Wells Family History

Wells Family History


Originally complied in 1942 by Jesse William Wells
from family records and correspondence.

Typed and brought up to date by daughter Edith Wells Frazee in 1966
(note: Original spelling has been retained)

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(N. B. The use of "X" all the way through identifies our line of descent.)

1. (x) Peter Wells, born 1630 in England, died 1715 in Kingston, Rhode Island.
Came to America in 1656, in Jamestown, R. I., 1674-79, Kingston 1687. Had 11 children.

2. (x) Peter Wells, Jr. born 1681, died 1732 in South Kingston, R. I. Made will in 1732.

  1. Ann Watson, daughter of John and Dorcas Gardiner Watson
  2. Mrs. Susanne Weaver Barker, who died in 1733 (no children)
3. James Wells b: 1706
3. Ann Wells b: 1708
3. Rebecca Wells b: 1710
3. (x) Peter Wells b: 1713 (Warwick R. I. record) Died in Cheshire, Mass. Berkshire Co.) married:
  1. Elizabeth Arnold 1736 (b: 1710-d: 1739)
  2. Ruth Slocum 1740, dau. Ebenezer and Naomi Barton Slocum.

Children by Elizabeth Arnold Wells:
4.) Edward Wells b: 1736, moved to Penna.
4.) Ann Wells b: 1737
4.) Arnold Wells b: 1738. Married to Barbara Utter in1762
4.) Elizabeth Wells b: 1739

Children by Ruth Slocum:
4.) (x) John Wells, b: 1744, d: 1813. Born Kingston, R. I., Married Frances Brown (1745-1842).
Moved to Cheshire, Mass. About 1769. Erected house there, owned farm in 1780. Five generations of Wellses lived in it, and there was always a John W (handwritten note says Naomi 1747?)
4.) Samuel Wells b: ? Moved to Berlin, Renslaer County, New York (1750 handwritten)

5. Elisha Wells b: 1767, Died 1822. Married Mary Wilmarth (1769-1853). Had 11 children.
5. John Brown Wells b: 1769, died 1822.
5. )Charles Wells b: 1770, d: 1858
5. )Johanna Wells (no record)
5. ) (x) Rufus Wells (no record) probably about 1774 or 1775. Married Mary Phillips of Berkshire Co., Mass. Estate admin. 1816-1819, cash from Peter Wells by Samuel Weels.. Mary Phillips was a Quaker. (N.B. "My great grandmother. Have her picture. J. W. Wells.)

Children of Rufus and Mary Phillips Wells:
6) (x); James Van Rensslaer Wells, b. Dec. 23, 1797, died Mar. 17, 1884 in Kansas. When a small boy, moved to Erie County, Penna., by covered wagon, and settled near Gerard and Hickory Corners. Married Sybil Westcoat (b. July 14, 1798, d. 1843) on July 4, 1818. Confusing records: also known as Sybel Westcott, died Sept. 26, 1845. Both natives of Cheshire, Mass. Probably married near Gerard, Penna. Had moved there with his widowed mother, brothers and sisters. History of Girard (sp.?) Twp., Erie Co., Pa. of about 1830 lists James Wells as one of the earliest settlers. He owned most of the land within the corporate limits. The public square was a gift of "Joseph Wells", undoubtedly meant to be James, as historians made many errors of this type, in recording names. James was one of the owners of the land on which the village was laid out. He had 8 children by Sybil W., and 2 by his second wife, Clarissa Vorde)

provided by Roberta Rogers - Newport News, VA

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