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Barron County Histories

This page contains a listing of our Community Histories and works in connection with the
Barron County Communities Page and the Barron Co. Maps Page.  It also contains historical accounts
of people and events that occurred in Barron Co.

Community Histories:

The Forming of Barron County - An Historical Account
1877 History of Barron County
The Aborigines & A History of Indian Burial Mounds in Barron Co.
The History of the Village of Almena
The History of the City of Barron
1877 Village of Barron
A Short History of Barron Township and the Community of Barron
The History of the Town of Barronett
The History of the Village of Brill
The History of the Village of Cameron
An 1862 Indian Feast at Cameron
The History of the Village of Campia
The History of the Village of Canton
A Description of Cedar Lake Township
The History of the City of Chetek
A Description of Chetek Township and the Village of Chetek
Beneath Our Feet - The Indian Mounds and Copper Culture of Chetek
A Description of Clinton Township
The History of the Village of Comstock
The History of the City of Cumberland
A Description of Cumberland Township and Its Communities
The History of the Village of Dallas
A Description of Dallas Township
The History of the Village of Dobie
A Description of Dovre Township
A Description of Maple Grove Township
Nay-na-ong-gay-bee - August Ender's Story
A Description of Oak Grove Township
A Description of Prairie Farm Township and the Village of Prairie Farm
A History of Prairie Lake Township
Lake of Fame...Prairie Lake
Rouge Conifer Riviere (How Red Cedar River Got It's Name)
Prairie Rice Lake History
A Description of Stanfold Township and the City of Rice Lake
Indians and Logging Camps on Site of Rice Lake in 1877
The Legend of Rice Lake
A Description of Stanley Township
A Description of Sumner Township
A Description of Turtle Lake Township and the Village of Turtle Lake
A Description of Vance Creek Township
A Tragedy of the Wisconsin Pinery
1898 Forest Fire in Northern Wisconsin 

Other Histories:

The Twins
Little Pipe
John Henry Bisonette
Quarderer's Camp
Judge Henry D. Barron
Angus Cameron - the Man the Village of Cameron was Named For

Barron Co. Histories on other websites:
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 The History of the Chippewa Valley Wisconsin by Thomas E. Randall (1875) PDF file 

See Chapter 41 For Barron County History

 Early Life Among the Indians by Benjamin G. Armstrong (1892) PDF File 

Great Northern Wisconsin Historical Biography

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