding, First nr Rittenhouse ave.
Lake Superior House, Frank Shaw, propr., Front.
Lake View House, Patrick Howley, propr., Front.
Ley, Mrs. Anna, Dry Goods and Notions, First nr Rittenhouse ave.

McDougall & Howley (Archibald McDougall, Thomas Howley)m, blacksmiths, Second.
Mahan, Miss Mary E., Asst Postmaster.
Martin & Boutin (Alexander Martin, Duffy Boutin), confectioners, Rittenhouse ave.
Maynard & Wagner (Frederick Maynard, Emil Wagner), proprs. of the Tourist.
Moran, Thomas W., agt C. St. P. M. & O. Ry and Western Union Telegraph Co.
Morrin, Robert, meat market, Rittenhouse ave.
Murphy, Henry A., boat house, Front.

New Island View Hotel, N. P. Willey & Son proprs, Washington ave.
Nourse, Joseph H., General Store, Second nr Rittenhouse.

Parks, Rodney, furniture and undertaker, Broad.
Pike, Robinson D., Bayfield Brown Stone Co. and Lumber Manufacturer, Rittenhouse ave.
Pine, George A., Barber Shop, Rittenhouse ave nr Front.

Rich, Loren, Geneeral Store, Hay and Grain, Second nr Washington ave.
Ruggles, Alba L., county supt of schools, Bayfield.

Shaw, Frank, propr Lake Superior House, Front.
Silvernail, John B., baker.
Star Manufacturing Co., C. W. Turner, propr., J. W. Atwood, mngr, woodenware mnfrs., foot of Broad.
Stuart, John, grocer, Broad.

Tate, Andrew, Druggist, Real Estate and Loans, cor First and Rittenhouse ave.
Turner, Charles W., propr Star Mnfg Co., foot of Broad.
Tyler, Miss Nellie, Milliner and Fancy Goods, Broad.

Union House, Andrw Forrow, propr., Front.

Van Guylder, Charles, cigar mnfr. Rittenhouse ave.
Van Horn, Nolton, Sheriff Court House.

Wachsmuth, Henry, Boots and Shoes, Rittenhouse ave nr Broad.
Warden, Alfred M., county judge.
Western Union Telegraph Co., T. W. Moran, mngr, cor Broad and Front.
Wilkinson, George, policeman, Rittenhouse ave.
Willey, N. P. & Son (Nelson P. and Charles R.), Proprietors New Island View Hotel, Washington ave.
Williams, Allen T., County Clerk, Court House.
Wing, Isaac H., capitalist, First.
Wisconsin Telephone Co., Mrs. A. C. Hayward, mngr, Second nr Washington ave.
Wood & Cowan (Alfred H. Wood and George Cowan), livery, Broad.

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