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Surnames: Wa through Wg
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WADDINGHAM Prices of Halesowen
WADE The Road to Hooker's Bend, TN
Family Ties & Other Twigs & Branches
WADHAMS Ancestors of Charles H. Wadhams III
WADSWORTH The Gene Pool Colorful Families
WAGGONER The Floyd/Kane Family History
Wagner Family History
Wagner Family History
WAGNER Winner's from NJ to PA
Wagner Family History
Wagner Family History
Pioneering Families
All My Family
WAGONER Wagner Family History
Wagner Family History
All My Family
WAGOR Ancestors of Robert Norton and Dianne Dufty
WAISNER Hees Ancestors
WAIT All My Family
WAITE Jan's Roots
A Genealogy of Jones, Orme, Bird, Allen, Waite, Hainsworth, Butler, Rees and Other Families
WAKE Tyneside Family History and Kane Surname Celtic Origins
WAKEFIELD Eldon's Genealogy Home Page
Candy's Families
WALBA The Usual Suspects
WALBRIDGE Richard's Genealogy - Surnames
WALDO Homepage for Jim Brennan
WALDOCK Waldock, Ingham & Kruger
WALDROUP Brenda's Branches
WALDSPURGER Genealogical History of The Wood and Waldspurger Families
WALKER Hill Corley Genealogy
Arlan Maguire's Genealogy Page
The Family Snitch's Web
Gemmell and Walker Genealogies
Sue's World: Walker Family and Medley Family
Lost Ancestors
Homme is Where the Heart Is!
My Family Surnames
Brenda's Branches
John Walker Family Organization
The Conexion
David Capehart's Web Page
Genealogy: Bouck, Briggs, Glaeser, Walker Families
Pearce Family
Twig Tree And Treasure A Genealogical Sojourn
Nichols Families: VA> SC> TN> AR> Texas 1836 Genealogy
Walker Family of Sofala and Portland, New South Wales, Australia
Descendants of Samuel Walker of Woburn, Mass.
Tar Heel Roots
This is the Web Site of Joyce Wilson Harrison
Patsy's Primrose Lane
Genealogy of Edward B. Walker
Some Lohr and Fortun Families of Southern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois
All My Family
WALL Wall Family
Homepage for Arthur/Coleman/Floyd/Wall and others
My Berry Family
Welcome to My Family Tree
Ancestors of Ronald & Carolyn Sue Whitsett Wall
William Floyd, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Woodruff, Coleman, Arthur, Wall Family Research from New York State to Sully and Hughes Counties, South Dakota
WALLACE Daisy's Roots
The Conexion
Ancestors of Jeffrey Whealdon Bryant
Relatively Risener
Marcy's Memory Lane
WALLEN Tom and Sharons Family Surnames
WALLETTE Potler-Viverette Family Tree
WALLING Angela Sturgeon Walling's Family
WALLINGFORD Wallingfords of New England
WALLNER The Leaves, Twigs & Branches of the Wallner and Courtot Family Trees
WALLOCOTT Cathy Cranford-Ailstock's Genealogy
WALLS Mc Kee Burns, My Greene County Indiana Ancestors and David Boswell Burns' Scotland Ancestry
WALSH Walsh Family Genealogy and History
Kerry Casey's Family on the WWW
Mayfield Parry Family Home Page
Homepage of Catherine Light
Descendants of William Guy & Margaret Donahue
O'Hara-Walsh-Greene-Glidden Family History
WALTER Ancestors of Lester L. Noll
WALTERS Nicole's McMullen/Loffer/Wolford/Brown Genealogy
WALTMAN Boyer Family of Orwigsburg
WALTON Connie's Harrison Co., MO Families
Julie's Genealogy
Frederick Genealogy
The Walton & Scully Family Gallery
WALTZ Waltz Genealogy
WAMPACH Imrie-Wampach Genealogy Page
WAMPLER Hetrick Family Genealogy Page
Descendants of Gilbert Godsey
WARBURTON The Surname Round-Up
Blackhurst Family Tree
WARD Robert Kline's Genealogy Page
Hacksaw's Web Site
Study of The Early 1800 Wards in Western Counties of New York
Tracy's Place
My Ward Family
Ward (Genealogical Query by JRD)
Goody Family Tree
Sootys Home Page
Jehiel Ward & Catherine Saxton, Their Descendants and Connecting Families
Hetherly, Boyer, Semmet, Seitz, and Strang Families
Devaney, Haubner, Berke, Hayes And Keane Families!!
