The Cedar Valley Project came about this way...

I'd been working in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 SnoCo censii, and was seriously thinking about some sort of data entry project to be uploaded to the SnoCo site - but where to start? Which Enumeration District "needed" to be online?

The decision was made FOR me. I'd been invited to lunch at a co-worker's house - Gigi gave me "Go here, turn at the traffic light" driving directions, and I ended up VERY lost. "Mr. Thomas' Map Book" soon got me back on track, and I drove through what was for me "new territory". And there it was, on my left, the CEDAR VALLEY GRANGE HALL! I recalled that "Cedar Valley" was the name of one of the Enumeration Districts in the 1920 Census, and my "big discovery" gave me an idea as to what Snohomish County area that ED encompassed. Cedar Valley was The Place To Start!

Working with the actual census pages for the Cedar Valley district, I learned that the ED covered what is now a heavily populated area of south Snohomish County - Lynnwood (where I work), Mountlake Terrace (where I do my grocery shopping), Alderwood Manor, and (be still my heart!) possibly even the Metropolis of Brier (my own neighborhood).

"Cedar Valley", then, is "MY TURF"!


Landowners in Township 27 N, Range 4 E from the B. L. M. web page - Cedar Valley is in Township 27 N, Range 4 E.

1894 DIRECTORY - for "Southwest SnoCo"

Allen and McDonald Precincts (1900 census, Enumeration District 207) appear to contain the area later to be known as "Cedar Valley". My "benchmark surnames" - SALTY and MORRICE - appear in these precincts. A partial transcription of the 1900 census for these precincts has been uploaded - but before you get too excited, it's a VERY rough transcription, and does NOT include all of the information for each individual.

A "Head of Household" index for ED 266 in the 1910 Census for Snohomish County was compiled - it does NOT include each and every surname I found, however. I left out the names of "boarders"; thus the names of residents of many "logging camps" were not entered. In the 1910 Census, ED 266 covered Edmonds, Mukilteo, Richmond and Allen Precincts. Allen Precinct included what later became Cedar Valley.

More Allen Precinct census data - a HEAD of HOUSEHOLD index to the 1910 Census includes all "unique" surnames and gives a summary of other persons enumerated in a given household. Links to the actual census data are provided.

The 1920 CENSUS for the Cedar Valley Enumeration District has been uploaded and includes a surname index.

The 1925 Polk Directory for Everett and Snohomish County listed the names of individuals who lived in the Alderwood Manor - Cedar Valley area. You can also find the names of persons who had Bothell Rural Delivery (RD) addresses.

The 1926 History of Snohomish County contained a biography of William MORRICE, a farmer in the Cedar Valley area. Other bios of persons from this area (and from "Greater Bothell") can be found on this page.

There are many MANY possible additions to the Cedar Valley Project page - if you have any ideas, or want to contribute data files, pictures OR time, DO let Marge know!

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