A through D

ADAMS Calvin T. farmer Everett 2
ADAMS Ella (ng) Florence 1
ADAMS Jacob (ng) Edmonds 2
ADSEN Jonas rancher Stanwood 1
AFFLECK William logger Marysville 1
AIKENS Andrew A. farmer Haller City 1
ALDERSON Frederick laborer Trafton 1
ALDRIDGE Frank C. farmer Sultan City 3
ALLEN Frank C. farmer Marysville 1
ALLEN George G. (ng) Snohomish 3
ALLEN Henry S. farmer Edmonds 2
ALLEN Willard M. (ng) Edmonds 2
ALLEN William (ng) Monroe 3
ALQUIST John (ng) Monroe 3
ALSETH O. farmer Stanwood 1
AMBERG Caleb logger Haller City 1
AMBROSI D. (ng) Trafton 1
AMES Edwin G. farmer Yew 2
ANDERSON A. (ng) Valata
ANDERSON Adora (ng) Granite Falls 1
ANDERSON Andrew farmer Cedarhome 1
ANDERSON Anna C. (ng) Granite Falls 1
ANDERSON August (ng) Cedarhome 1
ANDERSON Carl farmer Yew 2
ANDERSON Charles (ng) Granite Falls 1
ANDERSON Charles (ng) Monroe 3
ANDERSON Eliza (ng) Yew 2
ANDERSON Erick O. farmer Stillaguamish 1
ANDERSON Eva I. (ng) Machias 3
ANDERSON F. P. (ng) Granite Falls 1
ANDERSON Fred S. rancher Granite Falls 1
ANDERSON George W. millman Granite Falls 1
ANDERSON Gust. rancher Cedarhome 1
ANDERSON Halvor S. rancher Cedarhome 1
ANDERSON Hans rancher McMurray 1
ANDERSON Hiram G. farmer Marysville 1
ANDERSON John farmer Cedarhome 1
ANDERSON Lars farmer Cedarhome 1
ANDERSON Louis farmer Getchell 3
ANDERSON Michael farmer Stillaguamish 1
ANDERSON N. G. farmer Cedarhome 1
ANDERSON O. H. farmer Yew 2
ANDERSON Olof (ng) Cedarhome 1
ANDERSON S. P. rancher Arlington 1
ANDERSON Sarah E. (ng) Granite Falls 1
ANDERSON W. O. farmer Yew 2
ANDREWS Charles W. (ng) Florence 1
ANDREWS Frederick M. (ng) Granite Falls 1
ANDREWS Winfield H. (ng) Granite Falls 1
ANDRUS Horace J. farmer Machias 3
APRIL Philip packer, Stephens/Sparks Getchell 3
ARENTZEN Peter M. (ng) Cedarhome 1
ARRIGONE Querino rancher Snohomish 3
ASHCRAFT Frank farmer Edmonds 2
ATLEY Patrick farmer Monroe 3
ATWOOD Harriet S. (ng) Lowell 2
ATWOOD Henry L. (ng) Granite Falls 1
AUSTIN Granis W. farmer Monroe 3
AYERS James W. logger Snohomish 3
BAERSCH Albert farmer Snohomish 3
BAIRD Jeanie, Miss bds, A Carmichael Marysville 1
BAKER Daniel S. farmer Trafton 1
BAKER George A. farmer Trafton 1
BALDWIN William farmer Monroe 3
BALL Albert M. (ng) Snohomish 3
BALL William F. (ng) Marysville 1
BARNES James D. farmer Monroe 3
BARNES S. G. (ng) Oso 1
BARNEY Erastus M. farmer Snohomish 3
BARR Charles W. farmer Trafton 1
BARRETT Anna A. (ng) Florence 1
BARRETT Cassius M. farmer Florence 1
BARTHOLOMEW Lillian A. (ng) Edmonds 2
BARTL Max farmer Stillaguamish 1
BATES Clara R (ng) Sultan City 3
BAXTER N. N. (ng) Sultan City 3
BEATON George blacksmith Monroe 3
BECK Lars L. farmer Cedarhome 1
BEEMAN Orrie (ng) Arlington 1
BELL A. S. (ng) Edmonds 2
BELL Robert H. rancher Granite Falls 1
BENNIE D. G. farmer Stanwood 1
BENSON August farmer Granite Falls 1
BENSON Iver H. farmer Stanwood 1
BENTLEY Frank R. (ng) Edmonds 2
BERG E. B. (ng) Everett 2
BERGE Calvin H. farmer Arlington 1
BERGQUIST Andrew H. farmer Cedarhome 1
BERNARD Henry farmer Sultan City 3
BERRY D. D. rancher Oso 1
