1910 CENSUS - E.D 266

Enumeration District 266

This data table is a "Head of Household" name index for Enumeration District 266 of the 1910 Census. The data is sorted by surname, and includes the given name of the individual, the Precinct name, the census page number and the "household number".

The 1910 Census isn't the easiest one to read - an understatement if there ever WAS one! Where I could not determine the first letter of a surname - or if there were several possible first letters - I prepended a "?" to what I saw (or THOUGHT I saw). The first group of names includes those "prepended" surnames, and should be considered a WISIWYG list ("What I Saw Is What You Get").

In addition, I did NOT include the names of "boarders" - there were many logging camps enumerated with one "head of household" followed by up to 25 "boarders". However, I DID include the surnames of persons who were related in some way to the "head of household". If a household's members appeared on TWO pages (bottom of one and top of the next), I included the given name(s) of the first family member who appeared on that second sheet.

One last caveat - the person who enumerated ED 266 was not consistent in his numbering of households. In a few cases, I had to add my own household numbers.

Remember, ED 266 included Edmonds, Mukilteo, Richmond and Allen Precincts. "Cedar Valley" was NOT a precinct in 1910, but was part of Allen Precinct.

DO let me know if this table is useful!

022A Allen 003 ?*CKSON Edward
035A Allen 005 ??EATER Charles
022A Allen 005 ?ANSTED M**
017A Richmond 009 ?BAKER? Benjamin F.
019A Allen 003 ?BANFENER? James
013A Edmonds 002 ?BEHNET Ella L.
012B Edmonds 015 ?CHESTHEN? Henry E.
015A Edmonds 010 ?CLAPP? Alice?
013A Edmonds 003 ?ENGALLS? Judson
016B Richmond 019 ?FURTEN Harvey F.
012B Edmonds 024 ?GREEN? William
012B Edmonds 025 ?GREEN? James M.
011A Edmonds 003 ?HABILAMB? Jabe? B.
014B Edmonds 016 ?HAZL* James L.
023A Allen 007 ?HEID Homer
019A Allen 013 ?HENSON Davis A?.
014B Edmonds 020 ?HOLGALT? Julis?
020A Allen 001 ?HOLLENN? Joseph
031A Allen 001 ?illegible? Samuel
005A Edmonds 028 ?ILLOEN Zachery T.
015A Edmonds 009 ?JAC** Jack J.
012A Edmonds 011 ?KINN John
022A Allen 006 ?LOWN David A.
010A Edmonds 006 ?OAKE? Marie?
004A Edmonds 014 ?OWLER Robert H.
012A Edmonds 003 ?PINETT Maud M.
014B Edmonds 022 ?RENTEN? William
016A Richmond 010 ?STLUCHA? Frank
022A Allen 002 ?TRINSHAW Katy
011B Edmonds 016 ?WALES? George
017B Richmond 019 AALE? Sarah A.
003B Edmonds 018 ABBIT Rose E.
013A Edmonds 012 ABBOTT Ambrose
013B Edmonds 012 ABBOTT Nancella?
027A Allen 002 ALCOONES? Hans K.
029A Allen 002 ALEXANDER Rex?
005A Edmonds 033 ALLEN Henry V.
012B Edmonds 017 ALLEN Smith
020A Allen 011 ANDERSON George H.
020A Allen 013 ANDERSON Albin
035A Allen 005 ANDERSON Andrew
035A Allen 007 ANDERSON Joe
006A Edmonds 007 ANDERSON Irving L.
006B Edmonds 020 ANDERSON Jennie
008A Edmonds 005 ANDERSON Mi**
012A Edmonds 003 ANDERSON John
013A Edmonds 009 ANDERSON Albert K.
013A Edmonds 010 ANDERSON Ole
002A Edmonds 012 ANIMON? Wales? R.
020A Allen 010 ARMSTRONG George
001A Edmonds 007 ARMSTRONG Albert
010A Edmonds 008 ARNIDON? (illegible)
012A Edmonds 006 ARP Louis P.
004A Edmonds 015 ARROWOOD William
011B Edmonds 013 ASTELL? George M.
