Hugh Wells/Frances Belcher

Hugh Welles/Wells & Frances Belcher
of Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA

Some early Wells genealogies identified a Hugh Welles/Wells b: Colchester, Essex and Frances Belcher as early settlers in Wethersfield, Connecticut from about 1635. In fact, some works (copied by numerous biographies and genealogies since) had them arriving on the ship "The Globe". This is false!!

Evidence is now conclusive that this Hugh Welles/Wells never existed and the "widow" Frances Wells of Wethersfield was actually not "widow Wells" when she arrived in Wethersfield nor in 1645 when this Hugh Welles is supposed to have died in Wethersfield according to several books, but had actually married Thomas Coleman in England. To see the correct information on this family, check out the Thomas Wells genealogy below:

Thomas Wells b: Cir 1600 Evesham, Worcestershire

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