BERRY David A. scaler Hartford 2
BERRY Martha (ng) Granite Falls 1
BERRY William farmer Lowell 2
BETTS James e. farmer Wallace 3
BETTS John farmer Wallace 3
BIDDLECOME Charles L. farmer Snohomish 3
BILES Harry C. (ng) Edmonds 2
BILES Harry C. (ng) Edmonds 2
BIRCKENMEIER M. farmer Arlington 1
BISHOP Thomas E. (ng) Edmonds 2
BISHOP Thomas E. (ng) Edmonds 2
BISSONETT N. (ng) Oso 1
BLACKKAN John A. farmer Silvana 1
BLOOMQUIST H. F. rancher Edmonds 2
BLOOMQUIST H. F. rancher Edmonds 2
BOE Detlef rancher Norman 1
BOHL Ernest farmer Oso 1
BOND Thomas farmer Oso 1
BONNSALL John C. farmer Dean 3
BORLAND Ava M. (ng) Edmonds 2
BOUNSALL Christopher farmer Dean 3
BOYD James farmer Marysville 1
BRAGDON Eben H. farmer Edmonds 2
BRAKHUS Jacob G. rancher Stillaguamish 1
BRANDT Daniel (ng) Granite Falls 1
BRAZELTON C. W. farmer Trafton 1
BREWER James W. farmer Snohomish 3
BREWSTER Albinus W. farmer Monroe 3
BRIDGEWATER C. L. (ng) Darrington 1
BRIGHAM Charles farmer Edmonds 2
BRIGHT C. B. farmer Snohomish 3
BRILLION O. rancher Oso 1
BRITTEN Joseph cook Hartford 2
BRITTON Robert farmer Sultan City 3
BROOKS Henry R. farmer Oso 1
BROOKS John W. (ng) Lowell 2
BROWN Christ rancher Granite Falls 1
BROWN Elizabeth (ng) Florence 1
BROWN Neil farmer Haller City 1
BROWN William R. farmer Florence 1
BRUCE Edward S. (ng) Edmonds 2
BRUE F. A. farmer Stanwood 1
BRUNNELL Alexander (ng) Edmonds 2
BRUSETH Halvor farmer Norman 1
BRUSETH Halvor farmer Norman 1
BRUSETH John farmer Stillaguamish 1
BRUSETH Nels farmer Stillaguamish 1
BRUSH Frederick (ng) Granite Falls 1
BRYANT William J. farmer Edmonds 2
BRYANT William P. farmer Edmonds 2
BUCHANAN S. C. postmaster Tulalip 1
BULLIVANT James farmer Stanwood 1
BUNNELL George rancher Granite Falls 1
BUNSUR Gertrude I. (ng) Edmonds 2
BUNTON William H. farmer Arlington 1
BURBANK E. O. farmer Edmonds 2
BURCH John rancher Wana 1
BURG Hulbert farmer Edmonds 2
BURLESON Delia C. (ng) Edmonds 2
BURLESON Hiram H. farmer Edmonds 2
BURNETT D. farmer Oso 1
BURNS Annie (ng) Granite Falls 1
BURNS M. J. farmer Monroe 3
BUTLER Elizabeth M. (ng) Sultan City 3
CALDER Fannie (ng) Machias 3
CALDWELL Ira (ng) Everett 2
CALLAHAN Mary J. (ng) Haller City 1
CAMP Sol (ng) Everett 2
CAMPBELL Alvah H. (ng) Edmonds 2
CAMPBELL John A. farmer Oso 1
CAMPBELL John L. farmer Oso 1
CAMPBELL John L. farmer Oso 1
CARLOUGH T. B. (ng) Darrington 1
CARLSON Andrew carpenter Cedarhome 1
CARLSON Emma (ng) Florence 1
CARLSON Frank farmer Dean 3
CARLSON Lars laborer Lowell 2
CARLSON Peter E. rancher Snohomish 3
CARLTON C. E. farmer Haller City 1
CARMICHAEL D. farmer Edmonds 2
CARPENTER Isaac (ng) Granite Falls 1
CARR H. L. farmer Hartford 2
CARTER J. D. (ng) Edmonds 2
CASE Frank T. engineer Snohomish 3
CASS J. A. (ng) Sultan City 3
CAVANAUGH Mary (ng) Oso 1
CEDERGREN Charles M. farmer Snohomish 3
CHAMBERLAIN John D. (ng) Edmonds 2
CHAPMAN R. K. (ng) Granite Falls 1
CHAPPELL J. G. farmer Granite Falls 1
CHARTRAND Felix fruit grower Trafton 1
CHASE Grace I. (ng) Wallace 3
CHASE Homer G. (ng) Edmonds 2