012A Edmonds 004 ATWELL Agnes
035A Allen 005 AUGUST Hardman
004A Edmonds 006 AULT Edwin
003A Edmonds 001 AYLING Leo? M.
011B Edmonds 017 BAGLEY? Margarette
009A Edmonds 014 BALDWIN? Frank
009A Edmonds 010 BARBOUR Theron T.
013B Edmonds 015 BARNETT Thomas S.
004A Edmonds 017 BARRETT Franklin H.
004B Edmonds 017 BARRETT Norman
010B Edmonds 011 BARTLETT Hester A.
010B Edmonds 013 BARTLETT Edgar F.
018A Richmond 006 BARTLETT George H.
017A Richmond 013 BAUGH William
009B Edmonds 022 BEALE Lydia L.
002A Edmonds 007 BECHLAND Oscar A.
006B Edmonds 015 BECKLAND John P.
001A Edmonds 002 BECKSTROM John G.
012B Edmonds 019 BEECHAM Charles
003A Edmonds 004 BEISON? Florance? R.
014B Edmonds 021 BELL? William J.
021A Allen 003 BENNETT Pia? G?
006A Edmonds 009 BENTLY Anthony B.
035A Allen 003 BERGER Charles F.
011B Edmonds 018 BERTRAND Henry W?.
021A Allen 004 BIGELOW William H.
024A Allen 004 BIGELOW Charles
024A Allen 005 BIGELOW Si*k E.
021A Allen 007 BIGLOW Liato J.
015A Edmonds 001 BLACK Samuel J.
001A Edmonds 010 BONE Edgebert?
004B Edmonds 023 BOSHART Henry
019A Allen 018 BOWEN William C.
001A Edmonds 013 BRACKETT William
001B Edmonds 013 BRACKETT William, Jr.
002A Edmonds 011 BRACKETT Ronald
013B Edmonds 018 BRACKETT Daniel W.
015A Edmonds 015 BRADLEY Alin? N.
015B Edmonds 015 BRADLEY Erma?
009B Edmonds 024 BRADY Iona?
010B Edmonds 015 BRADY James
010A Edmonds 007 BRASFIELD Susie
032A Allen 002 BREED Charles B.
003A Edmonds 010 BRITTIAN Wash. L.
023A Allen 005 BROWN Alfred
028A Allen 006 BROWN Allice
006B Edmonds 023 BROWN Fredrick L.
007B Edmonds 009 BROWN Dudley
011A Edmonds 004 BROWN Daniel
010B Edmonds 011 BROWN? Cecile G.
012A Edmonds 003 BROWNFIELD Amanda F.
006B Edmonds 015 BRYON Susie
022A Allen 010 BU**LEY James A.
016A Richmond 002 BURBAND? David B.
001A Edmonds 011 BURCHETT? Jesse?
023A Allen 010 BURLESON Hirom H.
006B Edmonds 024 BUTERFIELD Ernest
017A Richmond 010 C**IN? Oscar? M.
018A Richmond 008 CALLENOR? Henry R.
010A Edmonds 002 CAMERON Daniel
026A Allen 003 CAMPBELL Harry? H.
009A Edmonds 004 CAMPBELL David
020B Allen 013 CARLSON Albert
021A Allen 011 CARLSON Girt
006A Edmonds 004 CARLSON Carl G.
007A Edmonds 007 CARLSON Fredrich A.
014A Edmonds 003 CARNEY David
020B Allen 016 CARPENTER William H.
002A Edmonds 010 CARPENTER Edward D.
015A Edmonds 013 CARPENTER Frank M.
001A Edmonds 006 CARPENTER? Raymond
011B Edmonds 017 CARPENTER? Eliza J.
008A Edmonds 007 CARRICO James R.
024A Allen 008 CARY Anna G.
001A Edmonds 005 CARY? *enga?
001A Edmonds 001 CASPER James
012A Edmonds 009 CASPER Jimorsan?
015A Edmonds 004 CHA*E Homer? A.
004A Edmonds 001 CHANDLER? Henry A.
019A Allen 007 CHASE Edwin A.
029A Allen 004 CHASE Homer J.
002A Edmonds 013 CHILSON David A.
004A Edmonds 016 CHOST? Erwin? C.
