Monte Cristo Project INDEX


AGNEW Andrew J. mgr, MC Mercantile Co, gen'l store  
ALLEN Albert miner  
ALLEN Alexander T. miner  
ASUSKI Frank A. V. miner bds Wash. Hotel
BAKER Edwin C. gen'l agent, Evt-Monte Cristo Rwy Co  
BALDWIN Perry J. miner  
BARNER John W. woodsman  
BARRY Thomas section foreman, E MC Rwy  
BARTHOLOMEW James S., J. P. editor, Monte Cristo Mountaineer  
BARTLETT James M. miner  
BASS Frederick A. of Rice, Gardner and Bass, meat market  
BAUMANN Peter carpenter  
BERG Charles miner  
BERG Nels tramwayman  
BLAKE George sup't, Golden Cord Mining Co  
BLOOM Gustave miner  
BORDEN Everett rancher  
BORTON Asa R. restaurant  
BORTON Miriam A. widow of A. R.  
BRADLEY George miner  
BRAUN John E. of Kruzner and Braun, grocers  
BRECKENRIDGE John G. miner  
BRONSON Louis prospector  
BROOKING A. Douglas constable  
BUCK Edward cook, Hotel Monte Cristo  
BUCKBEE Alva C. bkkpr, Monte Cristo Mercantile Co  
BUCKBEE O. S. asst supt Blake-Pearsall Mining Co  
BUCKBEE Ossian S. asst supt, Wilmans Mining Co  
BUSH Joseph miner bds Wash. Hotel
CALMAN Elizabeth, Mrs. chambermaid, Washington Hotel  
CALNAN Thomas P. lodging house  
CAMPBELL George L. laborer  
CAMPBELL Hugh B. miner, Pride of Mtns Mining Co  
CAMPBELL John H. of Patterson and Campbell, saloon  
CASEY Andrew grocer  
CAVANAUGH Frank J. stenographer, Monte Cristo Mining Co  
CHAMBERS Joseph R. proprietor, Star Dairy  
CHURCH Ella of Church and Marty, laundry  
CLAY Nellie (none given)  
CLEVELAND Addison of Cleveland and Klein, saloon  
CLOSSEN John H. of Closson and Kelly, druggists res. Seattle
COBB Thomas W. of McCrea and Cobb, saloon  
COHEN Jacob prop'r, Monte Cristo Hotel  
CONLEY Philip foreman, Wilmans Mining Co  
COOLEY John woodsman  
CRAIN Richard J. carpenter  
CRAWFORD Albert J. (none given)  
CRAWFORD Albert S. foreman, United Concentration Co  
CRAWFORD Chapman L. (none given)  
CRAWFORD Mary S. (none given) bds AS Crawford
CRISWELL Allen M. miner, Monte Cristo Mining Co  
CROWE Luke D. mgr, Filson and Howard, grocers  
CRUTHERS John teamster  
DECKER Philip assayer, Monte Cristo Mining Co  
DELANEY John miner  
DEMPSEY James miner  
DICKERMAN A. L. consulting eng'r, Pride of Mts Mining Co  
DINKELMAN J. F. Henry carpenter  
DONNELLY James miner  
DOOLEY John laborer  
DORRANCE J. W., Rev minister in charge of 1st Presb. Church  
DURAND Louis laborer  
DURKEE George W. carpenter  
ECKMAN John miner  
EDMINSTON Andrew J. miner, Monte Cristo Mining Co  
ERICKSON Louis miner  
ESHER George miner  
FELIX John C. miner, Monte Cristo Mining Co  
FEWING James miner bds Wash. Hotel
FISCHER Anton bartender, Schooner Saloon  
FISCHER J. B. prop'r, Schooner Saloon  
FLINKMAN Stephen miner  
FOLEY John carpenter  
FOSS B. S. of Johnson and Foss, saloon, boarding hse  
FRASER William watchman, United Concentration Co  
FREEMAN Henry barber  
GALE Elmer miner  