CHENEY Stephen (ng) Edmonds 2
CHENIER Joseph rancher Oso 1
CHIMACUM John farmer Monroe 3
CHRISTENSEN Chris farmer Marysville 1
CHRISTENSEN Lena (ng) Florence 1
CHRISTIANSON Anders farmer Haller City 1
CHRISTIANSON Hans laborer Marysville 1
CHURCHILL Lizzie (ng) Edmonds 2
CLARK Flora (ng) Haller City 1
CLARK James L. farmer Monroe 3
CLARK Silas P. farmer Machias 3
CLARK William farmer Snohomish 3
CLARK William A. farmer Machias 3
CLEMENTS A. E. (ng) Getchell 3
CLINTON George B. rancher Granite Falls 1
COAST R. W. (ng) Arlington 1
COBB Franklin B. farmer Marysville 1
COCHRAN John farmer Monroe 3
CODY W. H. farmer Oso 1
COLE Herbert farmer Oso 1
COLEMAN T. P. farmer Edmonds 2
COLLINGWOOD Jennie S. (ng) Trafton 1
COLLINS James farmer Florence 1
COMPTON George farmer Yew 2
CONOVER M. G. farmer Oso 1
CONWAY John farmer Monroe 3
COOK Perry (ng) Snohomish 3
CORCORAN James E. farmer Edmonds 2
CORSON H. R. (ng) Hartford 2
COSTELLO Allen farmer Darrington 1
COWAN Adam B. farmer Arlington 1
COWAN John farmer Machias 3
COX Samuel L. farmer Machias 3
CRAWFORD Burt farmer Oso 1
CRITES Albert S. farmer Granite Falls 1
CRITES George A. farmer Granite Falls 1
CRITTENDEN Philip (ng) Lowell 2
CROCKER M. D. farmer Edmonds 2
CROFT Joseph rancher Arlington 1
CUFF E. rancher Granite Falls 1
CULPITT Charles farmer Granite Falls 1
CUMMINGS Oliver P. lumberman Stillaguamish 1
CURRENS Henry farmer Granite Falls 1
CURRIE James W. farmer Edmonds 2
CURTIS N. B. farmer Marysville 1
CUTHBERT Andrew farmer Norman 1
DALE David J. (ng) Marysville 1
DALGLISH John W. rancher Arlington 1
DAMON William P. farmer Trafton 1
DAVIDSON Joseph farmer Snohomish 3
DAVIDSON William farmer Edmonds 2
DAVIS Asa farmer Snohomish 3
DAVIS Edward farmer Oso 1
DAVIS Henry W. farmer Granite Falls 1
DAVIS John E. farmer Hartford 2
DAVIS John H. farmer Mukilteo 2
DAVIS Reuben J. farmer Florence 1
DAVIS Thomas D. rancher Getchell 3
DAY J. A. farmer Darrington 1
DEANS Allen laborer Sultan City 3
DeARMOND William farmer Monroe 3
DEMPSEY Charles H. rancher Arlington 1
DENIS Peter (ng) Everett 2
DENIS Thomas (ng) Everett 2
DENNIS Charles laborer Trafton 1
DENSMORE John farmer Oso 1
DENTON D. B. farmer Stanwood 1
DEREG Bernhard rancher Florence 1
DEREG Timothy farmer Florence 1
DETERING Frederick farmer Monroe 3
DETERING William farmer Monroe 3
DICKERSON Walter farmer Edmonds 2
DICKINSON L. A. contractor Sultan City 3
DICKSON Edwin farmer Trafton 1
DIETMAN Carl farmer Snohomish 3
DIXON B. H. farmer Wana 1
DOBSON Thomas farmer Machias 3
DONALDSON Robert C. farmer Haller City 1
DOUGHERTY Mary (ng) Granite Falls 1
DOWD George E. section foreman Mukilteo 2
DRAKE Thomas farmer Yew 2
DREW Thomas farmer Yew 2
DUBUQUE Calice L. farmer Machias 3
DUBUQUE Nelson farmer Machias 3
DUFFY B. farmer Oso 1
DUFFY Horatio J. farmer Wallace 3
DUNLAP George W. farmer Yew 2
DUNN F. W. rancher Hartford 2
DUNNEY Frank farmer Monroe 3
DUNSTAN George farmer Monroe 3
DURAND Joseph farmer Oso 1
DUTTON Daniel farmer Yew 2

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