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King County Birth Records 1891 - 1907


The state of Washington did not require civil registration of births until June 1907. The South King County Genealogical Society has transcribed the registers of births kept at the King County level prior to State registration. These registers are secondary sources, made from the original birth record filed by the doctor. We have not been able to locate the originals.

Volume 1 covers 1891-Jun 1903; Volume 2 covers Jun 1903-Jun 1907 although there are odd years included, especially in Volume 2. The City of Seattle also kept birth records for this time period, and there is some duplication between the two sets of registers. We plan to also extract these registers.

Every effort has been made for an accurate extraction. Working with damaged records and strange handwriting made some entries our "best guess." We worked first from microfilm, then from greatly improved digitized copies of the registers, which the Secretary of State Historical Records Project will be putting online with an index created by the SKCGS Extraction Committee. We encourage you to look at these records in the Washington State Digital Archives.

Clerk's comments are as written. Transcriber's comments are used to clarify when needed and include cross-referencing when the clerk indicated. Census information taken from ProQuest on-line census records (furnished through the King County Library System) is also included in Transcriber's comments when we felt it added clarity.

We did our best. We hope it's useful.

Helen Lewis and Martha Richards

Data Layout & Conventions

The births were recorded in ledger books with each record spanning two pages. Due to width it is impossible to replicate the original layout, and we have chosen to place breaks in a logical fashion. Dates were transcribed in standard genealogical format: day month year. The race columns were not transcribed, and where a non-white race was recorded this information appears in the Transcriber's comments. When a field in the register was left blank a double dash -- was transcribed. Return is the name of person who submitted the original birth record. Clerk's comments were added at a later date, and appear above the child's information. With the exception of the date and race columns the sequence of fields replicates those in the register books. Several register pages appear on one web page; there are notes at the top of each web page which cover anomalies such as gaps in register page numbers.

Record Layout:

#nnnn Clerk's Comments: When present
SURNAME Given name Middle name Date of birth: dd mmm yyyy Birthplace: Place Sex: M/F Status: AL
Mother: SURNAME Given name Middle name Age: nn Child no: nn Birthplace: Place
Father: SURNAME Given name Middle name Age: nn Occupation: occupation Birthplace: Place
Return: SURNAME Given name & Middle name Date: dd mmm yyyy
Transcriber's Comments: When present
Example Record:
#9999 Affid. Re birth filed Nov 4 1943
ANDERSON Fred -- 10 Apr 1895 Blk Diamond M AL
M: MORTINSON Christine -- 23 2 Norway
F: ANDERSON Anders -- 27 Sawyer Norway
SANDAHL L 14 Apr 1895
Duplicate entry on pg 8 #9999

Key to abbreviations

Child Status Transcribers notes
AL = Alive Legitimate c/b = could be
ILL = Illegitimate s/b = should be
SB = Stillborn (illeg) = illegible
  w/ = with
Abbreviations used for place of birth
AK = Alaska KY = Kentucky OK = Oklahoma
AL = Alabama LA = Louisiana OR = Oregon
AR = Arkansas MA = Massachusetts PA = Pennsylvania
AZ = Arizona MD = Maryland PR = Puerto Rico
CA = California ME = Maine RI = Rhode Island
CO = Colorado MI = Michigan SC = South Carolina
CT = Connecticut MN = Minnesota SD = South Dakota
DC = District of Columbia MO = Missouri TN = Tennessee
DE = Delaware MS = Mississippi TX = Texas
FL = Florida MT = Montana US = United States
GA = Georgia NC = North Carolina UT = Utah
GU = Guam ND = North Dakota VA = Virginia
HI = Hawaii NE = Nebraska VI = Virgin Islands
IA = Iowa NH = New Hampshire VT = Vermont
ID = Idaho NJ = New Jersey WA = Washington
IL = Illinois NM = New Mexico WI = Wisconsin
IN = Indiana NV = Nevada WT = Western Territory
IT = Indian Territory NY = New York WV = West Virginia
KS = Kansas OH = Ohio WY = Wyoming
Abbreviations for localities in King County
Blk Diamond = Black Diamond Fed Way = Federal Way Fort = Ft
Port = Pt S Seattle = South Seattle SE Seattle = South East Seattle
S Park = South Park W Seattle = West Seattle N Bend = North Bend
Abbreviations for Canada (use with Canada, i.e.: BC, Canada)
AB = Alberta NF = Newfoundland PE = Prince Edward Island
BC = British Columbia NS = Nova Scotia QC = Quebec
MB = Manitoba NT = Northwest Territories SK = Saskatchewan
NB = New Brunswick ON = Ontario YT = Yukon Territory

Extractors, Proofreaders & Processing

Extractors Proofreaders
Tom & Janice Hammond Betty Cooper
Starr Hastings Jean Fisher
Barbara Heutchy Barbara Heutchy
Helen Lewis Martha Richards
Elvida Meyer Wilton Whisler
Ray Owens Data Processing
Martha Richards Ray Owens
Margaret Shaw  
Kathy Sneiderman HTML Conversion
Peggy Sperry Glenn Gilbert

Copyright Notice

The content of these publications and their indexes is owned and copyrighted by the South King County Genealogical Society (SKCGS). You may use the index data for personal or professional family history research as it relates to individual persons. You may NOT republish any significant portion(s) of these indexes online or otherwise.
Violation of the copyright may result in legal action for injunction, damages or both.

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