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Whitman County Genealogical Society


We are a non-profit genealogical society based in the heart of the beautiful Palouse in Pullman, WA. We celebrated our 30th Anniversary in 2013-2014!

New book for sale

Great news! Click here for a flyer with information about our latest publication entitled "Whitman County, Washington Territory: Gleanings from Selected Newspapers with Every Name Index (1877 - 1886)". This book is authored by Mary Simonsen who transcribed the gleanings, and is being published in cooperation with WCGS. The price is $25 for the book or $15 for the CD. The price includes tax and shipping. Along with the flyer is a sample page from the new book. The index of the book lists every name from each gleaning, not just the primary name, along with the name and date of the newspaper in which it appeared. We hope you will consider ordering a copy of this book for your own use, as a gift to your favorite library, or a gift for a friend. The book has much historical information about people, places, land records, etc. from early Whitman County, Washington Territory. Ordering information is on the flyer. Thank you

View our library holdings list online !!

Our Society is pleased to offer our library holdings list online. This list shows all books and publications held in our library which can be viewed by the public during our regular library hours (the location of the library and hours are listed below). We are happy to do a surname lookup in one or two of the holdings for free. Please email your request, making sure to include the surname and publication title and any other information you think would be helpful (we will do the lookup as soon as we are able to). If you want a surname lookup in several holdings, it would be best to make a research request since we have a limited number of volunteers who can do lookups. Happy hunting!

Book and CD Sale!!

Whitman County Families Vols. II & III are excellent resources for researching names of anyone who has any kind of family tie in Whitman County. For only $22 you get over 90,000 names of Whitman County people and their relatives living all over the U.S. Each name references a card number. The card usually contains an article from an area newspaper. Most are obituaries, but some are family reunions, weddings, cemetery records, etc. Women's names are indexed by their married name (if applicable) as well as their maiden name, if it can be discerned. Most obituaries list parents, which allows you to go back one generation further, as well as descendants. If you find a name in the index which pertains to your family, you can order a copy of that card for only $1. What a bargain! Order now and get two volumes for the price of one, plus free shipping.

Our Society is clearing out some of the inventory of books and CDs we have published over the years. Please click here for a list of the discounted items. Some great deals!

Mission Statement

Our purpose since our founding in 1984 has been to create, stimulate and maintain interest in all matters pertaining to genealogical and historical knowledge. Our goal is to collect and preserve genealogical and historical records, and to promote interest in family history. To help accomplish this, seminars are regularly held for the purpose of assisting members in acquiring genealogical research techniques. Great effort is also put into publishing bulletins, papers and articles on a regular basis.

Six Great Reasons to Join our Society

  1. Our excellent newsletter. Our award-winning newsletter, published six times a year, is jam packed with transcribed records, articles on Whitman County ancestors, general genealogy articles, and research tips.
  2. Our thorough researchers. Through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, our Society is able to offer very reasonably priced research services for your Whitman County ancestors.
  3. Our extensive library. Our Society shares library space with the Whitman County Historical Society in Room 103A of the Gladish Community & Cultural Center, 115 NW State in Pullman, WA. Our library houses the largest collection in Whitman County of Whitman County-related material such as books, indexes, transcribed records, cemetery and census information, articles, memorabilia, photographs, maps, oral histories, and other materials. Use of the library is free, and it is open to the general public on Wednesday mornings(except holidays) from 9:00am-Noon. Staffed by knowledgeable volunteers ready to help you, it is also available by appointment (please contact the webmaster who will get you in contact with the appropriate person).
  4. Our informative program meetings and seminars. Program meetings are held in March, May, September and November on a day and time announced in our newsletter. Topics in the past have included computer classes, military veteran talks, tips on how to research at the LDS in Salt Lake City, and other topics as suggested by our members. Seminars with quality speakers are held twice a year (in the fall and spring). We hold an annual picnic each summer at various locations in Whitman County.
  5. Our publications. Our volunteers are continually working on transcription projects that we either publish or make available on-line through such places as the Washington State Digital Archives. While we try to make as much information available on-line as possible, the sale of publications is important to our Society in that it allows us to pay our recurring expenses such as library space rent, internet fee, etc., and to ensure funds for the cost of printing future publications.
  6. Our mission. Your contribution as a member or donator helps our Society to continue its mission of collecting and preserving Whitman County records, transcribing records, and promoting interest in family history through our newsletters, meetings, and seminars. In return, we hope our efforts will assist you in your quest for information on your own ancestors.

Whitman County Listserv

The purpose of the Whitman County mailing list (listserv) is to gather and share information on Whitman County ancestors. It is free and open to anyone. To subscribe, send an email to [email protected] with the word "subscribe" in the subject line and leaving the body of the email blank.

Whitman County Happenings

  • Friends of Lone Pine Cemetery. The Lone Pine Cemetery is located near Tekoa. The earliest date of birth on a stone is 1809 and the earliest date of death on a stone is 1883. No burials have been permitted since 1953. The Friends of Lone Pine Cemetery are a group of dedicated volunteers intent on cleaning up the cemetery to make it accessible to descendants and visitors. If you know of someone who is buried in the cemetery and would like more information, contact Jim Savitz. Names of people buried at this cemetery can be found at Read more about their efforts at


Meetings and events
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Meetings and events
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