Snohomish County, WA - BEAR CREEK CEMETERY


2 miles South of Clearview, Snohomish Co.,Washington

The oldest grave in this cemetery is that of GEORGE SUTTLES - 5/2/1899

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FICKLE, John M. 1879-1961

FICKLE, Mildred A. 1875-1945

RAKUSEN, Anton K. 1881-1957

RAKUSEN, Mary Josephine 1884-1935

RAKUSEN, Mary 1842-1924

BURNS, baby 2/14/1927

WIMER, Patricia Irene 1937-1942

LEE, Herman Alfred 7/21/1876-12/22/1916

LEE Helickson, Ole 1847-1920

LEE, Sena Johnson 1848-1927

LEE, George Olin 1887-1947

HODGINS, Marie Lee 4/11/1874-6/28/1965

HANSON, Gina Antonie d-9/1/1902 age 2yrs. 3-28days

HANSON, Andrew G. 1865-1944

HANSON, Matilda L. 1870-1947

FOWLER, Henry 1842-1907

FOWLER, Mary M. 1848-1916

WATSON, John 1/8/1859-12/10/1919

FLOE, Clara G. 3/1892-1/1939

HALL, Rosalie I. 1889-1964

HALL, Dorothy I. 1917-1927

JOHNSON, Gust A. 1/22/1879-11/19/1920

HOWELL, no info. No info.

LARSON, Martin C. 1877-1937

KELLOGG, Pauline Christine 1884-1954

KELLOGG, Estellas J. 10/25/1880-4/7/1929

FLAHERTY, Thomas 4/1854-7/1910

LUCAS, Maggie Maud 5/1883-11/1910

FLAHERTY, Octavia V. 11/1860-3/26/1936 age 76yrs.

FLAHERTY, Charles R. 1/5/1888-11/15/1954 (Pvt. 41st Co. Coast Art. Wa.)

DIETZEL, Charley 1876-1951

DIETZEL, Mary Addie Turner 9/21/1883-10/2/1964

KEEZER, Triplets Girls 5/16/1953-5/17/1953

HIGGINS, Son of J.&M. 12/8/1907-3/6/1928

KNIGHT, Alonzo 1849-1925

KNIGHT, Sarah Amelia 5/13/1851-11/15/1941

KNIGHT, Arthur W. 1888-8/14/1936 age 58yrs. D/in Alaska

WALSTER, C. Lloyd 8/18/1891-10/2/1954

CHEALANDER, Ruby Cecelia 3/5/1925-8/20/1925

BELMONT, Edward C. 1873-1944

BELMONT, Anna Lee 1877-1934

CALAPP, Andrew E. 1885-1942

CALAPP, Marjorie C. 8/21/1893-4/3/1963-69yrs.

DARLINGTON, Robert H. 1868-1942

DARLINGTON, Hattie B. 1882-1924

RODERICK, Melvin Bernard 1889-1926

LOHNES, Elburn Al. 1908-1956

KNIGHT, Hazel Ann 1887-1946

BENSON, Mary d-2/25/1901 age 45yrs. (wife of John Benson)

RAGNI, Anna 1873-1945

FOREBAND, Mrs. Minnie E. 4/18/1890-5/12/1938 (wife of Rollie Foreband)

HARTWIG, William J. d-4/14/1934

Unreadable 11/1922 age 14mos. 5 dys.

FUHRMAN, Jacob Albert d-9/28/1929 age 29yrs.

WHEELER, Jennie V. 1869-1921

GLASGOW, Tholda 1877-1917

BOSSUET, Mary Natalie 1903-1966

BOSSUET, Charles Arthur 1872-1942

BOSSUET, Jennie P. 2/1879-8/22/1956

SMITH, William 7/15/1902-10/5/1902

LAWSON, Mrs. Hazel 1900-1936 (wife of Alexander Lawson)

FOWLER, Mary M. 1848-1916

FOWLER, Henry 1842-1907

DOWD, William James 4/18/1859-10/5/1938-79yrs. (Husband of Ella May Dowd)

DOWD, Ella May 5/20/1862-11/9/1957 95yrs. (wife of Wm. Dowd)

THOMPSON, Brita Katharina 1/15/1839-12/27/1911

GARDNER, Robert Franklin 1867-9/30/1938

GARDNER, Ida F. 1866-10/6/1938-72yrs. (wife of Robert F.)

HALL, Eileen R. 1914-1927

BALL, Arthur 1873-1959

BALL, Mary Cecelia 1876-1953

BALL, Charley 1912-1920

WILLIAMS, Mrs. S.M. 12/30/1847-9/27/1923

McKAIG, D.F. 1851-1926

PRINE, Joseph A. 8/4/1847-9/24/1925

WALSTER, Ida 1922-1927

WALSTER, Yjomas 1847-1925

WALSTER, Mrs. Estella 12/3/1853-11/6/1935-81yrs.

GARDNER, Kenneth Dean 1916-1921

GARDNER, Stanley Robert 1917-1921

GARDNER, Ralph Phillip 1924 age 3 mos.

GARDNER, Jeannette Rose 1930-9/18/1931 (dau. Of E.D. Gardner)

GOOLIDGE, Mack 1852-1917

MILLS, Loamy R. 2/11/1838-9/22/1912

BERRING, Martin 1/29/1850-9/29/1919

BERRING, Marshal 11/26/1877-10/4/1953

BERRING, Samuel Petersen 1848-1888

BERRING, Charlotte 1910-1911

BERRING, Hans 8/28/1887-7/16/1908

TURNER, Belle 1860-1937

TURNER, James B. 1855-1933

TURNER, Lillian 1896-1910

TURNER, Mary L. 4/2/1854-1/12/1905

TURNER, Jonathan G. 2/8/1822-3/10/1910

TURNER, Allice G. 2/17/1873-12/25/1911

FLOE, Emma Bernice 9/1910-9/1910

FLOE, Martin E. 9/1911-3/1912

FLOE, Baby Boy 12/1912-12/1912

FLOE, Bessie V. 5/1904-10/1927

RICE, Frank L. 1874-1966

RICE, E. no info.

