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Snohomish County

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1883 Pensioners on the Roll
Snohomish County, Washington

Residents of Snohomish County who had federal military pension in 1883.
Transcribed by Jennifer Godwin, March 2000.

102003 GRANT Elbert C. Lowell g.s.w. lft. side $ 3.00 Jan. 1870
20079 CURTIS N.B. Snohomish loss sight r. eye w. shld $ 4.00 Nov. 1863
83136 GREGORY Horace A. do w.r. knee $ 2.66 2/3 Dec. 1865
64758 EDDY Welbert F. do g.s.w.l. thigh $ 3.00 June 1866
68169 HALBERT James W. do loss l. arm $18.00 ---
75689 PRICE George Stanwood g.s.w.l. wrist joint$ 8.00 ---
74202 YOUNG Spencer W. do wd. l. leg $15.00 Nov. 1866
8518 BAUMGARDT Alexander do inj. to spine$ 6.00 Oct. 1861
40872 FINN Erastus A. Tualco loss r. leg $18.00 Oct. 1861

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