Everett, Washington

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The John Buford Post #89, G.A.R. was organized in Everett 1 July 1893. There were 19 charter members; their names were listed in the 1926 History of Snohomish County, as were the names of the post's officers for that year.

Polk Directories for the City of Everett added more members' names (officers of the Post), as well as the names of the officers of the various "ladies' auxiliaries". (I don't know what criteria were used for women who wanted to join the "ladies' auxiliaries" - were these women spouses or widows of Civil War Veterans? Daughters of Veterans?) If an individual's name is HIGHLIGHTED, it is linked to a page with MORE INFORMATION; use your browser's BACK BUTTON to return to this page.

Can you add more members' names to this list? Can you provide biographical information for these Civil War Veterans? DO contact Marge through the email link at the bottom of this page!

ACER, John 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
ADOLPH, Charles 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906 officer/1894
ARENSON, Mary      
ARMSTRONG, W. Frank     officer/1904-5
BAKER, J. A.     officer/1905-07
BAKER, W. J.     officer/1906-07, 09-10, 1918
BEECHAM, R. K.     officer/1900-1901
BERCHAM, Ella, Mrs     officer-LA/1905
BOUCHER, Joseph 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
BROWN, Eunice, Miss     officer-LA/1909-10
BROWN, William     officer/1905
BUCHER, Joseph     officer/1894
BUCKLEY, James A.     officer/1904-05
BURCHAM, Nellie     officer-LA/1917
BURQUEST, Francis 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
CALL, James J. 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
CEGAR, Samuel 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
COOK, Uriah     officer/1904
CRITCHETT, Myrtilla     officer-LA/1904-05
DUCHINE, Joseph   aft 1906 officer/1906
ELDRED, A. L., Mrs     officer-LA/1911
FARLEY, John 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
FINCH, Maria     officer-LA/1905-07
FROST, Jennie, Mrs.     officer-LA/1909-11
GORDE, John 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
GRAYSON, Ollie, Mrs     officer-LA/1905
HADERCROFT, Thomas 1 Jul 1893 aft 1906  
HALE, Anna     officer-LA/1905
HALLEWAY, L. B. 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
HERRICK, George     officer/1904
HICKS, Sadie     officer-LA/1904
KENNEDY, S. Y.(M.?) 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906 officer/1894
KING, S. S. 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906 officer/1894
LAFRINIERE, Anna     officer-LA/1904
LITTLE, John     officer/1911-13
LUCE, J. R.     officer/1904
LUCTON, J. R.   aft 1906 officer/1906
McFALL, Helen, Mrs     officer-LA/1905
MELLISON, Samuel   aft 1906 officer/1905-06
MITCHELL, Julia     officer-LA/1905
MONTGOMERY, Lavinia, Mrs     officer-LA/1918
NOLAN, Lizzie M, Mrs.     officer-LA/1905
NORTH, H. W.     officer/1906-07
NORTH, H. W., Mrs     officer-L.A./1916
PRINGLE, Charles   aft 1906 officer/1906
PRINGLE, Walter, Mrs     officer-LA/1917
RICE, Wilder   29 May 1919 officer/1904
ROSS, Anna     officer-LA/1905
SANDBORN, G. R.     officer/1904-05
SCHRECK, Val     officer/1904
SCHURZ (?), Harry 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
SHERFEY, John T. 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906 officer/1894, 04-05
SILVERY, Anna     officer-LA/1905
SMITH, Wilford 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
STAY, M. A. 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
STEVENS, G. A. 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
STORMS, G. N.     officer/1894
STORMS, S. M     officer/1894
TEMPLE, J. A.     officer/1905
TERVILLIGER, Simon 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
TIFF, Semor      
TIFT, S. B     officer/1916-17
TOWNSEND, Nellie     officer-LA/1905-07
TUBBS, Franklin C. 1 Jul 1893 bef 1906  
WARNER, Edwin C.   aft 1906 officer/1906
WARNER, R. T.     officer/1915-17, 19
WEAVER, Lizzie     officer-LA/1905
WINSCOTT, Mary     officer-LA/1904

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