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TARKIN Ole G. (ng) Cathcart 2
TAYLOR Charles farmer Monroe 3
TAYLOR Cyrene farmer Sultan City 3
TESTER William farmer Monroe 3
THOMAS Frank G. farmer Machias 3
THOMAS Hiram farmer Snohomish 3
THOMAS James farmer Edmonds 2
THOMAS John G. farmer Snohomish 3
THOMLE N. B. farmer Florence 1
THOMPSON Carl farmer Haller City 1
THOMPSON Hans farmer Arlington 1
THOMPSON R. M., Mrs. (ng) Edmonds 2
THOMPSON S. A. (ng) Stanwood 1
THOMSEN Carsten farmer Stillaguamish 1
THOMSEN Jens farmer Stillaguamish 1
THORNTON Chester C. agent, Tulalip Indian Res. Tulalip 1
THORSON Halvor farmer Stillaguamish 1
THURSTING J. M. farmer Oso 1
THURSTON A. R. (ng) Wana 1
TIDEMAN Ole farmer Florence 1
TIETZENS Marcus (ng) Granite Falls 1
TIFFANY Clarence farmer Sultan City 3
TJERNE Christian A. farmer Stanwood 1
TOMPKINS Allen (ng) Edmonds 2
TORGERSON Martha (ng) Haller City 1
TORNING John M. rancher Cedarhome 1
TORSKE Oskar farmer Stillaguamish 1
TOUCHETTE Louis (ng) Snohomish 3
TREEN Charles farmer Cherry Valley 3
TRUEBLOOD Charles W. (ng) Edmonds 2
TUCKER Thomas farmer Monroe 3
TURNBALL James carpenter Marysville 1
TURNER Edgar C. teacher Woodinville 2
TURNER Frank farmer Woodinville 2
TURNER Homer E (ng) Monroe 3
TURNER William M. farmer Granite Falls 1
TWOGOOD Parley (ng) Granite Falls 1
UDELL George farmer Monroe 3
UHRICH Paul (ng) Cedarhome 1
ULVESTAD Andrew O. farmer Stanwood 1
UNDERWOOD William Y. rancher Getchell 3
VANASDLEN John A. postmaster Monroe 3
VANBERGER John (ng) Granite Falls 1
VANCE James V. farmer Snohomish 3
VanDOREN Levi farmer Snohomish 3
VanDOREN M. C. (ng) Edmonds 2
VANGSNES Knudt M. farmer Florence 1
VEACH Frank farmer Oso 1
VELDE Anton (ng) Norman 1
VENNEGERTS George (ng) Granite Falls 1
VERD Edward T. farmer Arlington 1
VIKE P. C. (ng) Mukilteo 2
VOITUS Charles fisherman Mukilteo 2
VOLD Lars E. (ng) Norman 1
VOLD O. A. (ng) Cedarhome 1
VOLLRATH Otto millman Snohomish 3
WAIT William saloon Wallace 3
WALKER Alonzo E. (ng) Haller City 1
WALKER Frederick farmer Monroe 3
WALLIS P. L. farmer Arlington 1
WALTER Christopher A. farmer Monroe 3
WALTER George J. farmer Monroe 3
WALTERS Edward (ng) Cedarhome 1
WARD Herbert C. (ng) Mukilteo 2
WARD J. C. farmer Oso 1
WARREN Harvey E. (ng) Arlington 1
WATKINS E. J. (ng) Arlington 1
WATKINS William J. (ng) Snohomish 3
WATSON Thomas farmer Lowell 2
WEBSTER Russell A. farmer Haller City 1
WEIHER Frederick farmer Monroe 3
WELSH J. R. (ng) Haller City 1
WELZ Henry farmer Yew 2
WENTWORTH Mark T. laborer Snohomish 3
WENZEL George (ng) Granite Falls 1
WESLEY John (ng) Snohomish 3
WHARTENBY H. P. (ng) Oso 1
WHEELER G. R. (ng) Trafton 1
WHEELER Robert fur dealer Oso 1
WHETMORE James (ng) Granite Falls 1
WHETMORE Nathan (ng) Granite Falls 1
WHITE William H. farmer Snohomish 3
WHITE William J (ng) Snohomish 3
WICKLUND J. P. (ng) Edmonds 2
WICKLUND John farmer Norman 1
WILCOX Charles H. carpenter Monroe 3
WILCOX Daniel T. farmer Monroe 3
WILKISON Robert farmer Tualco 3
WILLIAMS Charles farmer Snohomish 3
WILLIAMS Francis farmer Yew 2
WILLIAMS M. G. farmer Oso 1
WILLIAMS Morgan M. farmer Snohomish 3
WILLIAMS Thomas farmer Snohomish 3
WILLIAMSON D. R. (ng) Machias 3
WILLIAMSON Harvey farmer Monroe 3
WILSON A. D. farmer Valata
WILSON Edward T. (ng) Snohomish 3
WILSON John D. farmer Haller City 1
WILSON John F. farmer Bothell 2
WILSON R. F. (ng) Haller City 1
WILSTED Christian farmer Edmonds 2
WINDEBANK H. (ng) Cedarhome 1
WISSINGER L. E. farmer Bothell 2
WOLD Sarah (ng) Norman 1
WOOD David (ng) Granite Falls 1
WOOD H. A. (ng) Granite Falls 1
WOODS Salem farmer Monroe 3
WOODS Samuel O. farmer Lowell 2
WORKMAN Lottie B., Mrs. (ng) Marysville 1
WRIGHT R. T. (ng) Granite Falls 1
YAND J. H. (ng) Lowell 2
YANGA Andrew farmer Valata
YATES W. J. farmer Edmonds 2
YNGVE Erick O. (ng) Cedarhome 1
YORK Hiram G. farmer Everett 2
YOUNG A. B. farmer Lowell 2
YOUNG James farmer Monroe 3
YOUNG Oliver S. farmer Lowell 2
ZIMMERMAN William H. farmer Lowell 2
ZWEIFELHOFER Theresa (ng) Snohomish 3

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