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Pre-1907 Birth Index for Barron Co.

Be sure to read this -> What to do if you find a name of interest in the index - how to obtain a birth record

(click on the first letter or range of letters of the surname you are interested in)

H - Har
Ma - McE
Sa - She
Ba - Bi
Has - Hog
McF - Mz
Shi - So
Bj - Bz
Hol - Hz
Sp - Sz
Ca - Ci
Cl - Cz
Ja - Johnson, C
Pa - Pe
Da - Dietrich
Johnson, D - Jz
Pf - Pz
Dietz - Dz
Wa - Wh
La - Le
Ra - Ri
Wi - Wz
Li - Lz
Ro - Rz

The indexes contained within these Barron Co. WIGenWeb pages are provided here to aid in your research.  They are typed as they are found on the official records.  Therefore, changes will not be made.  If after looking through the indexes provided above, you find names of interest to you, there are several ways to obtain the records (for a fee) from the official record holders.  Please read the information about both of these resources before deciding which method would be best for you:

The indexes found on this website were originally developed by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, Vital Records Division.  To obtain copies of originals from the state of Wisconsin by writing to:

Wisconsin Division of Health Vital Records
P.O. Box 309
1 West Wilson Street, Rm 158
Madison, WI 53701

When writing, please make sure to include all the information found on that particular records (ie. Reel # and Record #, along with the full name).  The cost for the first certificate is $12.00, and $3.00 for each additional copy ordered at the same time.

The exact same records are also available through the Barron Co. Register of Deeds Office.  To obtain copies of originals from the Barron Co. ROD Office, please print out their official Birth Record Application (this is a pdf file), fill it in, and mail it along with payment and an SASE to:

Register of Deeds
330 E LaSalle Ave, Room 201
Barron,WI  54812

DO NOT use the filing numbers found on the records within the indexes on these pages - they are for use only when contacting the the WI Division of Health.  Cost of records is exactly the same ($12.00 for 1, and $3.00 for each additional record ordered at the same time).  You get the SAME RECORD, plus this method is much FASTER! 

Please note:  I do not have access to these records.  Please do not write asking for further details on these births, as I do not have anything more than what is presented here in this index.  Thank you!

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