Noble Familia
Worster, Prossor, Dennis and Birtcher Families
Carroll and related families
WARDESKA Kalitsu and Company
WARE John Cain's Genealogy Home Page
Mott Family Genealogy
Homepage Helen Jane Kopecky
WARFORD Warford (Genealogical Query by JRD)
WARKENTIN The Preachers and the Pirate
WARNER Warner, Hindle, Hyde, Haynes
OurPage: Stanley -Matthews Family
Homepage for Steve & Kathy Werthman
The National Society of the Washington Family Descendants
WARNOCK The Wolf's Den
WARREN Descendants of Daniel Warren
Susan Carter White Pieroth's Home Page
Scott's Family Ties
Dahling/Oven/Simanski Genealogy Site
England to Monroe County, N.Y.: Heffer, Burling, Howard, Parr and more
Harris and Harrison Family of Tangipahoa Parish, An African American Family
Noble Familia
A Family History of Burton Humphrey Ruggles
Moving West: Thirteen Generations of a Smith Family
McCully & Savage Research
WARRENDER My Family Connections
EYDEN & other Families
WARRY Noble Familia
WARSHAM Worsham & Washam Family History
WASHAM Worsham & Washam Family History
WASHBURN Kentucky Washburn-Washburns from VA, WV, TN, KY, OH and Beyond
Our Family Tree Cavender Robinson Washburn
WASHINGTON Cox Family Tree (Rupp/Simpson/Wells...)
The National Society of the Washington Family Descendants
WASHUM Worsham & Washam Family History
WASSON Wasson Connections
WATERS Moore Family Genealogy
Homepage for Steve & Kathy Werthman
Rowles of Omaha via Maryland
WATKINS Genealogy of Stephen and Karen Karner
Yancey Watkins Genealogy
Watkins Family History Society
Watkins Family History and Genealogy
WATSON Genealogy of Stephen and Karen Karner
The Road to Hooker's Bend, TN
Tyneside Family History and Kane Surname Celtic Origins
Ancestors & Descendants of Watson, Williams, Buckley, Foster, Gunn, Kirby, Lewis
Mercer Genealogy and Family History, from England to Australia
Watson / Nelson Family Genealogy
Donovan Family History
Thomas/Steinhauser and Associated Families Genealogy
My Family Tree
Taylor & Ashdown Family Genealogy
Streiff Family History
Ferguson, Merryman, Watson, Smith Genealogy Page
WATSWORTH The Conexion
WATT Slains Castle 1850 1851
WATTERS Davies Frysig Watters Geddes Genealogy
WATTIER Wattier Descendants
WATTS Otto, Watts, Guthrie and Related Families
Marge Watt's Homepage
Virginia, North Carolina and Texas Kousins
My Family History
Brown, Burt, Abney, Watts and related families
Family History - Andrews, Streatfield, Leeson & Boneham
WAUGH My Surnames
WAUGHTAL Miller Mizener Hubbard Ferris
WAXHAM The Bond's Genealogy Home Page
WAY Deep Roots In Hancock County
WAYCHOFF Ancestors of Howard Hickman - Plus all known ancestors of Robert and Mary Hickman of Greene Co, PA.
WAYLAND Wayland Genealogy Records
WAYMAN The Usual Suspects
WAYMOUTH WAYMOUTH and WEYMOUTH of Devon and Cornwall
WAYNICK Woolfolk Homeplace
WEAKLEY Weakley Family
WEAKS Hughes Family Tree
WEAR Bond Beetham Family Connections
The Wolf's Den
WEARE Martson Manor
WEATHERFORD Spencer Genealogy from Lawrence Co., Kentucky, to Texas, including descendants of James Spencer.
WEATHERS Weathers - The Randolph Co., AL branches of Thomas Weathers & Linda Pettaway Judkins
WEAVER The Gene Pool Colorful Families
Al Henderson's Genealogy Pages
The DLW Database
Shirley Webb Genealogy
Abercrombie/Melheim Family Webpage
Ausmus Family Pioneers
Brown, Burt, Abney, Watts and related families
WEBB Piglet's Genealogy
Tamara's Genealogy Link
Descendants of Sir Henry Webb
Welcome to Gary's Genealogy!
