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WSGS Newsletter. WSGS publishes a bi-monthly newsletter for members.
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WSGS Journal. WSGS published three volumes of The Washington State Genealogist, from 2006 through 2009, as a journal of research information from state, local and private records and stories of families who helped settle and build the Territory and State of Washington. The journal was designed for use especially by the smaller societies which did not have the resources to publish their own journal but wanted to have their research efforts published in a widely distributed publication.
Issues available online.

WA State Genealogical Resource Guide. WSGS provided a grant to Kathleen Allen O'Connor, of Gonzaga University, to gather information from libraries, archives, societies, etc., for all counties within the state. This project has now been taken over by Charles Hansen. It is also being made available as the counties are completed. Check the Resource Guide Page.

Washington State 1910 Federal Census Index. The Washington State Genealogical Society decided to take on indexing the Washington State 1910 Census. This census was not soundexed and has been a problem for many people with families who moved into the state and then seemed to disappear. It was decided to make an every name index and to include the age and birth place for each person. The enumeration district, page and line number was also collected for quick location on the microfilm. There are 39 Counties in Washington, and all counties have been completed. The index has been turned over to the Washington Secretary of State Historical Records (Digital Archives) website. To search the index, go to their website at http://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov.

Centennial Pioneer Certificates were issued to applicants prior to 31 December 1987, who could prove their ancestors were in the Washington Territory prior to 11 November 1889. These descendants' names, almost 18,000, were printed in a two volume edition entitled WASHINGTON PIONEERS. This publication is available from WSGS at the address above.

Pioneer Certificates are still being issued to those whose ancestors were in Washington prior to statehood, 11 November 1889. Additional Pioneer Books will not be published from these.

First Citizen Certificates are being issued to applicants whose ancestors were in Washington on or before 31 December 1900.

List of Pioneers or First Citizens submitted for certificates.

Write to WSGS for applications for Pioneer Certificates and First Citizen Certificates -- or print the instructions and all 4 pages of the application from the following links:       Instructions     Application  
More information is available in this printable brochure. (Be sure to set your printer for landscape printing for the brochure.)

WA State Cemetery Guide. Detailed information on the location and records availability of all known cemeteries in the State of Washington. [This publication is now out of print, but we will soon have it online.]