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Surnames: Li through Lz
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LIBIN Russian Jewish Immigrants to America: The Descendents of Abraham Lagofsky and Lena Goodseidt
LIDDELL Homepage for Mary Leonard-Stephenson
LIEB Brenda's Branches
Sale Family Genealogy
LIEBELT Trees, Branches & Twigs
LIEBERMAN Mitnick/Peretzman/Kleiman/Pilnick
LIEBRICH Leebrick Family Tree
LIEURANCE The Family Lieurance
LIGHT Homepage of Catherine Light
LIGHTFOOT Nagonan's Genealogy & Iowa History
The Lightfoot and Forkin Family Tree
LIGHTNER Lois and Gerald Gillins: Searching for our Ancestors
LIGHTSEY Elton and Bonnie Lacey's Family Homepage
LILES Tamara's Genealogy Link
LILLARD Ancestors of Alexandra Catlin Vaut
LILLEY Descendants of George Kieffer
Summers Archive
LILLIE The Lucas Farm
LINCOLN Bonnie - Home
Quaker Marshalls and German Halls and many affiliated lines.
LINDER The Gene Pool Colorful Families
Twig Tree And Treasure A Genealogical Sojourn
LINDSAY Patty Lindsay's Genealogy
Susan Chambless Family Papers
Thomas K Spangler's Origin
LINDSEY Lindsey Family
Thomas K Spangler's Origin
My family in Alamance County
Estelle's Dogwood Patch
Christy Family of Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana
LINEBACH Descendants of Martin Rizer of Maryland and (West)
LINEBACK Our Heritage
LINGNER Unsere Deutsch Wurzeln - Our German Roots
LINVILLE All My Branches
LIPE Brenda's Branches
Mary Harkey Russell Home Page
LIPPINCOTT Malcolm and Wayne Sharp's Family History Center
LIPPITT The Moses Tree
LIPPOLDT Ian Spivey's Genealogy Connections
LIPSCOMB Jan's Genealogy Gems - History of a Southern Family
LISENBY Cavaliers and Cossacks
LITTLE Phyllis Margaret Myers/Charles Clarence Sherman
The Burke Family Genealogy Reference / Ireland to Missouri
LITTLETON Virginia, North Carolina and Texas Kousins
LIUNBERG Les and Val Tate`s family trees
LIVENGOOD Ancestors of Howard Hickman - Plus all known ancestors of Robert and Mary Hickman of Greene Co, PA.
LIVESTAY Tom and Sharons Family Surnames
LIVINGSTON Elton and Bonnie Lacey's Family Homepage
LIVINGSTONE Descendants of John Livingstone of Low Point, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
LJUNGBERG Les and Val Tate`s family trees
LLOYD Descendants of Edward I of England
Descendants of Thomas Lloyd
Descendants of David Lloyd
Homme is Where the Heart Is!
The Genealogy Home Page of Mary Swanger Courtemanche
Ratliff & Smith Genealogy and Family History
Lloyd, Sidden And Related Families
Michael A. Lyons Ankeny - Ankney - Simpers Decendent
Worster, Prossor, Dennis and Birtcher Families
LOCHE Blondell and/or Blondel Family Web Pages
LOCKE The Gene Pool Colorful Families
Hacksaw's Web Site
Cox Family Tree (Rupp/Simpson/Wells...)
My Kith and Kin
LOCKWOOD Nicole's McMullen/Loffer/Wolford/Brown Genealogy
LOEBENBERG Homepage for Jim Brennan
LOEW Rohel-Bach-Bohm-Loew & Related Families
LOFFER Nicole's McMullen/Loffer/Wolford/Brown Genealogy
LOFGREEN Our Family History
LOFTHOUSE Bar19 Genealogy
Sues Family History
LOFTIS Tamara's Genealogy Link
LOGAN Southern Roots
Genealogy History of Joan Hapeman Somers
Connie's Family History Pages
Winner's from NJ to PA
Looking for info on my biological family
Prusik-Hamilton Family
Welcome to our Place on the Web
LOGHRY Coker Cemetery
LOGIN Russian Jewish Immigrants to America: The Descendents of Abraham Lagofsky and Lena Goodseidt
LOHR Some Lohr and Fortun Families of Southern Wisconsin & Northern Illinois
LOHRENZ Lohrenz (Genealogical Query by JRD)
LOLLAR Family of Ours
LOMAS Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America
Chandler and Lomas Family
LONCKE Sancho Family History
LONG Genealogy Web Page of Douglas R. Armstrong
Descendants of John Boyd who married Margaret Long
McKee Burns My Greene County Indiana Ancestry and David Boswell Burns' Scotland Ancestry
Frazier Family Web Site
Brett Ancestors
Tolley and Hens Family Genealogy Home
Welcome to the McCluskey, Ouellet, Lewis and Lutes Genealogies
Cherry, Clayton, Pettry and Related Families
LONGCOR Heckman/Grist/Argo
LONGEUAY Langevin-Bergevin Genealogy
LONGEWAY Langevin-Bergevin Genealogy
LONGFELLOW The Genealogy Web Site of Ed Bradford
LONGFIELD Carpe Diem! Day, Allen, Williams, Klein and More of Our Family
