P through S

PAGINNY Eli farmer Oso 1
PAHL William rancher Wallace 3
PARKER Robert (ng) Mukilteo 2
PARKER T. B. farmer Norman 1
PARKHURST E. H. (ng) Florence 1
PARR Stephen farmer Granite Falls 1
PATTISON R. E. farmer Monroe 3
PAULSON Peter farmer Machias 3
PAXTON Alexander farmer Monroe 3
PEAKE Robert farmer Sultan City 3
PEARSALL Hiram E. farmer Monroe 3
PEARSON Charles C. farmer Stanwood 1
PEARSON James R. laborer Snohomish 3
PECK Gustave laborer Snohomish 3
PEDEN A. farmer Snohomish 3
PENNYWIT John C. (ng) Granite Falls 1
PENQUIST J. C. (ng) Granite Falls 1
PERKINS J. H., Jr. saloon Florence 1
PERKINS James H. bartender, J H Perkins, Jr. Florence 1
PETER August (ng) Snohomish 3
PETERSON Adolphus rancher Machias 3
PETERSON Jacob laborer Everett 2
PETERSON John M. farmer Cedarhome 1
PETERSON Louis laborer Cedarhome 1
PETERSON Martin farmer Monroe 3
PETERSON Neils D. farmer Bothell 2
PETERSON Peter A. farmer Stanwood 1
PETERSON Swen farmer Trafton 1
PHELPS Franklin E. farmer Monroe 3
PHELPS J. A. (ng) Monroe 3
PHELPS Justin (ng) Haller City 1
PHILLIPS Michael farmer Yew 2
PIER Oliver D. (ng) Granite Falls 1
PIERSON James R. farmer Oso 1
PIERSON William farmer Oso 1
PIKE Harvey L. farmer Yew 2
PILLCHUCK Jerry (ng) Granite Falls 1
PLINE John (Indian) Haller City 1
POOL David (ng) Granite Falls 1
POPEJOY John W. (ng) Monroe 3
PORTER Henry M. farmer Mukilteo 2
PORTER Jonathan R. farmer Snohomish 3
POUNDER John (ng) Granite Falls 1
PRATHER L. C. farmer Oso 1
PRESTON Edward G. rancher Hartford 2
PRESTON George (ng) Florence 1
PRESTON Ira G. (ng) Haller City 1
PROCTOR Joseph W. (ng) Snohomish 3
PUGH John T. farmer Yew 2
PURSELL Samuel farmer Oso 1
PYNE C. C. laborer Everett 2
QUALLEY Louis (ng) Florence 1
QUALLEY Ole O. farmer Florence 1
QUASS Gottfried (ng) Machias 3
RAMSEY Thomas farmer Cedarhome 1
RANDOLPH John H. farmer Arlington 1
REA F. J. (ng) Arlington 1
REA Gilbert (ng) Arlington 1
REDMAN August farmer Snohomish 3
REDMOND Thomas farmer Hartford 2
REES Griffith farmer Snohomish 3
REESE John (ng) Wallace 3
REEVES Alfred C. prop, Central Hotel Wallace 3
REEVES Michael rancher Getchell 3
REGETH John (ng) Granite Falls 1
REID William D. farmer Monroe 3
REINIG Leonard farmer Yew 2
REINSETH Ole farmer Stillaguamish 1
RENTRO John B. farmer Oso 1
REYNOLDS John real estate Yew 2
RHOADES R. J. farmer Machias 3
RICCI Michael farmer Monroe 3
RICE W. L. (ng) Granite Falls 1
RICHARDS E. W. farmer Oso 1
RICHARDS James farmer Snohomish 3
RICHARDS Serug mason Snohomish 3
RICHARDS Willis E. (ng) Oso 1
RICHARDSON George T. farmer Monroe 3
RICHEY Perry L. farmer Arlington 1
RICHEY Simeon D. farmer Arlington 1
RINEHART Thomas M. farmer Yew 2
RITMAN William S. (ng) Valata
ROACH Thomas (ng) Hartford 2
ROBB Alexander farmer Norman 1
ROBB Cole H. (ng) Oso 1
ROBB John farmer Norman 1
ROBB Robert farmer Norman 1
ROBBINS Charles (ng) Granite Falls 1
ROBBINS Jesse (ng) Granite Falls 1
ROBE Frank K. farmer Granite Falls 1
ROBE Wirt W. farmer Granite Falls 1
ROBE W. R. (ng) Granite Falls 1
ROBERTS James B. farmer Monroe 3
ROBERTS Mary farmer Monroe 3
ROBERTSON Alexander justice of the peace Florence 1
ROBINSON Albert farmer Oso 1
ROBINSON George H. lumberman Yew 2
ROE Joseph (ng) Hartford 2
ROGERS Elisha farmer Machias 3
ROGERS Ella M., Miss (ng) Machias 3
ROGERS Leonidas farmer Haller City 1
ROGERS Robert A. (ng) Haller City 1
ROGERS Rueben J. rancher Yew 2
ROLLINGS Frederick (ng) Oso 1
RORSTAD Lars farmer Granite Falls 1
ROSENBERG W. Henry farmer Bothell 2
ROSS Henry C. laborer Mukilteo 2
ROTERMUNDT H. farmer Stillaguamish 1
ROTERMUNDT Paul farmer Stillaguamish 1
ROURKE Annie (ng) Norman 1
ROYCROFT Catherine (ng) Granite Falls 1
ROYCROFT James (ng) Granite Falls 1
RUD Louis M. farmer Stillaguamish 1
RUNDBERG Charles B. farmer Getchell 3