022A Allen 008 CLARK James A?
007A Edmonds 004 CLARK Eliza B.
012A Edmonds 012 CLARK Sarah
016A Richmond 013 CLARK William
018A Richmond 007 CLEVISH Wallace
013A Edmonds 005 COBB? Ed**d
005A Edmonds 035 COGSWELL Cary
006A Edmonds 001 COMPTON David
017A Richmond 014 COMPTON Vernon H.
017B Richmond 014 COMPTON Guenn?
004B Edmonds 018 COMS? John V.
020A Allen 002 CONLEY? Bert L.
012B Edmonds 023 CONNER William
006B Edmonds 024 COOK James P.
014A Edmonds 004 COOK William H.
018A Richmond 005 COONEY John
006A Edmonds 003 COURTNEY John W.
014B Edmonds 024 CRAIN? Merton S.
001A Edmonds 004 CURRIE James W.
003B Edmonds 014 CUSTIS Austin H.
013A Edmonds 006 DALY Elmer
004B Edmonds 022 DANICLA? Claude
008A Edmonds 001 DARLING Frank H.
014A Edmonds 008 DARRAGH John
028A Allen 001 DAVIS Martin
004A Edmonds 012 DAVIS Harry B.
017B Richmond 017 DAVIS George W.
028A Allen 003 DAVISON Archie
014B Edmonds 019 DAY? George E.
012B Edmonds 026 DEINER Frank E.
002A Edmonds 009 DeLAND Ora? G.
011A Edmonds 008 DEWEY George D.
009A Edmonds 011 DICKSON Fredrich H.
004A Edmonds 008 DIMMOCK William I.
011A Edmonds 011 DINKELE? James A.
001A Edmonds 001 DOHERTY Thomas
004B Edmonds 020 DONICH? Charles F.
020B Allen 014 DORGAN? William H.
014B Edmonds 023 DRESSHER? George
004A Edmonds 003 DUFFY Agness E.
009A Edmonds 016 DUMAN John
030A Allen 003 DURRELL? Robert
018B Richmond 012 EAKERT? Rose
013A Edmonds 008 EARNEST Bert
003B Edmonds 014 EASTON Charles
005A Edmonds 029 EDDY Charles F.
009A Edmonds 017 EDGECOMB Silas
017B Richmond 023 ELLIS Abner T.
018A Richmond 004 ELLIS Edwin L.
008A Edmonds 010 ENGEL Louis C.
012A Edmonds 003 ERBEN? Henry, Jr.
016A Richmond 004 ERDEVEG? **** H.
020A Allen 012 ERICKSON Joboc?
003A Edmonds 011 ESTERBROOK George A.
003B Edmonds 011 ESTERBROOK Ruth S.
003A Edmonds 002 EVANS James
008B Edmonds 018 EVANS Einer
012B Edmonds 016 EVANS Steven M.
013A Edmonds 004 EVANS Steven H.
009A Edmonds 006 EVERTON Clarence D.
022A Allen 004 FAGERSON Thomas
011A Edmonds 012 FIBOS? Glenn C.
004A Edmonds 004 FIELD John
016A Richmond 008 FITCH George W.
020A Allen 006 FLEMMING George
028A Allen 003 FLODIN Frank L.
019A Allen 011 FLUS** Benjamin
007B Edmonds 009 FLYNN John S.
016A Richmond 009 FORBES Sarah L.
017B Richmond 016 FORTIER? Joseph
019A Allen 016 FOSTER Jasper T.
001A Edmonds 009 FOWLER Walter
002A Edmonds 001 FRANKLIN William J.
016A Richmond 015 FREDELL Herman
016B Richmond 015 FREDELL Jennie
016B Richmond 022 FREESE Robert F?.
015A Edmonds 003 FRIESE? Paul
017A Richmond 006 G**D*ER Millie G.
028A Allen 004 GARD Patrick
006B Edmonds 022 GARRISON Henry B.
005A Edmonds 031 GESSNER? Rodolfitius C.
023A Allen 006 GIBB William S.
010B Edmonds 012 GILCHRIST William
023A Allen 009 GILLESPIE Taylor?
003B Edmonds 012 GILLIAND John E.