LONGMIRE Descentants of James Jones
LONGSDORF Dahling/Oven/Simanski Genealogy Site
LONGSHORE Genealogy By Jennifer A. Lamar Zahnd
LONGSTREET Fitz Randolph Genealogical & Historical Society
LONGSTRETH Dave Longstreth's Family Web Site
LONGSWORTH The Descendants of Solomon Longsworth of Maryland
LONGUEIL Langill, Langille, Longueil Family Homepage
LONGWORTH The Descendants of Thomas Longworth, of Newark, NJ
LOOMIS Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America
Meg Baker's Ancestry
Cullen Family Genealogy
LOOP The Janowski Family in Chemung County, New York
LOOPER Brenda's Branches
LOOS Genealogy of Keller, Loos, Miller, Brown families
LOPEZ Padron Family
Lopez Carnicer family tree
LORANCE Lorentz/Lorance/Lowrance "Most Wanted"
LORD Mercer Genealogy and Family History, from England to Australia
Darby Genealogy and Family History, from England to Australia 1839
Macedo Family Tree
LORE Homepage for Sharon (Hartzell) Smith
LORENTZ Johannes Lorentz Indexed Family File
Lorentz/Lorance/Lowrance "Most Wanted"
Johannes Lorentz & Anna Margaretha Heiliger
LORING My Family Tree and Its Branches
LORIOT Slains Castle 1850 1851
LORUSSO Marchese Connections
LOTSPEICH Piglet's Genealogy
LOTT Kathryn's Genealogy Page
McClendon and McLendon Genealogy
All My Family In One Place
LOUGH Ancestors of Curtis Walter Lough
LOUGHEED Lougheed Family Genealogy
LOUGHIN Tim's Genealogy Website
LOUGHNER Lester Family History
LOUVIERE Louviere Family Home Page and Database
LOVE Crystal's Genealogy
Mary Love's Genealogy Page
Mary Harkey Russell Home Page
Ancestors of Phillip H. Pitzer and Carol Ann O'Hara
Gotcher Family Homepage
Family Tree of McKeelie Connella and Allied Family Branches
Our Family History
LOVELACE Lovelace and Loveless Family
LOVELAND Loveland Family History
LOVELESS Lovelace and Loveless Family
Melissa's Family Tree
LOVELL Genealogy of Stephen and Karen Karner
LOVETT Lovett and Lovitt Genealogy
Nancy's Front Porch
Hauser & Silver Family
LOVITT Lovett and Lovitt Genealogy
LOVSIN Matkovic Genealogy
LOW Marshall and Kay Family
LOWE Rector Families
Walker Family of Sofala and Portland, New South Wales, Australia
LOWELL Horton Family History
LOWER A Capels Family History
LOWERY My Alabama Davis & Lowery Leaves, Branches & Roots
Branching Out
LOWNDES Walker Family of Sofala and Portland, New South Wales, Australia
LOWNEY Henry Wheeler Homepage
LOWRANCE Lorentz/Lorance/Lowrance "Most Wanted"
LOWRY The Goughs' Genealogy Charts
LOYD Our Family Lineage
LUBELL Kurshan Family
LUCAS The Gene Pool Colorful Families
Looking for Lucas
Connie's Family History Pages
Coghill Family Tree
The Lucas Farm
LUCE Quaker Marshalls and German Halls and many affiliated lines.
Luce Ends
LUCHENE Ronald W. Fuller's Genealogy Page
LUCHTE Kruse Family and their Allied Families
LUCKY Daisy's Roots
LUDWIG Family Ludwig: Ludwig, Menzies, Postel, Gray Genealogies
LUEDTKE Ziesmer Family Trees
LUFFMAN Luffman Genealogy
Howard Family Roots
LUHRSEN Artesia Twp., Iroquois Co., Illinois: Index to several prominent families
LUINIGH Mhuintir Luinigh — The Ui Luinigh Clan Web Group
LUKE Patty Lindsay's Genealogy
My Families of Early Ulster County, New York
Genealogy By Jackie
LUKENS Descendants of Jan Lucken
LUM Family of Ours
LUMMIS Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America
LUMSDEN Our Sloans
LUND Katie's Genealogy
LUNDGAATHEN Metcalfs In America
LUNNEY Mhuintir Luinigh — The Ui Luinigh Clan Web Group
LUNNIE Mhuintir Luinigh — The Ui Luinigh Clan Web Group
LUNNY Mhuintir Luinigh — The Ui Luinigh Clan Web Group
LUNSFORD Nancy's Front Porch
LURKER Lurker Davis Family History
LUSH Genealogy pages of William & Phyllis Alvey Garard
LUSK Bender, Jennings and Associated Families.
Barton and Hyde Family Genealogy
LUSTY Ancestors of Douglas Christian Lusty
LUTES Fate Family Genealogy
Riffe Family Webpage
Welcome to the McCluskey, Ouellet, Lewis and Lutes Genealogies
LUTTRELL Marcine's Genealogy
LYBBE Powys-Lybbe Genealogies
LYDY The Foulks Family Tree
LYKINS Lykins Family Website
LYNCH Lynch Family
Barbara Hollis Homepage
LYNN Chafin-Marsh Family Webpages
LYON Schloetzer Family History
Shelley's Family
LYONS The Family Genealogy Website for Peter J and Carole J Moore
Home page for Donald and Carolyn Engstrom Family Histories