GALLOWAY Sarah laundry  
GARDNER J. D. of Rice, Gardner and Bass, meat market res. Seattle
GIBSON J. Bruce clerk, Monte Cristo Mining Co  
GILNEY Thomas laborer bds Wash. Hotel
GRIFFIN William packer  
GROGAN John miner  
GWINN Allen bartender, McCrea and Cobb  
HALSTAD Peter prop'r, Cliff House  
HARTMAN Charles W. sawyer  
HAUCA Adolph carpenter  
HECK John A. restaurant  
HEINZERLING Louis A. millwright, United Concentration Co  
HEINZERLING Walter H. carpenter  
HENRY Bessie dressmaker  
HERRMANN August waiter, Monte Cristo Hotel  
HIGLEY Larkin E. miner  
HOGAN Matthew miner  
HOLM Edgar L. miner  
HOLT Edgar L. miner  
HORAN Thomas H. miner  
HORTON Herbert meat market  
HOUSTON Wallace carpenter  
HUGHES Philip cook bds Wash. Hotel
HUMBERT E. J. miner  
HUNSAKER Theodore carpenter  
JOCKEL Frank barber  
JOHNSON Howard N. restaurant  
JOHNSON John bartender, Schooner Saloon  
JOHNSON William of Johnson and Foss, saloon, boarding hse  
JONES William O. laborer  
KAEHLER Samuel laborer  
KAZERT Elwood tramwayman  
KEIGER George W. miner  
KELLOGG Charles L. F. cashier, Monte Cristo Mining Co  
KELLY Charles of Closson and Kelly, druggists res. Seattle
KELLY Edward waiter, H. N. Johnson  
KENNEDY Frank waiter bds Wash. Hotel
KENNEDY Frank S. miner  
KENNEDY Peter J. barber  
KENT Frank N. miner  
KILCOYNE Anthony laborer bds Wash. Hotel
KING Seth L. miner  
KLEIN Jacob of Cleveland and Klein, saloon  
KLEIN Jacob of Cleveland and Klein, saloon  
KOEHLER Samuel C. miner  
KOEN Joseph bartender, Washington Hotel  
KOEN Robert J. of Rigley, McMullen and Koen, props Wash. Hotel  
KRAUS Hans C. laborer  
KRUZNER John K. of Kruzner and Braun, grocers  
KRUZNER Theodore Z. postmaster, gen'l store  
KURTH F. Joseph cook, Monte Cristo Hotel  
LABRUN Julia dressmaker  
LACEY Albert laborer  
LACEY Albert E. laborer  
LaMORE Josephine widow of Moses  
LARSON John H. cook  
LARSON Louis barber  
LELAND George laborer  
LOCHRIE A. B. miner  
LOCHRIE Andrew J. foreman, United Concentration Co  
LYNCH James woodcutter  
LYONS Alphonso laborer  
MABIN Hugh miner  
MARTY William H. of Church and Marty, laundry  
MATTSON Alfred waiter, Washington Hotel  
McCARTNEY Arthur carpenter bds Wash. Hotel
McCARTY Patrick miner  
McCARTY William M. miner  
McCLARY Abram B. miner  
McCORMICK Stephen B. of McCormick and McDonald, saloon  
McCREA David T. of McCrea and Cobb, saloon  
McDEVITT Joseph T. pres, Monte Cristo Mercantile Co res. in Sultan City
McDONALD Allan laborer  
McDONALD Joseph A. of McCormick and McDonald, saloon  
McDONALD Robert E. miner  
McDONALD Thomas of McCormick and McDonald, saloon  
McDOWELL Duncan J. miner  
McHUGH Fred miner  
McKAY Hugh miner  
McKENZIE Thomas miner  
McKINNEY Margaret chambermaid, Monte Cristo Hotel  
McMULLEN Bartholomew F. cook, Washington Hotel  
McMULLEN Edward miner bds Wash. Hotel
