The Sno-Isle Genealogical Society's
"Two County Quilt"

Margaret Robe Summitt, creator of the "Two County Quilt" and her daughter, Isabella, talk about the historical and social significance of the fabric prints used in  particular quilt squares.

The quilt project started around the time of the 2003 Mariners' Spring Training; the quilt was installed at Humble House 28 May 2006.

Overall, the quilt measures 84" by 44 inches, and contains over 3600 pieces of fabric, the vast majority of which are 1 inch square. The quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted; the quilt hanging system was designed, built and installed by Dan Irving.

Margaret started out with the idea of creating an "Album Quilt" depicting scenes from Snohomish County. Then she got a brilliant idea - why not make a quilt of one inch squares, each of which corresponds to 1 square mile of land!

Margaret's use of novelty prints adds a whimsical touch to the quilt. It's easy for visitors to Humble House to spend lots of time trying to figure out why she selected a particular print for a given area.

Visit Humble House soon - be prepared to have your socks knocked off!


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