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Wisconsin Territory 1836

Transcribed by MAK

In 1818, there were only two counties comprising current day Wisconsin; dividing the state in half, Crawford was the western side, and Brown the eastern side. In 1829, a small southern corner of Crawford was annexed to form Iowa County. By 1836, there were four counties comprising the current day boundries of Wisconsin: Crawford, Iowa, Brown, and Milwaukee (annexed from the the southern corner of Brown).

Guide to using this Census Index

The 1836 index to the territorial census of Wisconsin is printed in five columns. The following paragraphs explain the meaning of each column with other necessary details for its use.

Column One

The first colum lists in alphabetical order the names of the individuals found in the original census record. It should be understood that only the names that are given in the index to this census are the heads of the households. To get the best use of this index the original census must be checked. An asterisk following a name indicates that the spelling of the name is in question. When given names are abbreviated in the census and the abbreviation is clearly understood, the name is written out in the index.

Column Two

Column two refers to the county in which the individual lived at the time the census was taken.

Column Three

WI refers to the Wisconsin Territory Area.

Column Four

The fourth column indicates whether of not a township was listed in the census. (NOTE: No Townships were listed)

Column Five

Column five refers tot he year in which the census was taken. (NOTE: Year taken was 1936)

For the purpose of this transcription, column one has been broken into SURNAME and GIVEN NAME. Columns 3-5 have been omitted as the information is the same.

The copy of the census that was transcribed from was hard to read. It is always encourage to check the original source to ensure accuracy. Keep in mind that the censustakers did not always get the spellings correct. As this is an offical transcript, changes to the original cannot be made.

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