RUSSELL John farmer Haller City 1
RUSSELL Samuel farmer Oso 1
RYAN James R. farmer Oso 1
RYAN Malachy farmer Trafton 1
RYAN Ole farmer Stanwood 1
RYDER A. P. timber inspector Trafton 1
SANDBERG Charles farmer Oso 1
SANDER Alexander (ng) Trafton 1
SANDERS George farmer Snohomish 3
SANDERS Thomas farmer Arlington 1
SANDMAN Oscar (ng) Granite Falls 1
SAPP Albert farmer Machias 3
SATHER John farmer Stillaguamish 1
SATHER Nils farmer Stillaguamish 1
SATHER Ole farmer Florence 1
SATHER Rasmus L. farmer Stanwood 1
SAUL Clinton O. farmer Snohomish 3
SAUNDERS George farmer Snohomish 3
SAWYER William farmer Monroe 3
SCHERRER Emil (ng) Granite Falls 1
SCHERRER Urich (ng) Granite Falls 1
SCHLOMAN B. C. W. farmer Haller City 1
SCHLOMAN John F. farmer Oso 1
SCHOENHEIT Harry (ng) Arlington 1
SCHOONOVER Benjamin (ng) Hartford 2
SCHROEDER August (ng) Getchell 3
SCHUMACHER Charles M. (ng) Edmonds 2
SEGALSON Nels farmer Oso 1
SETSAAS E. (ng) Granite Falls 1
SEVERS herman A. laborer Snohomish 3
SEVOLD Lars O. farmer Florence 1
SEXTON William (ng) Edmonds 2
SHANNAHAN John farmer Monroe 3
SHELTON L. D. W. (ng) Edmonds 2
SHORT Ellen farmer Snohomish 3
SIEGEL Monika (ng) Cherry Valley 3
SIFFORD John L. (ng) Arlington 1
SILER Harry O. (ng) Wana 1
SILL Marion farmer Stillaguamish 1
SIMPSON E. C. (ng) Edmonds 2
SINCLAIR Charles (ng) Snohomish 3
SINN Henry farmer Arlington 1
SIPPRELL James N. farmer Trafton 1
SIXRUD M. (ng) Edmonds 2
SJOLANDER Erick farmer Cedarhome 1
SJOLUND John P. (ng) Valata
SKOGELAND Edward farmer Oso 1
SLY W. F. farmer Florence 1
SMALL F. H. (ng) Granite Falls 1
SMALL Wallace F. (ng) Machias 3
SMALLMAN Robert E. J. farmer Monroe 3
SMELLING Lawrence (ng) Granite Falls 1
SMITH James farmer Arlington 1
SMITH Joseph F. farmer Arlington 1
SMITH L. H. logger Haller City 1
SMITH Margaret B. (ng) Lowell 2
SMITH Orson R. farmer Bothell 2
SMITH Richard (ng) Oso 1
SMITH S. P. (ng) Darrington 1
SMITH Silas H. (ng) Arlington 1
SMITH T. V. (ng) Stanwood 1
SMITH Warren T. farmer Florence 1
SMITH William A. cabinet maker Florence 1
SNETHEN John L. (ng) Granite Falls 1
SNOOK S. H. (ng) Haller City 1
SORIOL Fabian (ng) Oso 1
SOUTHWILL E. G. (ng) Granite Falls 1
SPANGLER John (ng) Oso 1
SPARKS William C. shingle mfrs, Stephens/Sparks Getchell 3
SPARLING Eva M. (ng) Wallace 3
SPAULDING Ella S. (ng) Monroe 3
SPAULDING Nella J. (ng) Monroe 3
SPENCER Elizabeth J. (ng) Edmonds 2
SPRINGHETTI Andrew farmer Snohomish 3
St CLAIR George F. (ng) Lowell 2
STACKPOLE Annie E. farmer Monroe 3
STACKPOLE Frederick farmer Monroe 3
STAFFORD John farmer Monroe 3
STANSEN James, Mrs. (ng) Edmonds 2
STECHER Franz farmer Lowell 2
STECHER John farmer Lowell 2
STEELE Edward (ng) Marysville 1
STENSON Ingebright millman Norman 1
STENSON Sven rancher Norman 1
STENWIG B. R. (ng) Cedarhome 1
STEPHENS Henry farmer Monroe 3
STEPHENS Ida M. (ng) Marysville 1
STEPHENS Milton shingle mfrs, Stephens/Sparks Getchell 3
STEVENS Agnes (ng) Sultan City 3
STEVENS Daniel B. farmer Bothell 2
STEVENS Estella (ng) Edmonds 2
STEVENS George W. farmer Yew 2
STEVENS J. H. (ng) Getchell 3
STEVENS S. S. (ng) Trafton 1
STEWART Eliza (ng) Oso 1
STEWART Martin (ng) Darrington 1
STOCKER W. E. (ng) Granite Falls 1
STOCKTON William farmer Monroe 3
STONE Charles L. (ng) Edmonds 2
STONE Elizabeth (ng) Sultan City 3
STONE Jesse (ng) Sultan City 3
STRATTON Alice H. (ng) Granite Falls 1
STRAUSS Gottlieb (ng) Marysville 1
STRETCH John F. saloon Monroe 3
STRETCH S. (ng) Monroe 3
STROTZ Andrew farmer Stillaguamish 1
STUBB Ludwig O. farmer Norman 1
SUNDSTROM Emma (ng) Cedarhome 1
SWARTZ J. (ng) Granite Falls 1
SWEE Enoch farmer Stanwood 1
SWEETSER C. B. (ng) Granite Falls 1
SWENSEN F. E. rancher Cedarhome 1
TARKIN Ole G. (ng) Cathcart 2

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