018B Richmond 012 GILLIGAN Sarah Y.
016A Richmond 014 GLASIR? Kirman?
008B Edmonds 017 GOFF James M.
017A Richmond 007 GOODMAN Charles H.
021A Allen 001 GRAHAM William A.
021A Allen 002 GRAHAM Frank W.
006B Edmonds 014 GRIFFIN Charles I.
023A Allen 003 GRIMER Connelis
013B Edmonds 017 HAGEN? Anton
006A Edmonds 002 HALL Harry W.
006A Edmonds 013 HALL Henry W.
006B Edmonds 013 HALL Veitcees? I.
008B Edmonds 019 HALL Thomas
017A Richmond 001 HALL Francis N?.
021A Allen 005 HALSTROM John
026A Allen 004 HANSEN Christ
003A Edmonds 007 HANSEN Hans C.
014A Edmonds 009 HANSEN Louis
018B Richmond 012 HARRIS James S?.
012B Edmonds 014 HARRISON Jaboc? T.
023A Allen 004 HASWORTH Whitter?
014B Edmonds 015 HATCH Ezea F.
012A Edmonds 008 HATHAWAY James E.
028A Allen 002 HAWKINS Mildred
008B Edmonds 022 HAYES? Albert G.
010A Edmonds 009 HEADLEY William A.
010B Edmonds 009 HEADLEY George R.
010B Edmonds 010 HEADLEY George
011A Edmonds 004 HEADLEY Joseph
012A Edmonds 010 HEADLEY George R.
013A Edmonds 002 HEADLY Jesse
019A Allen 006 HEATH Francis
001A Edmonds 008 HEATH? Paci*lvi?
003A Edmonds 005 HEBULINE Earnest H.
008A Edmonds 009 HENDERSON Albert W.
017A Richmond 002 HENDRICKSON Elmer J.
016A Richmond 006 HENRY William G.
004B Edmonds 021 HENSON William M.
018B Richmond 011 HIGHINGTON? Hale H.
015A Edmonds 010 HILL Albert E.
006B Edmonds 013 HILLREY Sadie?
009B Edmonds 020 HOBSON? John J.
021A Allen 012 HOFF Nels P.
018A Richmond 003 HOFFER? Fra*** D.
006B Edmonds 022 HOFFMAN Emma
020A Allen 007 HOLMES Lewis E.
011B Edmonds 014 HOWELL Zophran, 3rd
014B Edmonds 014 HUBBARD Earnest B.
031A Allen 001 HUNTER Ducan
004A Edmonds 013 HUNTER Gus
008B Edmonds 021 HUTCHINS Frank W.
020A Allen 009 HUYILL? Arthur
004A Edmonds 007 HYNER? Matthew E.
023A Allen 002 JACBESON Alfred
016A Richmond 009 JAMES Pierce Grace?
017B Richmond 021 JANEWAY? John N.
021A Allen 009 JEB***AUR Christian
022A Allen 009 JENNINGS George
020A Allen 008 JOHNSON Sigfriet J.
035A Allen 008 JOHNSON John
032A Allen 004 JOHNSON Anton
003B Edmonds 016 JOHNSON Sixtus?
007A Edmonds 002 JOHNSON Carl J.
014B Edmonds 017 JOHNSON Caroline
018A Richmond 001 JOHNSON Hans E.
018A Richmond 002 JOHNSON Charles F.
001A Edmonds 008 JONES George
010B Edmonds 011 JONES Stewart M.
011A Edmonds 002 JONES Mary C
016B Richmond 018 JONES George E.
018A Richmond 009 JONES Owen C?.
017B Richmond 015 JUDY? William D.
026A Allen 002 JUIKESON? Lavina
014A Edmonds 011 KEELER William
009A Edmonds 018 KELLY William A.
009B Edmonds 018 KELLY Julia W.
017B Richmond 020 KELLY William L.
007A Edmonds 009 KENNEDY Grace
011A Edmonds 001 KENNEDY John
027A Allen 005 KEYER Mary
021A Allen 008 KI**TON Leroy S.
022A Allen 008 KIETER Dot P.
003A Edmonds 008 KINDGON William
017A Richmond 003 KIRK Charles R.
