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The SULTAN PROJECT (at present) consists of two data files - DEATH RECORDS and 1910 CENSUS - and a text file - EARLY SULTAN HISTORY.

The DEATH RECORDS data file is a compilation of tombstone records, cemetery office records, obituaries, town records and the like. Clara Mathias' "Sultan File" was used as the primary source of the data file, and an attempt was made to "match and merge" duplicate entries in the original. Information from other sources (e.g., census entries) has been included.

People who use the DEATH RECORDS data file should be aware that there are many possibilities of errors in these records. Notwithstanding, the file can be of value, as the information places an individual or family in a specific area at a specific time. Researchers are encouraged to CONFIRM the information they find, and if errors ARE determined, corrections should be sent to Marge at the email address below.

The DEATH RECORDS data file is large (!); the data base has been split into several smaller files. A SURNAME index is included. The 1910 CENSUS data file contains only Enumeration District 311 of the Sultan River Precinct. Enumeration District 364, which contains "Sultan City", is being transcribed, and will be uploaded as soon as possible. Again, corrections are appreciated!

Names and events from Sultan's early history were selected from Whitfield's "History of Snohomish County", published in 1926.


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