Homepage for John & Mary Farrell
Ken Webb's Genealogy Webpage
Cantrell Family Tree
Cox Family Tree (Rupp/Simpson/Wells...)
Reynolds & Webb family history
Bert's Webb Family Links
WEBBER Genealogical Home Page of Todd A Farmerie
WEBER Al Henderson's Genealogy Pages
Kalitsu and Company
Clemens Family, Pennsylvania to Ontario and Beyond
Family Matters
WEBSDALE Anne and Noels Genealogy
WEBSTER The Gene Pool Colorful Families
Web Pages of Mary Ellis
Martson Manor
This is the Web Site of Joyce Wilson Harrison
WECHSLER Homepage for Jim Brennan
Ancestry database of Alex Hall (Compton-Hall) and Felice Wechsler
WEDDLE Climbing the Branches
WEEDEN BRUCE family history
WEEKLEY Weekley Family
The Weekley Family - Kay's History and Genealogy
WEGER Welcome to the Volker Haus
WEGNER Andy and Mary's Wegner/Eiting Mollon/Zarnoth Genealogy
WEHN Busing Family Genealogy
WEIDENKELLER Homme is Where the Heart Is!
WEIGMAN The Weigman Family of Kühschmalz, Kreis Grottkau, Schlesien (Silesia)
WEINITSCHKE The Weinitschke Family of Kreis Grottkau, Schlesien (Silesia)
WEIR Deep Roots In Hancock County
WEIS Pioneering Families
WEISE Genealogy by Jackie
WEISEL Weisel Ancestors of Hessen-Darmstadt (1600-1900)
WEISENAUER Ross/Beal/Saul/Weisenhauer Genealogy
WEISER Weiser Families Association
WEISS Cavaliers and Cossacks
WELCH Lyle and Sue Knox's Family History Page
Welsh and Miller: Our Kentucky Ancestors
Danielle's Family History
Welch of Pilsdon
WELDON My Alabama Davis & Lowery Leaves, Branches & Roots
My Family History — Search for My Ancestors and Their Descendants
Phipps Family
WELLENREITER Wellenreiter and Hoelzle
WELLIVER Quaker Marshalls and German Halls and many affiliated lines.
WELLMAN Johnna's Genealogy Page
Miller Mizener Hubbard Ferris
WELLS Wells Family Research Association
The Wells Family Online Genealogy
Genealogy from the Heartland
Cox Family Tree (Rupp/Simpson/Wells...)
Bullen of England
Jenkinsons of Essex
Staerck from Germany to England
Wells family
Blizzard and Pool Family
Wells and other Ancestors
WELSH Welsh and Miller: Our Kentucky Ancestors
John & Charlotte Ross & Family
A Findlay Family History
Andrew Kemp's Genealogy Page
WELTON Connie's Family History Pages
WELTY Don Smith - Ancestry Index
WEMETT Descendants of Nicholas Ouimet (Houymet)
WENGER The DLW Database
WERLEY Werley Family
WERNER Patsy's Primrose Lane
WERNET Parker's Genealogy & History Establishment
WERTHMAN Homepage for Steve & Kathy Werthman
WESSLING Wessling, Schermerhorn, Beck, Shell and allied lines
WEST Hakmiller Genealogy Page
Tamara's Genealogy Link
Gabbert and Allied Families
Parker's Genealogy & History Establishment
Lorrie Patterson's Family Passages
Abrams Family of Long Island NY
Gregg Bonner's Genealogy Page
Family Geneology Research Stanley, Sayre, Davis
My Kith and Kin
WESTBROOK Tamara's Genealogy Link
WESTERVELT Westervelt (Genealogical Query by JRD)
WESTFALL Ancestors of Ronald & Carolyn Sue Whitsett Wall
WESTLAKE Beghtel and Oliver Family from Village of Urbana Wabash County Indiana
WESTMORELAND Omeda Brewer's Home Page
Hacksaw's Web Site
The Genealogical World of Gerald and Tammy Howard Westmoreland
WESTOVER Elder, Osborne, Barnett, Schmidt Genealogy & Family History
WETHERINGTON Whitford Family of Eastern North Carolina
WEX Davis and Allied Families
WEYMOUTH WAYMOUTH and WEYMOUTH of Devon and Cornwall