024A Allen 001 KLOSSEN Gustave
004B Edmonds 019 KNOWLES Joseph C.
010A Edmonds 005 KUEHL Earnest
015A Edmonds 014 LACK? Charles D.
001A Edmonds 003 LACY Jesse K.
003B Edmonds 015 LAGARAY? Peter
030A Allen 002 LAKE Charles L.
030A Allen 001 LAMBY John
031A Allen 001 LAMBY John J.
016A Richmond 001 LANEY? William S.
006B Edmonds 017 LARSON Charles M.
014B Edmonds 013 LARSON Gus
032A Allen 004 LAWRENCE? William
013B Edmonds 014 LEMLEY? Charles
024A Allen 007 LEMON Abraham H.
028A Allen 006 LEPPLE? Edward
009A Edmonds 013 LOCKWOOD John W. H.
005A Edmonds 030 LONGDON Harold R.
011A Edmonds 006 LORENZ Louis
008A Edmonds 008 LOTSTROM Alexandre
008A Edmonds 006 LOUNDRY William
017B Richmond 024 LOVERIDGE? Emmett H.
007A Edmonds 003 LUCE? William W.
003A Edmonds 006 LUCK? Benjamin F.
027A Allen 003 LUMBY John
021A Allen 006 LUND Sagis? Y?
014A Edmonds 006 LUTEY Albert
013B Edmonds 020 LYDICE? George
017A Richmond 005 MAASCAR? Charles H.
019A Allen 014 MANN David D.
022A Allen 009 MARKHAM William
022A Allen 001 MARTIN Marvin A.
008A Edmonds 011 MARTIN Abner D.
018B Richmond 012 MATTHEW? Albin E.
030A Allen 003 MAXWELL Samuel
008B Edmonds 016 McALLISTOR James
020A Allen 005 McCART? Guy M.
024A Allen 002 McCLAIN Cecile
009B Edmonds 023 McCLARKIN Charles S.
029A Allen 003 McDONALD William
016A Richmond 005 McDONALD Ben B.
014A Edmonds 001 McELROY Thomas J.
032A Allen 001 McGEE Samuel
008A Edmonds 013 McGEE Theodore
012B Edmonds 020 McGEE Joseph
022A Allen 009 McGEOTTY? Ella
010B Edmonds 015 McGINNIS Eugene
016B Richmond 017 McGOWAN? Della M.
023A Allen 014 McKERRELL? Ellen C.
015A Edmonds 011 McKILLIEAR? Abbie A.
008A Edmonds 002 McKNIGHT George S.
019A Allen 017 McLEAN James J?.
024A Allen 003 McNAMARA John
024A Allen 002 McPHERSON John A.
010B Edmonds 009 McRENOLDS Lawrence
015A Edmonds 002 MET*** John
005A Edmonds 032 MIDELSDITD? Cana? H.
009B Edmonds 021 MILLER James
020A Allen 004 MILLIN? Joseph
012A Edmonds 005 MILLSPAUGH Frank
013A Edmonds 001 MILSPAUGH? Frank C.
003A Edmonds 009 MINNEHER Edward
013A Edmonds 011 MITCHELL Earnest A.
015B Edmonds 016 MONROE? Annie M.
032A Allen 004 MOORE Inez
013B Edmonds 013 MORE James D.
019A Allen 005 MORE? Charles
032A Allen 005 MORRIS William
008A Edmonds 010 MORTERSIRE? August
028A Allen 005 MORTON Joseph
014A Edmonds 012 MOTHERSHEAD Stonewall
014B Edmonds 012 MOTHERSHEAD **** M.
009A Edmonds 002 MOWAT James
009A Edmonds 003 MOWAT Oliver K.
011A Edmonds 005 MOWAT Russell J.
014A Edmonds 002 MURPHY William A.
017A Richmond 004 NARRON James F.
011A Edmonds 012 NEAL Clix? P.
023A Allen 008 NELLSON Lewis
027A Allen 001 NELSON John
005A Edmonds 026 NELSON Oden C.
014A Edmonds 010 NELSON Ezra M.
016A Richmond 007 NELSON Noah E.
