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When I discovered that one of "my guys", Edward H. DOCKENDORFF was buried in the G.A.R. Cemetery in Snohomish, I decided to research further into the history of the Morton Post and the men who were members. I obtained a copy of the original ledger book that contained the names and service records of the almost 200 members of the post, and thus the SnoCo CIVIL WAR PROJECT was born!

The 1906 History of Skagit and Snohomish Counties provided a list of men who were founding members of the Buford Post in Everett; this source did not include much in the way of service records or biographical data - but it was a start!

Polk Directories from 1893 were another source of members' names; these directories gave lists of officers of the Everett Post as well as the names of the officers of the "ladies' auxiliaries". The Snohomish Post was mentioned in only a few directories.

There were several other G.A.R. posts in Snohomish County; data is being gathered on the membership of these posts as well. I've also found the names of SnoCo veterans who were (apparently) not members of either the Morton Post in Snohomish or the Buford Post in Everett. Surnames include BENDER, DOCKENDORFF, MAXWELL and WARD. Information on these men can be found on the OTHER VETERANS page.

Jennifer Godwin provided a file of SnoCo veterans who appear on the 1883 Pensioners' List; surnames are BAUMGARDT, CURTIS, FINN, EDDY, GRANT, GREGORY, HALBURT, PRICE and YOUNG.

The data in the OBITUARY FILE has (for the most part) not been linked to the rest of the project - you'll need to browse each page for your target individual, until those links are coded, OR you can check the Name Index on the OBITUARY FILE Main Page.

Using the individual project files is easy. Any time a veteran's name is HIGHLIGHTED, that means that additional information (or perhaps a picture) is "a mouse click away". You'll need to use your browser's "back button" to return to the data page.

Our fellow SnoCo researcher, Karyn, has contributed greatly to this information in this and other SnoCo projects - we are in her debt - BIG TIME!

I've found some interesting Civil War pages that provided even more information about the units to which some of these veterans belonged; the list of links will be expanded as I learn more about each G.A.R. member.

Maine Regiments
Maine Regiments (provided by the State of Maine)
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The 29th Regiment - United States Colored Troops
California Regiments

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