McMULLEN Matthew of Rigley, McMullen and Koen, props Wash. Hotel  
McMURRY Robert L. carpenter  
McPHERSON Donald prop'r, Hotel Monte Cristo  
MERCER J. W. asst sup't, Rainy Mining Co  
MERCER John W. asst supt MC and Pride-Mtns Mining Co  
MILES William T. physician, Monte Cristo Mining Co Hospital  
MILLAGER Ernest laborer  
MONTGOMERY Charles logger  
MONTGOMERY Charles tramwayman  
MOORE John H. assayer's ass't, Monte Cristo Mining Co  
MOSER Jacob shoemaker  
MURRAY Martin laborer  
NELSON Albert laborer  
NICOLSON F. H. instructor, Monte Cristo Athletic Ass'n  
NICOLSON Walter T. mill foreman, United Concentration Co  
NORRIS Samuel miner  
O'BRIEN Henry miner  
O'BRIEN John D. miner bds Wash. Hotel
O'CONNELL Charles sec, Monte Cristo Athletic Association  
O'CONNELL Charles A. clerk, Monte Cristo Mercantile Co  
O'CONNELL James miner  
O'CONNELL James treas., Monte Cristo Mercantile Co  
OLSON Charles foreman, Golden Cord Mining Co  
OTTERSON George foreman, tramway  
OWINGS Charles E. carpenter  
PALMER A. C. millwright, Wilmans Mining Co  
PALMER Albert carpenter, Monte Cristo Mining Co  
PATTERSON William A. of Patterson and Campbell, saloon  
PAULSEN Louis A. carpenter  
PERRIN C. S. laborer bds Wash. Hotel
PERRIN Charles S. carpenter  
PERRY Robert restaurant  
PETERSON Jacob miner  
PRIESTLY Elizabeth M. (none given)  
PRIESTLY S. A., Mrs. (none given)  
PRIESTLY William J. (none given)  
PRISK John miner  
REED Robert W. J. agent, Everett Lumber Co  
RICE L. N. of Rice, Gardner and Bass, meat market res. in Seattle
RICHARDSON David miner  
RIGLEY Edward J. of Rigley, McMullen and Koen, props Wash. Hotel  
ROGERS William miner  
ROGGENDORF Joseph tramwayman  
ROSS John miner  
ROSS John miner, Pride of Mtns Mining Co  
ROSS T. Lee miner  
ROWE Thomas carpenter  
ROYCROFT James baker  
ROYCROFT Katharine ass't, James Roycroft  
RUCKER Peter miner  
RUEFLY William E. clerk, Monte Cristo Hotel  
RUSTAD Evan carpenter  
SMITH James S. shoemaker  
SNOVER William carpenter  
SOREN Patrick tramwayman  
STAPH John miner  
STONE Charles laborer  
STROMBERG John miner  
SUNDBERG Peter O. miner  
TARDIFF William F. restaurant  
THOMPSON William carpenter, United Concentration Co  
THORNE William H. mine foreman  
TOURTELLOT Charles E. clerk, Closson and Kelly, druggists  
TOURTELLOT Charles S. mgr, Closson and Kelly, druggists  
TRACIE Gordon W. clothing  
TRUMP Frederick real estate  
ULNESS Nels T. carpenter  
WAGNER Peter tilor  
WARNICK John M. clerk, Monte Cristo Mercantile Co  
WEIR Alexander laborer  
WELCH Frederick logger  
WESLEY John dep.sheriff, pres MC Athletic Ass'n rms Wash. Hotel
WHELAN Mark miner  
WILLIAMS J. M. pres, Golden Cord Mining Co  
WILLIAMS James G. miner  
WILMANS F. W. pres Blake-Pearsall Mining Co  
WILMANS J. M. sec, Golden Cord Mining Co  
WINTERS Frank L. miner  

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