006B Edmonds 019 NO**EN John
006A Edmonds 010 NONNERUP? Sofus?
009A Edmonds 009 NORDENBORG? John
026A Allen 001 NOW**TER? Thomas
007A Edmonds 005 O'NEIL Goldie? L.
016A Richmond 004 OLESON Andrea
008B Edmonds 020 OLSEN Thomas E.
023A Allen 002 ORMBURG Nils
005A Edmonds 027 OTTO Joseph B.
009A Edmonds 015 OTTO William H.
010A Edmonds 001 OTTO James N.
017B Richmond 022 PALMER James P.
012B Edmonds 015 PARKEN? Nancy J.
004A Edmonds 005 PARKER Ellis
009A Edmonds 001 PARKER Harlie F.
015A Edmonds 008 PATTERSON Margaret
015A Edmonds 012 PEABODY Frank W.
016A Richmond 011 PEARCE Richard J.
020A Allen 008 PEIRSON? Salma
029A Allen 001 PETERSON Frank?
006B Edmonds 016 PETERSON Charles P.
007A Edmonds 006 PHILLIPS Melvin B.
030A Allen 003 PHILLPS? Bernice
015A Edmonds 007 PIKE Alison? A.
012A Edmonds 004 PLACE? Henry L.
017A Richmond 006 PLOUGH? Josiah
023A Allen 011 POST John H.
010A Edmonds 004 POTTER Anna M.
004B Edmonds 024 PROCTOR Daniel
012A Edmonds 012 PROFITT Edwin I?.
012A Edmonds 013 PROFITT William
012B Edmonds 013 PROFITT Amy? E.
033A Allen 001 PURCELL Robert
004A Edmonds 011 PURSEL William W.
006A Edmonds 006 QUELLS? William E.
019A Allen 009 QUIMBY David
017A Richmond 011 REECE William
035A Allen 002 REID Robert M.
011B Edmonds 021 REYNOLDS Phebe
023A Allen 013 RICHARDSON George B.
035A Allen 006 RILEY De**** C.
006B Edmonds 018 RIVERS? Joe?
006A Edmonds 009 ROBERTSON James A.
006A Edmonds 011 ROGERS John D.
017B Richmond 018 ROGERS Charlie D.
035A Allen 004 RONQUIST John
003B Edmonds 017 ROSCO Christopher?
010B Edmonds 014 ROSCOE Renbert? T.
008A Edmonds 012 ROWE William J.
014B Edmonds 019 RUSSEL Hattie M.
024A Allen 006 RUST Ebenizer
008A Edmonds 015 RYNERSON? Winfield
008B Edmonds 015 RYNERSON? Lemuel
001A Edmonds 012 S*** Vernon
002A Edmonds 005 SAGER Carlton W.
031A Allen 001 SALTY John
012A Edmonds 005 SAMPLE Fredrick
016A Richmond 012 SAMPLES Madia? A.
027A Allen 006 SAMPSON Mat?
032A Allen 003 SATHER? Stewart
016A Richmond 013 SAWYER Charles C.
016B Richmond 021 SCELF? James E.
003B Edmonds 016 SCHAFER William C.
003B Edmonds 017 SCHAIEBER? Marie
006A Edmonds 006 SCHAKFOR? William
009A Edmonds 007 SCHMIDT William
007A Edmonds 008 SCHRIEBER Peter I.
011B Edmonds 022 SCHRIEBER Chris
013B Edmonds 021 SCHUMACHER Frank
008A Edmonds 014 SCHUMACKER William H.
005A Edmonds 026 SCHUSTER George N.
005A Edmonds 035 SCHUTT Hans W.
017B Richmond 016 SCHWARTZ? Karl?
022A Allen 005 SCOTT James C.
018A Richmond 007 SCOTT William E.
014A Edmonds 007 SEELEY? John
030A Allen 002 SELIN? Jaboc
009A Edmonds 012 SERVIN* Charles J.
004A Edmonds 002 SHANK? Fredrick L.
006A Edmonds 008 SHERIOD? Sterling T.
005A Edmonds 034 SHERWICK? Jacob D.
014B Edmonds 018 SHIELDS Harry H.
027A Allen 004 SIBEC*K William G.
