An Invitation from Orkdal
An Invitation from Orkdal, Norway to visit
The Emigration Anniversary in the Year 2000

With the turn of the millennium, 175 years have passed since the ship "Restaurationen" left from Stavanger for the United States with 52 passengers full of expectations on board. Before 1960 more than 900,000 other Norwegians had followed in their footsteps.

The first emigrants from Orkdal left in the 1850's. We are, in other words, soon celebrating the 150th anniversary in memory of the pioneers. Through the years, another 2500 locals have followed these.

In light of this, a national event in remembrance of the Norwegian emigration will be launched in the year 2000. A national committee has invited every township in Norway to arrange local celebration programs. A challenge that Orkdal has accepted with pleasure. Being the chairman of the Orkdal executive Board, I am therefore most happy to invite you in person to

The Orkdal Emigration Festival
June 21st to June 25th in the Year 2000

Simultaneously, a great number of Orkdal inhabitants invite relatives and friends from the US and Canada to experience the old country during a few unforgettable days. As appears from the attached brochure, we wish to dedicate this particular week to a wide range of events presenting Orkdal traditions from then and now.

If you happen to know others with a connection to Orkdal, please copy this letter and pass on our invitation. We are also anxious to borrow old photos for a remembrance book. In case you can assist us in this respect, we are most grateful.

On behalf of the Township of Orkdal, I wish you very welcome to visit us in the summer of the year 2000.

Yours sincerely

Arne Grønset
Chairman /the Orkdal Executive Board

Orkdal Brochure

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