SWANSON, Augusta C. 1856-1926

OLSON, Mrs. Christine 1901-8/20/1937

KNOTT, Earl Carter 1903-1936

SAMPSON, Catherine C. 1922-2/1932-9yrs. (dau. Of Mike Sampson)

SAMPSON, Michael A. 1929-1934

MUNSON, Carl 1876-1949

MARLIN, Vira M. 1891-1964

McARTHUR, Carrie 1868-1955

McARTHUR, Neil 1860-1929

ELLIS, W. Hawley 1909-1932

ONSTOTT, Lee H. 1898-1959

ONSTOTT, Sadie Irene 1890-1957

SMITH, George W. 1879-1938

SMITH, Caroline 1878-1952

LINDBLOM, Olof P. 7/19/1876-9/17/1936

SMITH, Herbert H. 1854-1940

SMITH, Esther 1856-9/14/1935-78yrs.

ONSTOTT, Cora 1888-1934

RUFF, Otto B. 1862-1935

RUFF, Lucina W. 1867-????

RUFF, Henry 1868-1931

PRIESTLY, William J. 1848-1922

PRIESTLY, John H. d-2/21/1903-age 74 yrs.

SUTTLES, George d-5/2/1899 age 38yrs.8m12dys. (husband of Agnes Stuttles)

PAINE, Agnes 1869-1944

PAINE, Curtis I. 1857-1935

BOOTH, Bllutton E. 1868-1934

BOOTH, Stella M. 6/28/1874-12/2/1965-91yrs.

SORG, Darrl no info.

STONE, Alfred Julius 1882-1907

STONE, Bertha Maria 1865-1925

DESMARAIS, Napoleon 1872-1935

MILLS, Nellie 11/20/1898-4/22/1962-62yrs.

KELLOGG, Pauline Christine d-11/27/1954

NELSON, Mrs. Olive 6/28/1892-5/5/1955-62yrs.

DESMARAIS, Lea 4/4/1867-7/28/1955-88yrs.

LOHNES, Ellurn d-10/11/1956 48yrs.

KELLER, Wesley d-4/21/1935-32yrs.

CROWE, John T. d-2/1/1935-80yrs. (husband of Francis Crowe)

EDWARDS, Tlhomas David 7/11/1893-2/25/1935-41yrs.

McELFRESH, Mrs. Cora d-2/27/1935-74yrs. (born Iowa)

MILLER, Horace M. d-3/8/1935-42yrs.

HORN, Myron Alice d-7/1/1935 (son of Myron Horn)

MILLS, Frank P. 12/15/1965-????-age 80yrs. (born in Rushford Mi)

SKOG, T. d-12/6/1935age 52yrs. (born in Norway)

CROWE, Mrs. Frances d-5/22/1936-79yrs. (wife of John Crowe)

LETRAY, Mrs. Anna d-11/11/1936-age 82 (wife of Anton)

CASS, Berdie Novine d-12/15/1936-age 11yrs. (dau. of John Cass)

NELSON, John H. d-12/28/1936-age 77yrs. (husband of Isabelle Nelson)

HOUGH, Mrs. Maude d-1/31/1937-age 82yrs. (born in Wi.)

BARABY, Charles Edward d-1/12/1937 (son of Albert W. Baraby)

WILSON, Rennie Marie d-3/13/1937 (dau. Of Kenneth Wilson)

NELSON, John d-9/22/1937-age 79yrs.

DUNN, John A. d-7/18/1938-age 74yrs. (born in Clayton Co. Oh.)

CANTERBERRY, Fred d-7/5/1939-age 34yrs.

NELSON, Mrs. Isabelle d-7/3/1939-age 83yrs.

LINDSTROM, Mrs. Anna d-9/27/1939-age 64yrs. (wife of Amos Lindstrom)

McWILLIAMS, Charles d-7/6/1931-age 4mos (son of George McWilliams)

KRAMER, Mrs. Lousia d-12/6/1931-age 84yrs.

TUCKER, Louis d-6/12/1933

FOWLER, Milton 1908- 1926 - S 8 L 7

FOWLER, Julia Stockam 1909-1909 - S 8 L 7 (Hattie's daughter)

FOWLER, Daniel Died 1924 - S 8 L 7 (Hattie's husband)

FOWLER, Hattie 3/21/1885-10/29/1977 - S 8 L 7 (Mary's daughter)

FOWLER, Mabel Died 1911 S 8 L 7 - (sister of Henry and Daniel)

BERRING, Martin 11/15/1852-9/29/1919 S 8 L 7 (Bro. Of Samuel)

BERRING, Marshal 11/26/1877-10/4/1953 S 8 L 8 (Son of Samuel)

BERRING, Samuel Petersen 4/10/1855-1888 S 8 L 7 (1st husband of Mary)

BERRING, Charlotte 1910-1911 S 7 L 8 (Granddaughter of Samuel)

BERRING, Hans 8/8/1887-7/14/1900 S 8 L 7 (son of Samuel)

McLEAN, Diana S 8 L 6

McLEAN, Sidney Dale 1947-1950 S 8 L 6

McLEAN, Vernon 10/25/1908-1958 - S 8 L 6

McLEAN, Murial S 3 L 3

McLEAN, Sidney S 8 L 6

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