022A Allen 004 SILSBY Robert
007B Edmonds 009 SILVERHORN Jo.
011B Edmonds 019 SKINNER Mary C?.
002A Edmonds 002 SLYSTER Ben U?.
019A Allen 001 SMITH Egbert L.
020A Allen 002 SMITH Shirlen?
035A Allen 005 SMITH Samuel
003B Edmonds 013 SMITH Gustavus A.
004A Edmonds 001 SMITH Edgar N?.
007A Edmonds 001 SMITH Oscar
011A Edmonds 005 SMITH Flora
011A Edmonds 009 SMITH George
011B Edmonds 020 SMITH Benjamin H.
012B Edmonds 017 SMITH Rebecca
015A Edmonds 012 SMITH Harry L.
006A Edmonds 005 SOMMERTON? Alfred E.
006A Edmonds 012 SORNESEN Ole C.
008A Edmonds 003 SOUKUP? Charles
021A Allen 010 SOUL Ben M.
019A Allen 004 STEBBINS Beaton E.
006B Edmonds 021 STONE Lindsey E.
029A Allen 002 STREET Samuel
024A Allen 003 SULLIVAN Margarett
009B Edmonds 023 SWAIN Jessie
019A Allen 015 TABOR Frank W.
019A Allen 010 TAYLOR *A**
026A Allen 002 TAYLOR William H.
004A Edmonds 008 TAYLOR Eden
009A Edmonds 005 TAYLOR John L.
011B Edmonds 015 TAYLOR John S?.
006A Edmonds 001 TERHUNE Anna M.
018A Richmond 010 THEOPIEL? ***irt
013A Edmonds 007 THEROX? Joseph P.
010A Edmonds 004 THOIMPSON Robert A.
004A Edmonds 003 THOMPSON Joseph W.
008A Edmonds 004 THOMPSON Ira
012A Edmonds 007 THORNTON? John
002A Edmonds 008 THUYLER? Francis H.
020B Allen 015 TURNER Samuel T.
013B Edmonds 016 TURNER James M.
020B Allen 016 VANDERHOOF Marion
023A Allen 001 VENN*** Hans E.
002A Edmonds 006 WADDLE Albert L.
023A Allen 012 WAIT Frank
009A Edmonds 008 WARREN Albert A.
002A Edmonds 004 WASSER? Benjiman F.
014A Edmonds 005 WATENS? William H.
007A Edmonds 009 WATERS Harry
003A Edmonds 003 WEATHERFORD Joseph
022A Allen 007 WENDEL Mainard
011A Edmonds 010 WEST Franklin M.
009B Edmonds 019 WHITAKER? Everett T.
027A Allen 007 WHITE Thomas H.
002A Edmonds 003 WHITE Samuel J.
006B Edmonds 024 WICKLAND Erick A.
010A Edmonds 003 WIEGARD? Charles A.
019A Allen 008 WIGANT? Earl V.
004B Edmonds 024 WIGGING Henry
017A Richmond 008 WILLAG** John S.
015A Edmonds 005 WILLIAMS Jesse A.
019A Allen 012 WILLIS James C.
003B Edmonds 018 WILSON Henry
015A Edmonds 006 WILSON James E.
012B Edmonds 021 WILSTED Anna
027A Allen 005 WISTLER? Joseph
006B Edmonds 013 WITHROW Benjamin
011A Edmonds 007 WOODFIEDE? Edwin D.
013A Edmonds 007 WOODFIELD Floyd
017A Richmond 012 WOODFIELD Joseph W.
016B Richmond 016 WOODS Leo W.
006A Edmonds 009 WURD? Hiram B.
013B Edmonds 019 YATES? Johnathon W.
012A Edmonds 001 YOST Daniel M.
012A Edmonds 002 YOST Allen M.
012B Edmonds 018 YOST John R.
012B Edmonds 022 YOST John E.
016B Richmond 020 YOST Joseph
019A Allen 002 YOUNG James V.
006B Edmonds 014 YOUNG J?ar* E.
016A Richmond 014 YOUNG James E.
035A Allen 001 ZEHRING Frank? P.
020A Allen 003 ZINK Joseph

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